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[SOLD – Offer Received Within 27 Business Days] High Gross Profit, Low Time Input Vending Service #299

$345,000 + SAV Ref: 1024159

Established 13 Years, this Greater Brisbane Vending Service Business’s Sales have Increased Every Year for the Last Half Decade! This Would have to be One of the Most Resilient, Time Efficient and “Easy” Ways to Make a Passive Income! This Net Income is High for Minimal Time Invested Per week. Also Transferring a Large Number High Value, Quality Brand “Combo” Machines. It takes approx. 3 Days to Collect Cash Money & Replace Stock. This Cashflow Positive Operation Offers Ample Free Time for Any Home-Based Owner. Enjoy Extended Long Weekends - Every Week! This Higher than Industry Gross and Net Profit is Based Upon a Diversity of Income Receipted from a High Number of Quality and Long Term Business Sites (Loyal for 7-10+ Years).

  • Established and owned by only 2 owners over the last 13 years of trading, this business continued to defy the odds and even the effects of COVID-19. It has continued to post growing sales year after year, for a minimum of the last half decade!
  • Its commercial resilience is based upon many combined factors, which makes this a formidable vending business model. Independently owned, its financial rewards are above industry average, especially in the way of its high gross profit margin. This is due to its volume based and advantageous supplier “buy prices” being enjoyed.
  • When you meet this part-time and flexible hour owner, it’s clear that this business is operated from the point of view of achieving the ultimate personal and business time balance. It being important to this owner to work most time and effort efficiently. If the same dollar can be earned in less time, then this is celebrated. This has always remained a motivating factor underpinning the success and execution of this vending machine product business.
  • The income is well diversified among high quality and great sales generating business client sites. The spread of income across these loyal sites, as with their long term tenure is something to behold. The sites are even “clustered” geographically, which makes the minimal number of days travelling to each site, time, cost and labour efficient.
  • This business is certainly streamlined to make the most of the passive income being generated by all its vending machines. Receiving income for this business at any time of night or day.
  • This owner is proud to be transferring a long list of mainly medium to large “combination” machines, providing staff of businesses such as warehouses, production facilities, factories, childcare etc with the convenience of both food and drinks per machine.
  • With few commissions paid per site, this business has a diversity of suppliers for its products, being delivered to the new owner’s home-based garage. With such a diversity of industry clients and income streams, these sites have proven to be collectively high yielding. Ready to be enjoyed by a new owner or existing industry business.
  • There is a high value of plant and equipment being transferred, which offers a strong asset base.
  • Why not set yourself up for the next decade or more with this passive income generating vending business. Where its owner can make ample money and profits, even being paid to collect cash money from each machine sited. Why not enjoy visiting your owned machines, to ensure they keep making you “money” by simply re-stocking with mainstream and always consumed food and drinks. The machines and their related note  and credit card reading technology also allows for this income to be automatically deposited directly in your bank account.
  • For such minimal days invested per week, the activity of visiting sites is not considered “hard work”. There being no requirement to hire staff, but this model lends itself to putting this investment under staff management, supported by its high net income return! This is only a part-time hour business, with the majority of income being reported via its “back to base” vending and real time software/s. 100% of all machines accept notes & coins, having note readers & coin mechanisms installed and include “payway” credit card transaction facilities being mounted on machines for client payment convenience.
  • This business is a force to be reckoned with, having all the best elements any new owner could ever want!
  • The benefits are plentiful as with the lifestyle balance being highly enjoyable. The time input minimal and the machines are of high quality and total value.
  • The prices are kept competitive for every vended item, including the popular energy drinks which makes this business ample money, due to the volumes consumed and their overall popularity within most industry businesses.
  • These quality vending sites generating a high volume of weekly sales, and there being no one site that generates a very high percentage of sales (commercial risk is well spread). These are enviable industry vending sites.
  • This business has not been available for transfer for the last 7 years and we don’t expect it to remain on the market for long. Request your own copy of the highly detailed business profile, as all is revealed within. This is the epitome of a proven “give back to its owner” investment, remaining financially rewarding even whilst working minimal hours per week. This is a profitable and lucrative vending industry investment.
  • The nature of vending is as long as you have a diverse income and quality client sites, the quality equipment will let the money flow…This is a  natural by-product of providing mainstream and top selling food and drink products which multi-million-dollar brands, market on your behalf!
  • These multi-national and recognised product branded products keep product consumption consistently high. The right type of machines is in place, and more could be added in future to actively grow this business.
  • Sales grew organically by another 5% approx. in ’23. This particularly unique vending business would be classified as one of the best to own within the vending industry. Touting a magic formula. Its runs and client placement has been so well planned since its inception, 13 years ago.

This owner is now transferring this business package for “change sake” only. This business is ready for a new owner or existing vending industry business to “bolt this on”. This investment is the provider of a great lifestyle, ample free time and gives convenient access to ample net income returns. This is the reality for this business and its owner (no matter their background). A high plant and equipment value is included and frankly, there is value as far as the eye can see when you own this passive income investment! All for just $345K + SAV ($20,000 -$27,500 approx.) Open to all genuine offers

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