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Sold [SOLD – OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 3 BUSINESS DAYS] Importer, Wholesaler/Distributor and Online Supplier of High Quality Pet Products #215

This is a Direct Importer, National Wholesaler/Distributor and Online Supplier of High Quality Pet Products (Including ‘Own Brand’ Pet and Animal Branded Products). Includes Unique in Market, Contract Manufactured Products, Remaining Unique to this Business Within the National Pet Product Industry. There are So Few Direct Competitors for this Product Range! This is a Home Based, Low Cost and the Ultimate Scalable Business. Requiring Only a Part-time Hours by its Semi-Retired Owner. Sales are up by 39.44% (Part Year - 2022), with Online Sales Continuing to Grow… Supplies Mainly a High Repeat Purchasing End User Client, Including Long Term Wholesale Stockists, with their Always in Demand Dog and Animal Related Products.

Being so long established and trading for the last 26 years (only 2 owners), this current owner has operated this part-time, flexible and home based direct import, national wholesale distribution and online business for the last 15 years. Earning a comfortable and near predictable income, as enjoys a high gross profit margin after doing so…continue reading

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Sold [SOLD – OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 33 BUSINESS DAYS] Home Based Point of Sale, Register, QR Code Scanning Distributor #162

This is a 28-Year-Trading, Point of Sale, Register, QR Code Scanning – Digital Food & Beverage Ordering & Related Consumable Product Supplier and Brisbane Based Distributor. This is a Well Known, Home Based & Respected Business Brand. Base from Home Anywhere in Brisbane (Supplying QLD Clients via Courier & Local Client Visits). Has Hundreds of Active Business Clients across a Diverse Base of Industries. Core Clients Include Schools, Hospitals, Major Brand Charities, Hospitality, Hotel Chains, Franchises etc. Enjoy a High Rate of Inbound and Repeat Purchasing (No Marketing/Advertising Needed)…For a Sales Growth of 11.16% in 20/21! Net Income $105,105.59 p.a. (20/21), $47,705.63 Jul-Dec; 6 months 21/22.

This is a multi-decade point of sale system (POS), QR Code scanning/bar code-based food/beverage menu ordering and consumable product (till rolls etc) supplier and distributor. This being a low-cost operation, as is based from the comfort of this owner’s home based Brisbane office. Be financially supported by this growing Point of Sale (POS) product business,…continue reading

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Sold [SOLD – OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 28 BUSINESS DAYS] Niche Market and Highly Profitable Cleaning Service Business #216

This is a Niche Market and Highly Profitable Cleaning Service Business. Overseen by a Part-time Hour Owner (Home Based), as is Supported by a Team of 20+ Cleaners. This Is a Favourite Independent Brand & Service for Boutique through to Large Real Estate Agencies, Homeowners, and Renters. It Continues to Enjoy a Long-term, Inbound and High Repeat Job Rate. The Website, Due to this Business’s Brand Name and Domain Wins Favour with Google, Organically Ranked on Page 1 – Free of Charge! With a Pre-Booked Clientele and an Extremely Supportive and Positive Cashflow, this is an Ideal Lifestyle Investment as it’s Always in Constant Demand…

Established for nearly a decade, this current owner has enjoyed the spoils of a cashflow positive business which provides a near predictable, paid upfront and regular income. This home-based business provides a low-cost base in which to continue to build from, as is already a part-time lifestyle investment for this owner. This service business is…continue reading

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Sold [SOLD – OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 12 BUSINESS DAYS] Imported Medical Equipment Hire & Service Business #212

Established for the Last 25 Years (Only 2 Owners), this is One of the Most Scalable, Medical Equipment Hire and Service Businesses. Including High Quality, Imported Equipment Used by the Elderly & Disabled within their Homes. Now, Available for Transfer for the First Time in 15 years! This is a Passive & Annuity Based Income Generating Medical Device, Service, and Hire Provider. A Provider of Highly Supportive Medical Products & Services, which are 'Always in Demand’. This Aged and Home Care Product and Service is Extended to Hundreds of Loyal Clients… Including a Strong List of Major Referring, Aged / Home Care Government Registered Providers. Government Funding Vastly Supports This Regular - like ‘Clock-Work’ Passive Income (Not Related to the 20 Part-Time Hours Invested by this Owner, per week).

Being established for 25 years by this 2ndowner of 15 years just confirms that this is one of the most financially lucrative and passive income based, provider of imported (high profit margin) medical products and offers related home and aged care product services (clients rely on these medical products, day in day out, for many years)….continue reading

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Sold [SOLD – OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 30 BUSINESS DAYS] Boutique and Home-Based Importers, Wholesaler & Online Supplier of Natural Personal Products #205

This is One of The Nation’s Award Winning, Boutique and Home-Based Importers, National Wholesaler & Online Supplier of a Popular Range of Natural Personal Products, Such as Parfume Oils and Deodorant Products. Having A Diverse Client Market of Both Wholesale Business Stockists and Webstore Consumer Income. Owner Investing Approx. 5-10 Hours P/Wk. Base This From Any Home Office in Australia & Build Upon This Strong Mainly, Paid Upfront Base! Has Hundreds of Clients on The Existing Database…

This is one unique and popular online supplier and national wholesale based business model. Much of the hard work has been done for a new owner, as this respected brand has been well established. Achieving a long list of awards for being one of the very best natural product ranges available on the market, means…continue reading

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Sold [SOLD – OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 25 BUSINESS DAYS] Long Established Wholesalers/Distributors of a Large Range of Packaging and Cleaning/Chemical Products #193

This is One of the Sunshine Coast’s Long-Established Wholesalers/Distributors of a Large Range of 1,300+ Packaging and Cleaning/Chemical Products, Supplying Hundreds of Business-to-Business Clients throughout the Entire Sunshine Coast Region (Including Government Funded and Quasi-Government Clients). This Owner Invests Flexible, Pat-time Hours Only, Having a Warehouse Manager in Place. This Positive Cashflow Business Provides a Predictable & Secure Financial Income Base, Sales having Grown by 15.37% in 20/21 – Being Inbound, Organic and Natural Growth Only - Due to Population Growth within Australia’s Most Idyllic Region!

Being so well established on the Sunshine Coast, the greater proportion of the hundreds of business clients regularly purchasing their packaging and cleaning/chemical products have remained long term and loyal to this well-known and trusted brand. This business has a central and conveniently located warehouse base, being a near 20-year trading packaging and cleaning/chemical supplier,…continue reading

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