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[Offer Received Within 3 Months] Highly Profitable, Fast Growing Importer, Wholesaler/Distributor of Exclusively Contracted Brands #217

$599,000 + SAV Ref: 1023877

Established by This Current Owner, This is a Highly Profitable, Fast Growing Direct Importer, National Wholesaler/Distributor of a Large Number of Exclusively Contracted Brands. Supplying 4,500+ (Approx.) Products to Thousands of Business-To-Business Wholesale Stockists and Direct to Online Consumers. The Brands Include Supplementary Alcohol Products, Gifts, Lifestyle, Stationery, Décor, Games/Puzzles Plus Much More. Its Diversity Makes for a Commercially Secure Investment! Includes Many Passive Income Streams Working Together to Support This Highly Profitable Import & Distribution Business…

  • Established by this current owner, this is most certainly one of those businesses that many wait for years to find, being defined as a ‘diamond in the rough’. Due to the personal circumstances of this owner, this business is now available for transfer for the very first time and at an exciting time of its overall growth and development. This owner has enjoyed generating and receiving the financial returns of double-digit growth each and every year since its inception!
  • The main reason for the overwhelming success of this business lies in its high quality and long list of exclusively contracted brands. Its suppliers entrusting their well-known brands to this direct importer, who distributes throughout Australian and exports into New Zealand. These suppliers are highly supportive and also provide credit terms.
  • The uniqueness, diversity of income channels, national market positioning and size continues to differentiate this business from others. It has gone well above any expectations of the owner, and it is well known that this business is still well under marketed, and yet the numbers tell a very different story!
  • This investment is extremely proud of generating such high sales volumes despite the effects of COVID. Being both a supplier of more than 4,500+ products, across a diverse industries and product categories. Being both an Australian based importer, wholesaler/distributor, plus a direct online marketer (via many websites) to consumers.
  • It also owns its ‘own exclusively branded’ product range, being contract manufactured offshore and this providing a flexibility (creating many more products) and scalability for any new owner or existing industry business bolting this on. These own brand products provide the highest profit margins within the entire range. Again, more marketing could add tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to the fold, if more time and focus was directed to it.
  • The fact remains that this business stocks what its clients want to purchase, and they return to do so, often….
  • Choosing to only import quality and unique products which differentiates this wholesale business has grown this operation dramatically, and largely organically. Now, after 50 brands have been established and stocked by many thousands of active wholesale business clients, is it ready for the marketing and promotional activities to be increased.
  • All is in place and this investment is ready for its next stage of growth, or to maintain its existing income and sales trajectory by doing nothing different – new owner’s choice. What this 5-day operation achieves is already highly impressive.
  • This highly profitable and fast-growing gift, supplementary alcohol, stationery, games, homewares and other unique product distributor and direct online supplier offers any new owner, no matter their skill, knowledge, or background with a way to live a 5 day only, flexible hour lifestyle. Be based within a warehouse anywhere, or even within a shed at home.
  • There is already online product fulfilment being outsourced to a 3PL company, which could provide ample scalability for any new owner or existing industry business. This would be one of the very best options for a business to bolt this operation on – providing hundreds of thousands of dollars of net income immediately, and the added bonus of a very long list of proven popular, always in demand and exclusively distributed/contracted products.
  • The cashflow is surprisingly positive, given the vast financial support in the way of credit terms that this business and owner enjoys from its many off and onshore suppliers, including 100% paid upfront stream of income being receipted day in and day out, via the online – direct to consumer website. Even the vast majority, bar x7 wholesale clients pay upfront or within a very short time from ordering.
  • This business also owns ‘own branded’ products, being contract manufactured by trusted offshore suppliers, who can even scale up, upon request.
  • These owned products distributed via a direct to consumer webstore online means that this business achieves the best of both worlds;
  1. High volume, regularly placed wholesale client orders from thousands of business to business clients.
  1. Plus, nearly double the profit margin for a larger number of small value end user transactions, 100% being online and supported by an outsourced 3PL logistics and warehousing company who fulfils a good percentage of these fast-growing orders (being at higher profit margins). Also provides for future scaling upwards by marketing more actively online.
  1. It has many websites and different online portals constantly generating its large and fast-growing income (in addition to its large wholesale base), with the vast number of wholesale stockists.
  • This operation imports products from US, Europe, and Asia (small %). Any new owner or business will be proud to represent these in demand and unique brands.
  • This business offers a large product range, is supported by a diverse supply chain, and has many different pipelines of income all working at the same time to plump up the bank account.
  • This would be one of the very best and most diverse investments found in decades!
  • This diversity of product, client, supply, and sales channels means that it has continued to achieve an overwhelming financial and commercial success. Distributing throughout the nation and exporting its products into New Zealand, means that this business has a base that can be added to, grown, and taken from its present level of activity, and adding many more millions of dollars of sales over time.
  • This one is worth the read, email now to receive your own copy of the highly detailed business profile, as there are ample ways to grow this under marketed business (has grown relatively organically, but at great speed, even without doing what could and should be done, in the way of wholesale and online marketing and promotional initiatives etc.).
  • Take what is great and make it even greater, as it has all the building blocks already firmly in place to continue to build from.
  • Now, this business is just waiting for additional marketing to be done, a new owner or existing industry business can enjoy the lifestyle and financial benefits of making this highly profitable distribution business their very own. Adding 30,000+ client database, thousands upon thousands of actively purchasing wholesale clients, as with a fast-growing number of direct consumer purchasers, what else is there to do but just lap it all up!
  • Yes, it is as good as it sounds, as so much has been proven over its years of trading and it is dishing up the ‘deserved profitability’ to anyone who reads the profile. Has been growing massively over the years.

All for $599K + SAV ($195K Stock 100% Vendor Financed) Open to all genuine offers

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