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[SOLD – Offer Received Within 18 Business Days] Unique, Niche Market Leader of Branded Packaging and Related Product Supply & Distribution #275

$1,095,000 + SAV Ref: 1023944

Established for More than a Decade and a Half, this is a Unique, Niche Market Leader Who Dominates this Segment of Branded Packaging and Related Product Supply & Distribution. Frankly, Business Clients will Always Require this Type of Product, In Order to Distribute, Package & Profit from their Goods. Providing a High Repeat and Return Order Base Which Converts into a High Net Income Yield. The Net Income Grew by A Whopping 35% (approx.) Thanks to Improved Efficiencies, Population Growth and Organic Referrals and Existing Client Expansion! There Being No Geographic Limits to the Supply of this Diverse, Business-to-Business Client Base…

  • It is exciting when a business of this calibre comes along, ready to be genuinely transferred by another who is entering a new chapter of business life. Having invested many years in making all the right improvements to the overall efficiencies, production processes and adding what was missing, to make for a robust, secure and tangible return on investment, which keeps on surprising, year on year.
  • This business supplies the branded packaging and related bags that hold pool salt, pet food, fruit and vegetables, perishable food products in general, laboratory required bags etc. The list is massive as to the overall versatility and most importantly, profit rewards for owning this market leading operation.
  • Quite simply, due to what this business can do, how it does it and what it uses to complete its supply process, in-house, it is one of the most unrivalled within this niche market space, in the entire state of QLD. Having so few direct competitors, so it keeps growing by default, with a large list of hundreds of utterly reliant and long term business clients relying upon this provider to ensure that the products they produce can be packaged with their logo emblazoned.
  • The existing clients continue to grow and place larger orders, regularly. The population swelling in SE QLD is aiding this trending up of sales and profit yields. The secret is what this owner has done to improve output, by improving overall efficiencies in-house. The team are in place within this business, who are all well trained and skilled in providing and supplying everyday (5 day only) client orders – which just keep on coming in, day in and day out, being as regular as ‘clockwork’.
  • Existing and long-term business clients have no reason to seek out the few others who don’t and can’t easily provide a comparison to this business’s high quality – everything (and this is not a hyped up generalisation, it is true).
  • This business is proud to maintain its millions of dollars of market share, being the ‘lion’s share’ of this niche segment. Being proud to keep what it deserves and what it has earned, by remaining unique, differentiated and most labour and cost efficient at what it produces in-house.
  • Having hundreds of active, small through to very high volume based business clients is a tell-tale sign that all is well within this business’s ‘client camp’.
  • Clients have no reason to exit once they are referred or find this operation, and there being a pittance of a marketing budget devoted to advertising, which amounts to approx. $5K per annum. This means that this budget is certainly not generating this business’s overarching financial security, rewards and operational prowess.
  • There being a high ‘barrier to entry’ to keep new competitors out, and by having such a well-known brand, a long standing reputation, including specialist branded packaging products on offer, the delivery of what clients want on-going has simply assured its commercial success (has done over the long term).
  • This business investment’s net income is most rewarding, considering what the owner actually does day to day to support this operation (single owner). Staggering and can’t wait to explain it in more detail (refer to your own copy of the detailed business profile).
  • This strong framework and all the building blocks to achieving this marvel of a financial outcome will be explained in detail to the new owner.
  • It just makes sense, once you know which elements have been combined to keep ahead of competitors. Time freedom for this owner is also a key, not being required to be on hand assisting with the production of products, left to well trained and experienced staff. Able to liaise with clientele and remain focused on supporting new client quotations and conversions of new inbound potentials etc.
  • So few in the greater market can match this business’s superior pricing, client servicing and packaging product customisation. The vast majority of branded packaging supplied also keeps clients ‘stuck like glue’ to this operation.
  • Clients will always require a way in which to brand and package their own products, so they can be distributed and therefore can continue profiting within their own respective businesses and industries. If it be pool salt, pet food bags, fruit and vegetable, food grade products, laboratory bags etc., this business can supply it.
  • With ample capacity for further growth, there aren’t geographic limitations to supply these types of products.
  • Get amongst this ‘life-changing’ business, able to change it for the better. Email requesting your own copy of the highly detailed business profile, so you don’t regret not finding out about this prize investment.
  • This business is most certainly one to see, to believe! Especially its profitability… 

This is a genuine change of life transfer for this owner, being for only $1.095 Million + Sav ($80K – fast moving stock approx.)

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