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[SOLD – OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 8 BUSINESS DAYS] Extremely High Net Profit, Niche Pre-Construction Pest Control #220

$349,000 WIWO Ref: 1023796

Established for the Last 25 years by the Current Owner, this is an Extremely High Net Profit Investment. This High Return Continues to be Enjoyed Consistently Year after Year, as this is a Highly Lucrative, Niche Market Pre-Construction Pest Control Operation. COVID-19 Proof! Using only Australian Made and Manufactured Products this Business Provides High-Quality Service and Commands 99% Repeat Client Orders. Only $1,491 Has Been Paid to Yellow Pages in 21/22, Being Operated without the Need of a Website, Social Media Platforms or any Direct Promotion to its Large Client Database. This Yields a Net Income in the Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Per Annum! You Have to See These Profit and Loss Statements to Believe Just How Much Money Is Being Made and How Much Potential Exists for Future Growth.

  • Established by the current owner for a quarter of a century, this business has secured its position within this highly enviable niche sector of the pest control industry. Since inception it has delivered an extremely high net income yield without needing to generate new client business, enjoying ample sales from long term and loyal business-to-business clientele.
  • Even with the recent economic impacts of COVID 19, the sales and net income balances have continued to remain consistently high. This business operates with a high degree of financial and operation fortitude and is dominant within this lucrative pre-construction niche market.
  • This business continues to stand the test of time, providing the very best financial rewards for only 4 and a half days per week of output (or hire staff to replace the input of the current owner). This business does lend itself to being a veritable gold mine for any existing pest control or related industry business.
  • This is the commercial luxury that any new owner (requiring no prior industry skills, knowledge, or experience), including any existing company could benefit from, directly and most handsomely, if this business was acquired.
  • Requiring no prior industry skills, knowledge or experience, the new owner has the commercial luxury of acquiring a business that makes immediate profits and cash flow with little overheads (currently operated from a home office).
  • There are literally hundreds of returning clients per annum and with a record base in excess of two thousand who could be marketed to for annual or recurring pest control services. There are ample clients to grown this operation beyond its already stellar profit levels achieved consistently over many years. There is not one client larger than 8% with the top 100 clients all sharing a market base of 1% of per annum sales.
  • There are so few in the greater Brisbane and Gold Coast markets who can provide what this specialist does. Client loyalty is high on the back of a job that is done well with products that  have not failed in the decades long life of the business. Clients remain loyal to this brand (not a franchise) as the business operates with a high degree of integrity.
  • Now we have your interest…yes, the detailed profile will explain it all, also disclosing its monster net return, for owning a financially secure, consistent performance, inbound order based, lifestyle supportive, low cost and home-based operation.
  • The main reason for such client loyalty is that the job is done well, the products have never failed in a quarter of a century and the decades long business clients, remain loyal to this brand (not a franchise), as they get paid as a result of the quality work provided by this operation. All being described as “hand in glove” co-operation, the best kind to have with your long standing, repeat order business clientele.
  • This business must be paid, for constantly referrers and return business clients of this business to be paid! (averages 7 days mainly, up to around 30 days for a few clients, from invoice). This being a cashflow positive investment in all.
  • Invoices are issued weekly with over 85% of payments received within 30 days. This business operates on a positive cash flow position requiring no injection of funds. The current owner takes a high weekly salary of the back of consistent cash flow.
  • Enjoy the fruits of choosing one of the best businesses anyone could possibly own within a recession and COVID 19 proof pre-construction pest control industry. This is a secure, financially profitable investment in your and your family’s future. 

All being price genuinely by a retiring owner $349K WIWO (All stock included) Open to all genuine offers

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