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[SOLD – Offer Received Within 7 Business Days] Highly Ranked and Award-Winning Pool Product Supply Outlet and Large Mobile Servicing Business #244

$639,000 + SAV Ref: 1023844

This is a Highly Ranked and Award-Winning Pool Product Supply Outlet and Large Mobile Servicing Business. Boasting a Massive Net Income and Colossal Sales Growth of 28.17% (approx.) in 21/22! Organic Population Growth Experienced within this Immediate and Surrounding Region Means the High-Quality Socio-Economic Clientele Continues to Expand, as Does the Yield of this Investment. Staff Complete the Pre-Booked Mobile Pool Services for the Owner (400-500 per month approx.) and this Operation also Includes an Outlet Manager…

  • Established for 20 years (only 2 owners), this would have to be one of the most profitable pool chemical equipment supply and mobile pool servicing and maintenance businesses operating within the greater Brisbane region!
  • Yes, this operation is an envied one, and has every right to this claim, as it has a highly trained and experienced outlet manager within its operation, as with a team of pool technicians who is not the owner, on staff to enact the 400-500 approx. pre-booked and regularly paid, monthly pool servicing / maintenance visits. This is in addition to casual client visits.
  • Clients include a good number of business-to-business clients such as swimming schools, schools, sporting clubs, body corporates, real estate agencies etc. These types of clients make up the vast majority of all pool servicing payments. With thousands of regular clients being held on the internal client database and marketed to actively per month (marketing and advertising is 100% outsourced by this owner and business).
  • One would think that if sales grew by more than a quarter in 21/22 something different must have been done, no, nothing at all! Mainly thanks to being located in a prime and convenient location, accessible to a vastly growing population base who surround it. This being a highly sought-after region of SE QLD to live in.
  • The cashflow in this business is nothing but positive, and when you come to realise the sheer size of its net income, you’ll ‘sleep like a baby’. Yes, this is a flexible hour input role for this owner, who chooses to oversee manager and staff of this ‘like clock-work’ operation. This is highly systemised and commercially protected from competitors, as it includes servicing exclusivities.
  • This owner knows just how much talent and untapped potential is sitting within this type of ‘always in demand’ pool business. A growing client demand is literally sitting at this business’s doorstep. This top line sales amount is in the millions of dollars, all thanks to maintaining a credibility for providing customised attention and personalised servicing of its clients, within its popular outlet and mobile servicing client network.
  • This is a relatively simple and straight forward business, with a diversity of income being generated within this business.
  • This means that this business is scalable in multiple areas.
  • The increasing population growth being experienced within this business’s local area continues to serve up more inbound and organic conversion of clients. More pools are being added. Clients are adding pools to increase the values of their homes, they are renovating older homes and new homes, or multi-dwelling buildings are being built everywhere.
  • Viewing operational and financial reports is made easy thanks to having a fully integrated, cloud-based management software which provides the support that this organisation needs to grow in a well-managed way.
  • Not many businesses can say that they are posting double digit sales growth, without the owner doing anything different…
  • When you see the net income being generated, you’ll come to understand just how secure this investment actually is, and just how predictable its income is.
  • This owner will give any new owner, no matter their background or prior skills the ‘road map’ to this operation’s continual financial and operational success.

A regular as clockwork income, created predictability is what this investment offers. One that keeps growing thanks to its envied location. A family situation requires the genuine transfer of this business for such a high net income return. All being for the equitable amount of only $639K + SAV ($50K – $100K – fast moving stock)  Open to all genuine offers

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