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[UNDER OFFER] Profitable Wholesaler/Distributor and Direct Supplier of Fresh Meat Products and Outlet #289

$779,000 + SAV Ref: 1024098

This is One of Brisbane/Gold Coast’s Longest Established and Most Profitable Wholesaler/Distributor and Direct Supplier of Fresh Meat Products and Outlet Business! Yes, It’s Product Quality and Large Range Makes it the Contracted and Preferred Supplier to a Large and Growing Number of Establishments, Government Funded Operations Such as Nursing Homes, Aged Care Facilities, Schools, Clubs, Pubs, Taverns and Food Related Businesses. Plus, Includes Pre-Paid and Pre-Ordered Corporate Clientele. With a High 43.1% (approx.) Gross Profit Margin, there is Ample Latent Potential and Financial Reward for Growing this Enterprise, for a New Owner or Existing Industry Business. It’s Easy to Become Proud of this Well Known and Differentiated Brand, which Continues to Grow its Sales Organically, within the SE QLD Smallgoods and Fresh Meat Industry…

  • Established for many decades, this owner has remained at the helm for nearly 20 years, now being ready for the spoils of retirement.
  • This owner has continued to receipt this investment’s high net income year after year. Its sales and profits are near predictable, due to the type of meat products being so regularly supplied (wholesaled mainly and supplied direct at higher margins).
  • The large, unique, and high-quality fresh meat product range is this business’s decades long, ‘Claim to marketplace fame’.
  • Its product is so differentiated that the major supermarkets can’t compete against the taste and delight that clients experience when they eat this brand’s products. They can’t help but become converts and insist on re-ordering and returning for more, again and again.
  • The highlight of this mainly wholesaled, meat distribution business is the fact that 70-75% (approx.) of its annual income is generated via its long-term network of quality wholesale business clients and government funded clientele. They are being delivered their high-volume meat orders, weekly or fortnightly on average. Their payment terms also reflect this delivery cycle. With the sales being in the many millions of dollars per annum, it is no surprise that this solid inflow of income relieves its owner of any money worries.
  • The balance of income is generated by its convenient and well positioned outlet, attracting extremely regular patronage from its large and extremely loyal member base. They are rewarded for their repeat purchasing, with clients travelling from far afield, from across the fast growing and populating regions of both Brisbane and the Gold Coast to pick up their meat from this destination business.
  • With pre-packaged meat trays provided for convenience, clients return and are even content paying higher than average per kilo prices for these quick and easy product options.
  • The fact is that this business caters to everyone’s budget, with its prices reflecting its higher than average and fully differentiated quality. This is all thanks to its source of meats, its unique meat processing style – all being completed in house by its automatic machinery and fully trade qualified butchers (including well-trained staff in place). Its highly systemised production processes also support the high-volume output of this popular food-based investment.
  • So many more wholesale clients could be actively added by a new owner or industry-based company, who could acquire this operation to immediately add millions of dollars of market share to the top line of their existing operation! There is much to be said about the commercial protection of diversification for any new owner or company, and this business has it, being all rolled up under this one well known and award-winning banner.
  • Delivering to its high-quality list of wholesale / distribution businesses and government funded clientele will definitely make any new owner proud.
  • Frankly, this business’s owner has made ample money over the years and continues to make more of it, thanks to an increase in local population and wholesale business client demand. These clients on-sell and require more fresh meats, contributing to the increase in sales being experienced in 2023. For example, clients such as nursing homes, schools continue to grow as the population swells. This is reflective of the Southeast’s population movement expected to continue for a decade to come, if not longer (according to forecasted statistics).
  • With a uniqueness that hasn’t been duplicated by any other competitor over many decades, this business has ‘pride of place’ within the wholesaled and direct supply fresh meat industry. Clients also include wholesale/distribution and re-seller clientele who purchase higher volumes per order, as they are proud of what the production of this company produces reliably, every time!
  • There is so much latent potential, having a long-standing market reputation and strong repeat and existing clientele. Its products and their taste is highly differentiated, as with its unique and internal meat production style. This has ensured its continual operational and financial success and has aided in keeping the overall profit margins high.
  • The more clients who come to know of these product options the better it will be for all involved. More nursing homes (hundreds in SE QLD) and the many thousands of food establishments and schools could be added, having ample capacity to continue to grow this operation, even 400%, the owner said. Production is not completed every business day. The more distribution and direct supply i.e., grow the ‘click and collect’ online and more wholesale clientele, means that many more get to relish in the taste difference that is at the centre of this brand’s popularity…
  • Clients can enjoy these extremely tasty meat products at home or within a business client’s premise. Even those clients who suffer from allergic reactions can usually consume these preservative and additive free meat products without reaction.
  • Just wait until you come to understand the full market strength and power of this investment option. The more you come to know about this business, the more you will hail this as a ‘one of a kind’ meat distribution and supply investment option. Proven to be recession and COVID-19 proof, this is a sure way to secure one’s financial future. Knowing that these types of meats are staples and are purchased by thousands on a daily and weekly basis.
  • Just a little active marketing, advertising, or promotion online or otherwise (via social media platforms etc.) would do more for this business’s reputation and sales base. Little has needed to be done decades to produce this financial success and high-income return. Its product quality and taste literally speaks for itself and keeps the clientele coming back, re-ordering and purchasing, again and again.
  • Stand tall, as you are head and shoulders above others when you own this ideal wholesale distribution and outlet business (higher profit margin products via the outlet – 25-30% of sales approx.).
  • Request your own detailed copy of this unique business’s profile. View the financials for yourself, as there is nothing more comforting than seeing a net income this high on the bottom of your profit and loss. It’s also being posted often, year after year. All this return being without the current or new owner doing anything differently or advertising actively. Product quality and differentiation makes all the difference, as does the surrounding SE QLD’s population boom. Sales growth has occurred organically for this business!

Being for only $779K + SAV (fast moving stock) Open to all genuine offers

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