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Largest, Staff Managed, Conveniently Located, Automatic Laser & Self-Serve Car Wash Investment #334

$2,229,000 + SAV Ref: 1024225

This is this Town’s Largest, Staff Managed and Most Conveniently Located, Automatic Laser & Self-Serve Car Wash Investment. Capturing a Massive Market Share by Providing a Highly Visible, and Accessible (Most Frequented) Car Wash within this Fast-Populating Region. Includes Tens of Thousands of Dollars of Cash Money, and All Income is Passively Generated for the Direct Benefit of this Investment’s Absent Investor. Accountant’s Figures Prove this High Net Return and Mega Sales Revenue Per Annum. – This Owner Lives Hours Away from this Business, Remaining within the Comfort and Convenience of a Home Base!

  • Established for 16 years, the manager of this passive income-based investment has been employed longer than this investor’s ownership!
  • This business provides an income that is being generated consistently. Having remained this way, due to the type of business that this operation is. Simple, but the machines, and software runs the operation that this management and staff oversee.
  • This owner enjoys a multitude of unique factors. These elements combined make this one powerful investment, a formidable “service based” force, that sees to it that it has no direct competitors to its automatic laser car wash. Its location is also unrivalled, having the best position any car wash could want. Able to capture the greater communities need and want to keep their cars clean, all year round.
  • Within this fast-populating region, north of the fast-expanding Brisbane region, those heading north are finding home in and around this car wash. Able to organically attract more and more clients.
  • There are many elements that make for one of the very best car wash investments, and the first would have to be the right location, convenient access from a main road or highway, and being one of the only of its kind servicing an area were many require cleaning, and often. There being a culmination of both visitors/tourists and locals alike frequenting this ONLY laser was site.
  • This car wash investment has even defied the industry’s norms and benchmarks for financial and operational performance!
  • With little to no local competition and lapping up the income from a growing captive market of clients means that this investment would be most suited to anyone, from any background, who knows the value of savouring free time, but still earning the big bucks, per annum, but passively.
  • This staff managed business provides any avid vending, existing investor, or existing car wash business owner with the option to expand their investment base with this secure operation.
  • This is one of the very best sites any new owner could hop to dream of owning!
  • Especially when you realise why sales are so consistent and why the money keeps falling into this absent owner’s bank account. Also includes additional passive income streams from onsite vending machines etc.
  • It is rare for these types of investments to become available, and you too will want to pounce on this option, having had to wait more than half a decade for this business to become available.
  • Car washes of this quality are unique and rare to come by.
  • All this cash money and “Tap’n’Go” based credit card income landing automatically as clockwork, day in and day out. All can be proven, as accountant’s figures and bank statements show just how consistent this “money generating machine” of a business actually is.
  • With even more major businesses opening opposite and around this car wash site, it continues to build as one of the best located car wash sites you’ll find in a lifetime.
  • With a high income on offer. There are many ways to continue this business’s sales and profit growth, as due to a swelling population base around this car wash, more is expected in future. Even key ideas that this owner wishes to share with the new owner, in the way of expanding and adding more washes to the site.
  • The key to car washes is being in a high traffic area – well here it is!
  • This investor doesn’t live close to this site, doesn’t need to. Now’s your chance to bask in the passively earned money that doesn’t need your time to be exchanged for it.
  • You’ll own the town’s largest, busiest, and most renowned car washes. Much loved and needed by tens of thousands of clients, both locals and visitors to the region, with staunch supporters also returning often – as they simply need to (more detail on this later). This car wash brings a new meaning to captive client market and dominant leader and collector of the town’s market share, when it comes to providing car washing and related services.
  • How’s that for a reason to make this business part of your own financial investment portfolio.
  • There is nothing quite like money being consistently earned and not needing to be linked to our most valuable and irreplaceable commodity – our time. Enjoy the flexible hour, free time lifestyle that this type of investment can offer you.
  • Passive income is the name of the investment game, the world over. But this could be the vehicle used to build your wealth, whilst helping others maintain their high value asset – their cars.
  • Car washes becoming available for transfer is rare, as they are so good to own as a staff managed investment, being so simply in nature, underpinned by a seamless technologically supported machine and software-based operation.
  • Make machines work for you… and open up a world of making a substantially large passive income from being the largest of its kind servicing this idyllic and wonderous region of Australia. Who wouldn’t want to own a business here?
  • Email us now to request your own detailed and highly informative business profile. Once read, it will reveal everything you need to know that could change your “financial stars.” Hurry, as we can guarantee that others are also reading this and will be doing exactly the same…There is only one of these to transfer, and many potential investors. Perfect bolt on for anyone who already owns a car wash, as this would most certainly become their “jewel in their investment portfolio crown”!

This business hasn’t been available for many, many years! All this income, surety of on-going passive income, high plant, and equipment value, for $2.229 Million + SAV $20K (approx)

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