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[OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 2 MONTHS] Known and Trusted Fire Product Supply and Service #143

$2,195,000 + SAV Ref: 1023716

Established by This Current Owner for The Last 30 Years, This is One of the Best Known and Trusted Fire Product Supply and Services Businesses Currently Operating in SE QLD. A New Owner or Existing Fire Industry Business Could Add More Than 2,500 Active Client Sites Instantly! Let Alone Profiting Immediately from This High Net Profit Yield. This Is a Near Predictable, High Repeat and Growing Sales/Net Income Fire Industry Provider. Its Core Business Is Providing Pre-Schedule Servicing/Maintenance Visits Bi-Annually and Supplies Related Fire Products. Renowned for Providing ‘All Things Related to Fire Safety’ To Great Paying, Loyal Over the Long Term (Decades), Notary and High Quality Clients, Across A Diversity of Industries. Owner Does Not Complete Servicing Visits, Being Office Based Mainly. The Many Long Term Fire Technicians Support the Clients of This Extremely Popular and Trusted Fire Industry Player...

  • Established by the current owner for many decades, this business is one of those well protected, ‘high barrier to entry’ investments. Its long-standing SE QLD reputation continues to fuel its passive and inbound based stream of new, referred client jobs.
  • This rate of new clients being generated without active marketing or advertising spend, means that it simply continues to add to the already extremely large base of existing clients, who have remained loyal for many years, even decades for a good number of them. We are talking active and existing clients numbered in the thousands!
  • The clients include a large number of schools, colleges, childcares, aged care facilities, general industrial/warehousing, quasi-government funded, general businesses, unit complexes managed by large body corporate management companies etc.
  • 80-90% (approx.) of all existing client have been retained, mainly due to this business’s unique style of operating and communicating. This business model being highly effective, proven and powerful in nature.
  • Although this is a veritable “one stop” fire product and services business provider, it provides the greater market of clients with anything they require, in relation to upholding fire safety. These clients are from across a diversity of industries and span the Sunshine Coast, Greater Brisbane, and Gold Coast areas.
  • There is no one client representing a large percentage of the annual sales.
  • As annual and bi-annual site visits are required to be conducted for each and every client by law, this business offers any new owner or existing fire industry business a near predictable, pre-schedule monthly income, which continues to fund a very enjoyable, relaxed and office based lifestyle for its owner, being extremely well funded with high net returns, year in and year out.
  • A bolt-on to an existing fire industry business could provide instant profitability and the adding of a very large active client list all requiring regular site visits and everything from hydrants, their flow testing, fire alarms, fire blankets, extinguishers, hose reels, emergency exit lighting etc.
  • This list of high calibre clients will delight…being many decades in the making. This business is being made available for the very first time in 30 years, due to this owner retiring from the industry!
  • Become financially set for decades to come, by adding or owning this type of recurring and high repeat income business.
  • There exists ample more opportunity for existing client upselling and cross-selling of products and servicing. Enabling clients to take all their product supply and servicing under this brand. Due to the already high net income returns being generated consistently, year in and year out, this business or owner has not needed to be active in the promotion or advertising of this independently owned brand.
  • The long standing market place reputation already well built, generates ample new client jobs and subsequent sales without spending money or time.
  • It enjoys a very high quote conversion rate, and it being common place for clients to request a job without needing a quote upfront (being for those who have made this business their long term preferred provider).
  • For an existing fire company, the ‘value add’ in owning this business is quantifiable, with the transfer of a large, quality client base and the subsequent high net profit confirming this fact with ease. The thousands of client sites are being visited by the long term employed technicians (employed for nearly a decade and even longer) are being completed like clockwork – as statutory requirements dictate.
  • There is so much to be said about this extremely long established and trusted fire industry provider, being renowned for its high quality client servicing, which includes providing a personalised client attention, communication, and reliability.
  • There isn’t anything more that needs to be done in the way of active marketing to secure the regular income already being posted on the top and bottom lines of this business.
  • Now, this business is ready for a new owner or existing fire company to take it to its next stage of sales and profit growth!
  • Just wait until you realise just how reliable this on-going income actually is, and what a pleasurable business lifestyle this owner enjoys. This owner is not only extremely well funded by this investment, but has the freedom to chooses what he does, and when. The high quality an extremely long term employed staff, give ultimate time and task freedoms.

This is an obvious ‘bolt-on’ for any company wishing to assume a millions of dollars of market share, or, being for a new owner/investor who appreciates being set up financially for life…All for only $2.195 Million + SAV ($15-20K approx)  Open to all genuine offers

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