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[SOLD – Offer Received Within 24 Business Days] Home-Based, Part-time, Online, Import and National Distribution Business #287

$339,000 + SAV Ref: 1024010

Enjoy the Spoils of Earning Big Bucks with this Online Only, Part-time and Home-Based Business. This Popular Essential Oil & Personal Product Range Ensures a High Repeat and Return Transaction Rate from Tens of Thousands of Clients Located around the Country. Now You Can Own this Import, National Online-Based Distribution Business. Let the 3rd Party Logistics/Warehousing Service Complete the Order Fulfilment, Saving You Time. All Clients Pay 100% Upfront – Making the Best Cashflow You Can Get! With a Massive 30,000+ Online Following and Client Database, So Much More is Possible from Here Under a New Owner’s Direction...

  • Established by this current owner, this importer, national online supplier of a large range of essential oils and related personal products revels in receiving not only a 100% paid upfront cashflow creating online orders but offers one of highest rates of repeat purchasing from its tens of thousands of clients and loyal followers.
  • Combining these two elements means that this online-based investment offers any new owner, no matter their prior experience, skill or background, with one of the lowest financial risk options. For example, invest 3-5 hours per week (approx.) if the product fulfilment is completely outsourced or 20-25 hours (approx.) if the new owner chose to action the orders and manage the product storage and fulfilment in-house from one’s own base, anywhere in the nation.
  • This business heralds mainly inbound and return client ordering activity and transactions, all being automated online, with the latest software management solutions in tow. This owner is required to do little in the way of sending regular email campaigns to this business’s 30,000 strong client base. With the on-going Facebook advertising and Google ranking yielding a high return on investment.
  • All in all, no matter the state of the economy, everyone can afford to purchase these types of feel and smell good products. Essential oils have been renowned for improving one’s mood, happiness and even well-being. They can improve the aesthetics of an environment, be it an office space, business, home, or bedroom. As people are sensory beings by nature, many appreciate the addition of a gorgeous smelling aroma being added to their space.
  • When you consider where essential oils are used, it will not surprise you to know that a high volume is purchased by end users themselves. There is potential to supply more products to beauty salons, day spas, massage service businesses and even businesses/corporate companies.
  • All clients pay upfront when they order their products online. The range is large and of high quality, being appreciated by the thousands who regularly source their ‘essential’ needs from this web store. The main website has been well built and promoted, having proven popular over so many years of trading.
  • This online portal has performed the best, generating the most income when compared to all other marketplace platforms available to it. This business owns and controls its main generator of sales and profits, being its own branded website. The transfer of such an asset further bolsters this investment’s commercial and financial security. There is ample value being offered here for any new owner to become inspired by. This online business package is unique in so many ways!
  • Full profit margins are achieved from all who purchase products online from this operation. This is a well-known and respected brand and broad range supplier. Coupled with the fact that all these exclusive and ‘own branded’ products can only be purchased from this brand alone. These products are also consumables which need clients to replenish them often. All the better to profit from! 
  • This business promotes its own imported and locally sourced, labelled and produced products only. This being for its entire range of essential oils, blends, and related personal and ancillary products. This ensures that the client and market share gains can be gained and then maintained over the long term. This traction is evidenced by this business’s detailed profit and loss statements (available upon request). This business’s market hold has been hard for competitors to diminish.
  • This owner is proud of being able to make the best use of what Australian and offshore suppliers have to offer, supplying only the best to its consumers and business clients. Being able to import products ensures a high gross profit margin, with ample more to be done in future, this being left for a new owner to get motivated by. This online business’s high gross profit margin, whilst remaining competitively priced online will make any new owner proud.
  • There is power in having this unique, proven, and internal product system and distribution strategy in place.
  • One of the most redeeming features of owning this online business is its robust gross profit margins and high repeat purchasing rate by its clients. Why not invest in a business such as this one, which offers far more financial security and the ability to earn even more money, able to be expanded upon by its new owner! The scene has already been set for Act 2!
  • Its own website generates its hundreds of thousands of dollars of sales and related net profit, not being reliant upon other marketplaces or online platforms to secure or ensure its trading success. This owned and branded webstore is the main “jewel in this business’s crown”.
  • Base this business from any home office in Australia and make this “feel good” product business shine on. This now requires a new owner with the motivation, enthusiasm and desire to further promote this online and greatly relied upon brand – providing all things essential oils.
  • This business would also present as a powerful “bolt-on” for any existing industry business who wants to immediately add another 30,000+ client following to its business base and a handsome profit line.
  • We are a private labelled brand and own the formulas and IP of the majority of our essential oil blends and other related products. We proudly produce the end essential oil products, with all our high-quality products being sourced onshore and the balance being imported from trusted offshore suppliers. By being the exclusive brand owner, all products, including those which are imported, all arrive fully branded.  This offers any new owner the security of maintaining market share, including providing a greater client retention and sales traction to enjoy online!
  • There are many more products to introduce to this already ‘converted’ client base. For any existing essential oil importer or major supplier within the industry there are a plethora of strategic benefits to grab a hold of here.
  • It’s hard not to become extremely excited about this business, given how well-known this brand has become. Its immediate prospects for future sales and profit growth just make it irresistible.
  • Just wait until you see inside this veritable “treasure trove”, as this is an online only, cost efficient, lifestyle giving an ultimately rewarding option to devote one’s time to. This being a highly profitable operation, one that allows its owner to remain in comfort and enjoy the conveniences of being home office based. 
  • Let this online operation look after your financial future easily, having such a large and high repeat ordering activity! Clients appreciate being able to source their products from this trusted brand. 

This is a genuine transfer after many years of ownership, being for just $339,000 + SAV ($30K – fast moving stock approx.)

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