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[OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 3.5 MONTHS] Fully Staff Managed and Online ‘Followed’ Café #149

$369,000 + SAV Ref: 1023717

This is One of the Most Frequented, Fully Staff Managed and Online ‘Followed’ Cafes in Brisbane. Its Sales are Eclipsing Previous Year Trading (Year on Year Sales Growth Achieved for the Last 4 Years!). Not Only is this Prime Located Café Renowned for its Unique, Signature Meals and All Day Breakfast Menu, It Offers 80+ Seats, Ample Surround Parking, and Closes at Mainly 2pm. This is also a Licensed Café, Making High Profits from Alcohol Sales. This Business Generated More than a Million in Sales (Part Year Only – 20/21!) Seeing a Massive 26.01+ % Growth Over the Last 4 Financial Years! And a Sales Growth of 10.59% so far, for 20/21…

  • This is one of those exceptionally well-presented and well followed, staff managed café businesses (owner has no prior industry or related business experience). This ‘hands off investment’ enjoys thousands of existing and online ‘fans’ who love to return to their local and favourite café, for all that makes them feel good…great tasting meals, coffee and ambience. 
  • Thanks to our local population boom, there is a steady stream of new clients, and when combined with the high volume of existing patrons who continue to return – often, it only makes the financial proceeds of this staff managed investment extremely consistent and lucrative (all money is being paid upfront by clients). 
  • New clients are constantly being added to the fold, thanks to staff posting new content and fabulous photos on social media, per week. Clients continue to want to exchange their money for these unique/signature meals, and a great tasting coffee or alcohol beverage. 
  • Online takeaway ordering continues to grow at a rapid rate.
  • There is a front of house manager, 2IC, head chef, including head barista and support staff in place who operate this business on behalf of this absent owner, day to day – being open mainly until 2pm.
  • This is a prime located, fully licensed, contemporary Australian cuisine café. Its unique dishes bring clients back again and again, from miles around. Patrons are even known to travel past many other local cafes, to make this one their ‘very own’ favourite place to be. 
  • With such warm, welcoming staff and atmosphere, combined with being a well-run and highly systemised operation, this ‘arms-length’ operation has such a strong sales foundation and growing profit base, enabling any new owner to continue to build it. 
  • This passive income investment is also a well-known brand within the local community, and is not a franchise or license. 
  • This investor owner has never worked within this café, spending 2-6 hours per week communicating with staff and supporting with financial tasks (all bookkeeping is outsourced). These leaves the new owner’s week free to market, promote, learn to post on social media platforms, and all in all, enjoy a passively funded lifestyle that most want. 
  • A change in family circumstance has forced the transfer of this highly profitable business investment. 
  • Less marketing and active promotion has been done during 2021, and yet sales are still growing – by double digits! The boom in population to the local catchment area is also aiding this organic growth in sales…
  • This business supplies an average of 50-55Kg of coffee, per week. Even hitting above 60kg per week during peak trading periods.
  • With a long lease in place, there is ample more time for this café to contribute money to a new owner’s bank account, passively. The staff are all well trained, and when a new investor reads this highly detailed business profile, it will become obvious just how much money there is to be made by this investment vehicle. Right menu, right location and the right opportunity to make great money – whilst under staff management.
  • Let a new owner encourage even more patronage, and watch the sales volumes soar.
  • The net profit yield for an owner investing so few hours per week, is where the list of benefits begin, but is certainly not where this list of benefits ends…
  • A highly systemised business seems like ‘magic’, having all its records accessed remotely by this home based investor – (who is employed within another non-competitive industry).
  • All will be trained, so, no need of any prior training or industry knowledge.
  • This is a reluctant release of ownership, as is now offering up of a decade long established business, which has an extensive online presence and patron following, which converts into money banked as profit. This investment is worth its weight in gold… its equivalent value being banked as dollars for this owner, and not even needing to be present at the business, or need to work in the business to make this passive return.
  • Request your own detailed business profile, as it is most certainly worth the read! This is one unique opportunity, indeed.

All being for just $369K + SAV ($6-7K approx. – fast moving stock)  Open to all genuine offers

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