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[SOLD – OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 25 BUSINESS DAYS] Long Established Wholesalers/Distributors of a Large Range of Packaging and Cleaning/Chemical Products #193

$469,900 + SAV Ref: 1023606

This is One of the Sunshine Coast’s Long-Established Wholesalers/Distributors of a Large Range of 1,300+ Packaging and Cleaning/Chemical Products, Supplying Hundreds of Business-to-Business Clients throughout the Entire Sunshine Coast Region (Including Government Funded and Quasi-Government Clients). This Owner Invests Flexible, Pat-time Hours Only, Having a Warehouse Manager in Place. This Positive Cashflow Business Provides a Predictable & Secure Financial Income Base, Sales having Grown by 15.37% in 20/21 – Being Inbound, Organic and Natural Growth Only - Due to Population Growth within Australia’s Most Idyllic Region!

  • Being so well established on the Sunshine Coast, the greater proportion of the hundreds of business clients regularly purchasing their packaging and cleaning/chemical products have remained long term and loyal to this well-known and trusted brand. This business has a central and conveniently located warehouse base, being a near 20-year trading packaging and cleaning/chemical supplier, offering any new owner or existing packaging/cleaning or chemical product distributor an entire Sunshine Coast distribution and client base – instantly.
  • The average wholesale business client has remained loyal to this business, purchasing products regularly for more than the last half decade or more! These high repeat product purchasing statistics and related income is outstanding…
  • This would have to be one of the best and leading distributors/wholesalers of packaging and cleaning/chemical products, servicing the entire Sunshine Coast region. This is a fast growing and highly populated region, whereby takeaway and volumes of purchasing is rising, mirroring the increased population growth experienced at present. These resident numbers are expected to continue, for many more years, even decades to come.
  • This business offers a lifestyle that most other distribution businesses can’t offer an owner. This is due to its current staff, which includes a very experienced warehouse manager, in support of the product ordering process, fulfilment, and delivery to clientele. This owner has the ability to set own times, and to invest 5 days only, or less, if a new owner requires it! Current owner is investing only part-time hours.
  • This operation is highly systemised and even enjoys an exclusive and highly customised software management system that supports its staff with the day-to-day activities. This system of order fulfilment across a diversity of business clientele and industry, has meant that this business is the most time, cost and effort efficient than it has been for nearly two decades!
  • The process includes a highly functional and simple process of internal online ordering being used and available to clients. The software captures a checklist of all existing and past client ordering by product.
  • Clients simply enjoy a predictable and reliable system of packaging and cleaning/chemical product delivery, as with the order flexibilities, responsive and customised servicing. All in all, much of this business’s distribution is completed in house by midday, leaving the afternoon for flexible time and input by all on team.
  • All thanks to systems and processes that have been improved and proven by this current owner for nearly a decade, this business’s on-going sales volumes which are growing organically (15+ % in 20/21), is due to a trading history of nearly two decades.
  • This business brand is so well known and trusted, that it has never hired a salesperson. It enjoys the financial rewards of its reputation and leading position in this fast-growing market place. A trusted name for all things packaging/cleaning and chemical supply.
  • There are dispensers that provide clients with exclusive product supply, including payments being received regularly from a large array of great paying clients, who pay well before any supply must be paid, which provides a high percentage of cash on delivery and the majority of payments being receipted within only 7-14 days (matching the delivery cycle).

Choose to assume the existing staff wages or set the lifestyle and time input and related income that suits you. A new owner needs minimal prior industry knowledge, skill, or experience. This is a simple wholesale/distributor of packaging and chemical/cleaning supplies. A large range of product being delivered regularly, like clockwork to a very large and diverse, die-hard fan base of business clients. All for only $469,900 + SAV ($70-75K approx. Fast moving stock)  Owner open to offers

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