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[SOLD – OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 12 BUSINESS DAYS] Imported Medical Equipment Hire & Service Business #212

$695,000 WIWO Ref: 1023653

Established for the Last 25 Years (Only 2 Owners), this is One of the Most Scalable, Medical Equipment Hire and Service Businesses. Including High Quality, Imported Equipment Used by the Elderly & Disabled within their Homes. Now, Available for Transfer for the First Time in 15 years! This is a Passive & Annuity Based Income Generating Medical Device, Service, and Hire Provider. A Provider of Highly Supportive Medical Products & Services, which are 'Always in Demand’. This Aged and Home Care Product and Service is Extended to Hundreds of Loyal Clients… Including a Strong List of Major Referring, Aged / Home Care Government Registered Providers. Government Funding Vastly Supports This Regular - like ‘Clock-Work’ Passive Income (Not Related to the 20 Part-Time Hours Invested by this Owner, per week).

  • Being established for 25 years by this 2ndowner of 15 years just confirms that this is one of the most financially lucrative and passive income based, provider of imported (high profit margin) medical products and offers related home and aged care product services (clients rely on these medical products, day in day out, for many years).
  • This business has built such a strong list of constantly referring government registered aged care and home care industry providers (including a loyal list of major providers), who assess client’s needs and provide them with a part of the government’s multi-billion-dollar aged care and home care budget. The government wants to keep the growing number of ageing residents within their own homes, for as long as possible, including those who are disabled.
  • This business generates a reliable and consistent growing level of annuity and passive income. As, it supplies and hires its medical equipment and related service to clients who pay an upfront monthly fee.  This imported medical equipment provider and related hire service business is home based, nimble, and low cost. No marketing has been effected for more than the last half decade or more, as the regular inbound referrals simply continue to stream in – due to the high level of industry and client demand for this business’s support and product range offering.
  • This business provides any new owner, no matter their industry or background with an investment that also includes multiple passive income streams! A dynamic that is most unique for business investments, as, this large and organically growing client base simply keeps providing this flexible and part-time hour owner a passive income that lands in the bank account – like ‘clock-work’. This income is not related to time invested, nor marketing or advertising initiatives. There are also support staff in place.
  • For more than the last half decade, this business has been receiving new, inbound based client leads, all thanks to having a long-established reputation for offering personalised and highly responsive medical product supply and servicing. This business has since built a long term referring network of government registered aged care and home care providers, being relied upon constantly by their assessment teams and staff. Plus, this business receives referrals from the hundreds of existing clients who have also remained loyal to this decades long trading business, for many years. The government’s health departments (NSW & QLD) even refer clients directly to this extremely trusted business and multi-brand business.
  • Barely $1,000 has been invested in advertising or marketing in 2021.
  • As a result of always having ample new client demand to respond to, this owner has chosen to live a flexible business lifestyle, investing an average of 20 hours per week (by choice), content with the organic growth per year, thanks to all its aged/home care providers. The sales and net income is high for what this owner does per week. There being ample growth ready to be encouraged, if a new owner was motivated and enthused to do so. There are high profits and a great deal of financial reward for adding more clients to this fold, as years of passive income simply follows…
  • The current owner is now in his 70’s and is ready for retirement, not being motivated for the last 6 years to grow this already highly profitable investment, actively. Hasn’t needed to, due to being delighted by its financial returns received and generated for doing so little.
  • Put simply, this is one of the very best passive income based businesses of its kind operating within the medical, aged area and home care product industries. So good in fact this owner has remained into his 70’s. This is a ‘lifestyle’ and financially supportive option for any new owner.
  • No prior industry knowledge or experience is required by the new owner or existing industry business looking to bolt on this investment – both can profit big. Gross profit margins range from 60-72%! This is massive, to say the least…all thanks to its unique, yet dynamic business model and imported product range.
  • Sales will continue to expand it, as it grew more than 7+% organically, year to date 2022, without this owner doing anything different.
  • This is a wonderful ‘bolt-on’ product distribution and hire service business for any existing aged care or home care industry business, as the invoicing happens like ‘clock-work’. Once the client has received their products, income continues for years…
  • For any company who already supplies senior aid products, this business would be a wonderful fit! There are many more products that could be imported and supplied the existing clientele, which would derive even more income and further help the clientele live comfortably.
  • Servicing is also outsourced to trusted team members in publicly owned companies.
  • This is one unique, home based, ultimately financially rewarding (time not linked to its constant and predictable income generation), low cost, lifestyle supportive and flexible part-time investment. Enjoy watching your passive income grow every month, after new clients are referred organically to this business, and remain based within the comfort and convenience of your own home office. Come and enjoy the financial security that a paid upfront passive income provides, as it is received again and again.
  • A new enthused, and motivated owner could further expand and utilise this strong – annuity income base, plus expand upon the total number of industry referrers (existing referrers includes many formal agreements already in place to support their alliance with this product distributor). A new owner can focus on adding many more clients and government providers to the fold.
  • The more clients, the more income is generated automatically, for many years to come…
  • There are many more products which could be added to this core product range, i.e. senior aids, which could also prove popular.
  • Why not own your very own piece of government funded, passive income investment, being well engrained within the aged/home care industries (nearly 3 decades). There is literally many billions of dollars being pumped into the sector by this government. Australia’s ageing population and those who have special needs are being funded like never before.
  • Be rewarded with high margins and grow this highly scalable business nationally, as this owner has not yet rolled out the DIY medical product range (delivered anywhere via express post), including adding an e-commerce site. But these plans can be actioned by a new owner for even more profit.
  • This is an always in demand, imported medical product and hire / service business, which is begging to be grown by a motivated and enthused owner or existing industry company. Or, for someone who just wants to enjoy a comfortable, flexible hour and well-funded lifestyle with financial security being at its very best.


This is a genuine transfer, as this retiring and part-time only owner is open to genuine offers. All for $695K WIWO (includes high quality stock at value)

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