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[Offer Received Within 1.5 Months] Importer, Wholesaler/Distributor and Online Supplier of Niche Market Apparel and Accessories #296

$2,590,000 + SAV Ref: 1024114

This Direct Importer, Wholesaler/Distributor and Online Supplier of 100% Own Brand, Niche Market Apparel and Accessories is 18 Years in the Making (Current Owner). Yes, this Business is that Good to Own! Not Only are there Staff to Manage the Day-to-Day, the Net Income for Investing Minimal Hours Per Week is Just the Beginning of the List of Benefits for Any Investor! It Offers Any New Owner or Existing Industry Company Hundreds of Thousands of Net Income, Plus a High 53.46% (approx.) Gross Profit Margin, a Higher Reward for Growth. Includes the Transfer of Both National and International Wholesale Client Stockists, Agents, and Distributors Located throughout the World (Includes Majors in the USA), as with Outsourced 3PL Logistics and Order Fulfilment.

  • The key benefits of owning this unique and commercially protected, income diverse niche apparel business, is that it not only ranks high organically, online, but it also offers both onshore and international agent, wholesale stockist and distributor model. This allows the new investor owner a flexible, free time lifestyle, able to leave the majority of the business running to its skilled team on staff.
  • A 3PL logistics company supports the USA based operation, due to the sales volumes being underpinned by top-quality resellers, who have remained in place for many years. This business enjoys the repeat ordering and larger volume inbound orders from its solid and loyal network of wholesale stockists, USA, and NZ mainly, but this business has a history of 20 countries representing this well-known, always in demand and large 100% own brand clothing company.
  • No matter the economic times, this business has proven its worth, having a near two-decade trading history to offer any new owner or existing apparel company. This investment is now ready for its next stage of sales and profit growth, already boasting passive based income streams, which amounts to many millions of dollars of high margin sales.
  • For example, around half of this direct importer, wholesale/distributor, and online supplier clothing brand’s multi-million-dollar sales volumes are generated passively and online only. Therefore, a whopping 50% of its large turnover is 100% paid upfront online orders…Now, that’s a positive cashflow system at its best!
  • The balance of and diverse and robust sales are generated from its prominent and loyal network of wholesale client stockists, agents, and distributors. Not only located throughout Australia and NZ, but a good percentage of sales are generated offshore within the USA and beyond. Even a diversity of orders geographically.
  • The secret to having such a “high barrier to entry” and being one of the leaders within this lucrative niche market segment, is the fact that it owns its own range. 100% of its products supplied are this business’s own brand, with there being a long list of Trademarks to transfer with this well-known and sought after business. Operating within both the national and international markets, as an importer and wholesaler and a direct online supplier (via its own webstore).
  • This business provides a high gross profit, able to produce a wonderful financial reward for any new owner wanting to continue to grow this strong foundation of both sales and profit.
  • This current owner had no prior industry experience and doesn’t need a new owner or company to come in with any either. All is well established, and the commercial momentum continues to pay massive dividends both in profit and lifestyle gains. Due to a large amount of time absent from the daily operating of the business, ample systems and processes have been implemented to ensure that the new owner’s time input also remains minimal.
  • There is just a great profit upside ready to be banked for any new owner/investor!
  • This will be a different type of range of clothing than you expect, so explore by requesting your own copy of the highly detailed business profile. This niche segment of the apparel market will delight any investor or existing industry business, as no matter the times, due to this business’s competitive price point, its clothing will always be ordered.
  • This would also be a highly lucrative “bolt-on” for any existing business to assume immediate national and international market share, especially online and via social media.
  • Just wait until you find out just what little time is required of the new owner. This business is relied upon and needed, having a network and diverse supplier base to boot (contract manufactured by many suppliers across the globe).
  • Little did we know that there was so much profit within this niche apparel and accessory market! It is not just about the high net income, its positive cashflow, diversity of clients and suppliers, its multiple passive income streams, it is all about providing what clients want to continue purchasing. This fact alone is what has reliably pumped money into the bank account for many years.
  • It is all about what this business investment offers to its new owner in the way of providing a home based and a flexible time input and lifestyle ownership (office/warehouse visits are optional for this owner). This business can also be relocated.
  • With complete control over its own core and top selling products, having remained top sellers, remaining unchanged for the last 15-18 years of trading, clients know that when they re-order, they’ll be purchasing the same style, fit and look garment, which they have come to love and rely upon.
  • This brand would do well to be transferred to an investor or company who appreciates when a business finds and masters a “sweet point” in the market. Funding an ideal free time lifestyle and offering ample potential for further sales and profit growth.
  • For this existing and recognised clothing label, it’s ready to transfer its wholesale / distributor client, stockist and agent, network across the world, including here at home and most importantly will transfer a mega money generating online business, plus social media following (40,000 approx.). Its database of purchasers is also colossal!

This business is available now after 18 years of ownership, being transferred by this content and comfortable investor, for change sake only. Now, “passing on the baton” to the next custodian of this niche and staffed operation, which has always generated ample sales volumes and high profits! All for just $2.59 Million ($150-180K approx. fast-moving stock) Open to all genuine offers

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