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[SOLD – Offer Received Within 3 Business Days] Long Established Fence & Related Product Hire Business #312

$2,188,000 WIWO Ref: 1024139

This is Near Two Decade Long Established Fence Hire & Related Product Business, Offering Any New Owner or Existing Strategically Aligned Industry Business, with an Immediate Market Leading Position and High Profit in QLD. With a Massive Plant & Equipment Value. This High Net Income Yield and Total Bankable Amount “Could Make Anyone Blush”! By Having a Whopping Net Income to Sales Ratio of 73.22 Cents for Every Dollar Earned as Net Profit ‘23, Making for a “One of Kind” Hire Based Investment. Proven as Ultra Profitable and Efficient, Thanks to Many Combined and Unique/Exclusive Factors, This is Just One of the Most Time, Labour and Cost Efficient Business Models You’ll Come to Know in Decades!

  • With teams in place to deliver and pick up this fencing to a high volume of client sites, Monday to Friday, 5 days, this owner doesn’t need to attend any client site and quite frankly, after nearly two decades of ownership hasn’t even met half of the 20 pages of invoiced clients, which make up the massive sales volumes banked, per annum.
  • In fact, this is also one of the lowest risk investments, as it is underpinned by a massive plant and equipment value (being at 2nd hand replacement value), and its largest volume client contributes just 6.75% (approx.) to the annual sales income. The top 12 grossing clients, out of hundreds of others (literally 20+ pages of clients), only contributes a combined 35%+ (approx.) of sales. This means that this business enjoys many wonderful pipelines of income, all feeding into the bank account, consistently throughout the year. It has been difficult for competitors to get close to the success of this dominant market leader, the barriers to entry are much higher than one thinks.

  • This business is not beholden to any one client and a mass 75% (approx.) of existing sales and clients are not only pre-booked in advance, but are repeat purchasers/hirers of these always required by law, fences!
  • With such a high rate of invoiced clients, more than 60% (approx.) pay upfront, or within a short 7-14 days (approx.) from the fence being dropped off to the business sites located south to northern NSW, North to Noosa, West to Toowoomba and East to the Bay Area of Brisbane/Burleigh on the Gold Coast. It simply means that this business is mainly exposed to a naturally occurring or an organic rate of inbound repeat orders, plus ample warm referred leads.
  • Its high return and repeat business client transactions has resulted in a measly advertising spend of just $5,002 p.a. (22/23). In fact, there has been little to no need for any advertising or procuring of new business clients, as they have arrived quite naturally without encouragement, due to having so many large, growing and always in demand business clients, who require this hired product range for their businesses to remain operating legally.
  • Yes, these products and this business’s sales are based upon strictly adhered to legislation, which makes this business a non-optional supplier and hirer of fencing and related products (has a diversity of products to offer the client market – including unique and exclusive products).
  • Its dominance is due to its plant and equipment value, its longevity within the market, doing right by its clients and its team meeting expectations within the greater SE QLD field. It has continued to meet its clients’ needs for decades.
  • With retirement now on the agenda for this long term owner, this business has not been available for transfer until now, and that being a very long wait (nearly two decades in fact). But, the time has arrived and the transfer option is open to a new owner now or an existing industry business to tag this investment as a “once in a lifetime bolt on”, due to its extremely high plant and net income values alone (among so many other proven and unique benefits). Just wait until you read this business’s life story, to date, it is not only a page turner, but reveals why it has the status it has and why this total market share has been maintained over the long term. This owner doesn’t know anyone larger than this operation within QLD!
  • With an organic sales growth of a further 4.41% (approx.) in 22/23, this business has been set on an upward sales and profit trajectory, thanks to tens of thousands of new residents all vying for QLD to become their new home.

This genuine owner is starting a new chapter of life as a retiree, and the new owner or existing company taking over, will certainly be “where the money flows in quickly”. This is a passive style of investment and is proud to present as one of the very best of its kind, within this fast growing SE QLD market! All for just $2.188 Million WIWO (Includes a very high net profit and plant and equipment value)

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