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[SOLD – Offer Received Within 27 Business Days] Boutique Manufacturer, National Wholesaler/Distributor of High Quality Pet Food Products #297

$1,998,000 + SAV Ref: #1024104

Established for nearly 15 years, this is a boutique manufacturer, national wholesaler and distributor of a large range of high quality and differentiated pet food products. Sales have grown organically by a whopping 19.31% approx. ’23 (year-on-year growth of both sales and net income). There are few who produce any pet food products comparable to this brand’s offering. Its massive net income return continues to grow organically, as it provides the multi-billion dollar, local and national pet market with what most others don’t provide! With its powerfully simple, yet dynamically effective production and wholesale distribution model, its client supply requests are stacked high in the in-tray. Literally “picking and choosing” its wholesale clientele/distributors and the stockists. These are always in demand and fast-moving pet food lines…

  • This is one of Australia’s boutique producers of one of the highest grades and quality pet food product ranges. Its extensive offering is to wholesale stockists and distributors locally and throughout Australia. There is potential to create a direct to pet owner brand and webstore in future.
  • Having so few owners during its near decade and a half of trading, an advertising spend of just $1,140 p.a. generated the massive sales and net income growth, which this business has continued to post year after year. Consistent, upward sales growth organically generated inbound wholesale client orders and on-going, high repeat supply activity has been the calling card of this business over a minimum of the last 5 years (including pre-COVID 19 trading periods).
  • This owner has been delighted by the mass referral rate, the pet owner and wholesale/distributor client testimonials, which only confirm the quality of this business and security of its market positioning. This business’s market share continues to expand – thanks to its product quality doing all its promoting!
  • Its market share has grown to a multi-million dollar top line sales volumes, all based upon a diversity of high repeat and return ordering wholesale clients.
  • No prior industry knowledge, background or skill is required of the new owner or existing industry business, wishing to simply benefit from adding the hundreds of thousands of dollars of additional net income to one’s business ownership lifestyle or existing bottom line. What a commercial base this is…
  • Quite frankly, this business has not needed to actively market or advertise, as its product offering and extensive boutique pet food product range just “keeps ‘em purchasing again and again”.
  • Once a pet owner or stockists has discovered this brand of products, there is usually no changing or going back to others, which are don’t provide the same health benefits for pets as this range does. The owner showed us a massive pile of new stockist request forms, which continue to be stacked high in the in-tray, waiting for processing and supply.
  • This business also chooses to use an outsourced distribution model, keeping to its dynamic principle of keeping things simple and focused. The “KISS” principle has been used to its ultimate advantage. The re-order rate from its wholesale stockists from SE QLD and from around the country will bring a smile to any new owner’s face. This brand brings a contentment of not having to work hard to generate new clients and sales orders, as it just comes in naturally. This provides a fulfilling ownership, when what you are supplying brings so many benefits to all who represent and support it.
  • The main reason for this owner to transfer this business, is for health and change sake only (long term ownership). This is a just a high profit yield, inbound-based wholesale order operation, having been supported by a large network of loyal business client “fans” for years, if not more than the last decade. The business clients themselves continue to grow within their respective client markets and states of Australia, so more orders are receipted as a direct result.
  • The market is coming to know the massive and highly effective health benefits of supplying pet owners with this brand and type of pet food. It is heart-warming to own an investment that supports the life of a pet, their owner and the business that supplies them (being a boutique and niche product manufacturer and wholesaler). This is quality product range reducing pet owner’s vet bills, whilst keeping their animals living longer and healthier lives. Most pet afflictions are known to disappear when they eat these products, when compared to inferior pet food products.
  • There is nothing quite like making this massive amount of net income per annum (standard 4 ½ days only), based upon naturally occurring word of mouth, referrals and inbound requests to be supplied products on-going. It simply takes a lot of the hard work, additional costs and distractions away from the new owner of this business. Allowing this business to focus on and do what it does best. Providing the market of wholesale clients within the nation, with one of the best grades of pet food that any new owner will be proud of.
  • The differences reported by pet owners and the wholesale clients are truly astounding (including hearing stories of pet recovery direct to this business). It would be a great favour to the pet loving community at large, to have the new owner or an existing pet industry company continue to grow or actively assume even more market share. This is just an extremely unique product range, large distribution and production base to build upon.
  • Pets seem to be happier eating these foods, sometimes even refusing to eat other pet foods once they have tried these products. The pattern has been that once they discover the secret of this business’s pet foods, clients simply continue to return to buy more.
  • The range has also expanded over the years to cater to the growing market and demand, which continues to persist for this wonderful operation. Ultimately deserving its industry accolades. Little wonder, as it continues to tap into one of the world’s largest consumer markets. Australia being credited as having one of the highest pet ownership rates, per capita, globally!
  • A colossal amount of net income is being transferred here, as with a large and quality range of proven and own formulated (IP – recipe value), pet food products. This is a wholesale/distribution and supply company who sticks to healthy and wholesome products only. Clients have come to appreciate its differences and the new owner’s bank balance will reflect their thanks for caring about pets’ health!

The cashflow is also grand, with all its organic, inbound sales revenues, high value plant and equipment, persistent year on year sales and net income growth. What more could anyone want? This is available for the first time in nearly a decade and a half, all for just $1.998 Million + SAV ($100K approx. – fast moving and top selling, core, time proven popular product lines)

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