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[SOLD – OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 15 BUSINESS DAYS] Importer, Wholesaler/Distributor and Market Leader, Niche Packaging Product Industry #197

$4,950,000 + SAV Ref: 1023596

Established for A Quarter of a Century by The Current Owner, This is a Direct Importer, National Wholesaler/Distributor and Market Leader Within This Highly Profitable, Niche Packaging Product Industry. Supplying A High Quality and In Constant Demand Product Range to A Very Large Number of Diverse Industry Businesses and Major Government Departments. Its Mega-Million-Dollar Turnover Has Grown by Nearly 30% Since 2017 (Prior To COVID-19!). The Supply Chain Provides Ample Capacity for Growth, And Its Reputation, Preferred Supplier Status, Long Term Trading & Client Retention Rate Of 10 Years+ (For Most Clients), Makes This One of The Very Best and Most Secure Investments in The Nation Today…Available for The Very First Time!

  • Established for 25 years, this is one packaging business that can rest on its great name and national market leading position to make its mega millions in sales – consistently. Even without active marketing, sales have continued to grow by nearly 30% since 2017! This business would put any new owner or existing/related packaging industry business into a highly advantageous and secure financial position.
  • This business’s net income return is extraordinarily high when comparing it to the packaging industry benchmarks.
  • Here’s Why…
  • This is one of the highest volume, niche segment packaging product suppliers. Its product range is always in demand across the following industries; food (high growth), construction (high growth), industrial supplies, government, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, primary production etc.
  • It is most renowned and remains preferred supplier due to its servicing and supplying niche market packaging products, with no one client being more than 6.3% of annual turnover. Most in the industry, including the multi-national majors don’t provide what this business does, with such ease and precision.
  • The highly systemised process of operating, supported by its sales and customer service team is such that no marketing needs to be implemented, as the business’s sales and subsequent product demand continues to rise organically, with its consistent inbound client order rate being something to behold!
  • This business has continued to claim more national market share and maintain its leading position in Australia, due to providing the product quality and supportive client servicing that even the multi-nationals don’t provide. There is simply so much that’s in favour of this well-known brand.
  • The interest in transferring this highly profitable (extraordinarily so) and lifestyle-based business is retirement after 25 years of overseeing this large sales based establishment. This business has always adopted a winning methodology and is deserved of its profound commercial success.
  • It’s proud to offer its clients, small through to very large, and government departments with many office sites around the country and it takes full advantage of an outsourced model for all its product storage, picking, packing, and despatching around the country.
  • It has the buying power, as this business’s purchases alone represent a good percentage of one of the largest offshore manufacturer’s/suppliers of packaging in the world! Due to its high volume and consistent rate of product purchasing, most don’t achieve these buy prices. Better the buying, the higher the net profit return for this distribution business!
  • This is a nimble and experienced player within its field of national niche packaging supply and distribution. Choosing a ‘smart’ business model that keeps costs down and profits as high as possible, is what this business does relatively easily.
  • You need to request the financial statements so that they can prove the net income achieved in 20/21, so you can truly believe just how high it is.
  • Consistency of supply and client ordering would be the order of the day for this endeavour.
  • COVID-19 has only proved supportive of this business’s sales and continues to do so, as, online transactions are increasing as with the demand for food and pharmaceutical supplies and related freight/transport products etc.
  • This would be the ultimate ‘scalable’ business, without requiring large infrastructure costs to do so. Proving most advantageous for any existing packaging or related industry business who wishes to ‘win big’ by strategically bolting this mega-million and extremely high net income onto to an existing operation, instantly – via transfer!
  • Proud to stand by its long-term trading history and reputation for providing all that clients want and need within this segment of the market. Just wait until you find out what type of packaging this business provides…and then you’ll understand why this is Australia’s largest player. 

Transferring due to retirement, all for $4.95 Million + SAV $1-1.5 million (approx.)

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