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Importer, Wholesaler/Distributor of ‘Niche’ Product Fasteners, Nuts/Bolt Products #154

Importer, Wholesaler/Distributor of ‘Niche’ Product Fasteners, Nuts/Bolt Products #154

Established by the current owner for more than the last decade (founding owner), this business is one of those well protected, ‘high barrier to entry’ niche market segment and highly scalable investments.   It makes the greatest use of outsourcing the storing of stock, picking, packing and dispatching of one of the nation’s largest ranges…continue reading

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$389,000 + SAVFresh Produce, Food, Meat, Dairy & Grocery Online Product Distributors #124

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This is One of SE/QLD’s Market Leading, Fresh Fruit & Vegetable, Food, Meat, Dairy & Grocery Online and Direct Product Supplier. This Unique and Niche Business's Distribution Includes Hundreds of Repeat Client Orders Being Home Delivered, and Includes Wholesale Business Clients. This Investment Supplies Hundreds of Regular Purchasers. This is a Niche and High Demand, Online & Food Distribution Business, which has an Irresistible Charm & Attraction. This Direct Supplier Offers the Ultimate Convenience for its Clients & Holds a Market Position Like No Other! Offering any New Owner a High Sales Growth & a Pay Upfront Client base. There is Nothing Like the Financial Security of a Positive Cashflow Investment!

This is one of SE/QLD’s market leading and long established (nearly two decades with the same owner), fast-growing, direct online supplier and webstore-based distributor. Offering a very large range of food products. Its sales growth is based largely on Google searches, inbound and organically generated client enquiries, referrals and naturally occurring word of mouth. Its…continue reading

$298,000 + SAVOne of the Best Located Byron Bay Licensed Cafes #135

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This is One of the Best Located Byron Bay Licensed Cafes Any Investor Could Ever Hope to Own! Includes a Manager and Optional Hour Input from the Current Owner (Not Being a Chef or Cook). So, Make Byron Bay Home. Enjoy the Consistent, Paid Upfront Income and Growing Sales & Profits! With a Well-Trained Manager & Team in Place, this Cafe is Frequented & Adored by Thousands. With this High Rate of Patron Foot Traffic…Sales and the Net Income Yields Have Increased (Even Without the Local Events). A Great Way to Rest Back into this Idyllic Area and Lovable Lifestyle – So Come and Be Well Funded!

This is one of those exceptionally well-located & licensed café businesses, which not only has a manager and staff in place, it also provides its owner with the ‘option to invest time or not’. This owner not having a hospitality, cooking nor chef background. All be it, the money continues to flow into the till. …continue reading

$475,000 + SAVUnique Hydraulic Product and Service Business #133

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Established for Nearly Half a Century by this Family, this Hydraulic Product and Service Business Offers What Most Don’t. Unique in its Diverse Product Range, Supplied Over the Counter or Wholesaled to Trade/Business Clients. Services Include the Regular and High Repeat Servicing of Hydraulic Machinery and Equipment, and General Repairs & Maintenance. Renowned for its Diversity and Versatility, this Long-Established Business Boasts a Large, Extremely Long Term & Loyal Clientele (No Active Marketing/Advertising Required). Has a Non Hydraulic Fitter/Trade Qualified Owner…Being Mainly Office/Counter Based!

Being established for nearly 50 years means that this all-encompassing hydraulic specialist product supply and related service business has the support of a very high volume of extremely long term and loyal clients. It not only has a very large existing and always returning clientele, it supports many trade and business clients, be it small…continue reading

$5,950,000 + SAVPlastics Manufacturer, Product Supplier & Distributor #130

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Established for Nearly a Quarter of a Century, this National Plastics Manufacturer, Product Supplier & Distributor, Enjoys A Market Leading Position in Australia. Enjoying a Diversity of Client Market Segments, and Having So Few Who in the Nation Who Can Rival it! This is One of the Most Diverse Providers, (Both Clientele and Product Range). Its Clientele Includes World Renowned Brands, Multi-National Market Leaders, Small Through to Large Corporate Businesses and Government. It Includes Hundreds of Exclusively Owned and Produced Products, Which Have Remained in Constant Demand for Decades, Which Also Matches its Client Loyalty…

Being established for nearly 25 years by its current owner, this offers its clients it all. Being one of the most relied upon plastics manufacturer, wholesaler, and supplier in the nation. Its clients include end users, hundreds of agents, wholesalers/distributors, product representatives, and companies who outsource their plastic product manufacturing to this business (many this…continue reading

$1.195 million + SAV Staff Managed Discount Product Outlet Investment, High Net Incomed Year on Year. #147

ad relaunch 14Jun2021a

Established for More than 3 Decades by this Same Owner, this is a Large, Staff Managed Discount Product Outlet Investment. Having Remained a Consistent “Cash Cow” for this Owner for 30+ Years (Being So Profitable, You’ll Want to Remain Funded by it for Many Decades, Too!) There is Exclusive Product Supply, and a Prime Location, Having so Few Competitors. This Unique Business Even Supplies Councils/Schools & Businesses with Products Cheaper than their Own Wholesalers. With a High Net Income Posted Year on Year – Sales Growth of 17.34% 20/21, is Just the Beginning of All its Advantages. This Business’s High Sales Volumes, Receipted Upfront & Consistently being Just One Part of its Success Story!

Being established for more than 30+ years, this business’s sales are 17.34% higher in 20/21! During tougher economic times sales boom, and any trading time historically has continued to post high net incomes and a consistent sales volume. This business posts millions of dollars of sales annually. Stock is extremely fast moving, due to having…continue reading

$125,000 WIWOHome Based, Part-Time Hour Line Marking Business #137

ad relaunch 14Jun2021a

Established Over 20 Years (Only the 3rd Owner), This has Been a Home Based, Part-Time Line Marking Business, Delivering High Profit Margins and Having Been Fully Staffed for Nearly 11 Years! OH&S Legislation Requires that Line Marking Keeps Car Parks, Schools, Onsite Roads, and Factories/Warehouses & Public Areas, Safer and Lawful. Imagine our Car Parks or Roads without Lines! This Niche Service is a Preferred Provider to Many Long Term and Notary – Great Paying Clients. They Generate a High, Repeat and On-Going Job Request Rate. Truth be Told, There Being More Client Jobs than this Owner Can Service… Operate this Yourself with Staff Support, Either Part or Full Time as This Owner Has, For Many Years to Come!

This is one long established, low overhead and high profit margin, SE QLD line marking business. Many a client considers this niche sector to be worthy of being continually outsourced, to a company such as this one, with many schools, factories, real estates/body corporates, builders (mainly tier 1 or boutique), warehouses, including major businesses choosing…continue reading

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$1,690,000 WIWOProperty/Site Maintenance Management Company #134

ad relaunch 07Jun2021a

This is One of Mackay’s Most Revered and Utilised Property/Site Maintenance Management Company. Incorporating Corporate/Business Outdoor Garden Maintenance, Green Waste Removal & Niche Cleaning Services. Providing Small through to Large, Notary, Multi-National, Corporate, Government, Business and Minimal Residential Clients (Including Shopping Centres, Schools etc.) the Regular Services they Require. Annual Sales Have Grown by a Whopping 40.78% (approx.) in 19/20, with there Being No Signs of Slowing to Date, in 20/21!

Established for many years, this unique and diverse service provider offers high repeat and regular outdoor, corporate garden maintenance, green waste removal & niche cleaning services, to a diversity of industry clients (including government departments and government funded clients), who typically need to outsource these services to a trusted company such as this one. Primarily,…continue reading

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$1,980,000 + SAVDental & Personal Appearance Enhancing Product Importer, Wholesaler/Distributor & Online Supplier #152

ad release 24May2021a

This is One of Australia’s Largest, Market Leading Dental & Personal Appearance Enhancing Product Importer, National Wholesaler/Distributor & Online Supplier. There are So Few Competitors to this Major, Online Based Wholesaler, being a ‘One of a Kind’ and Highly Systemised. Enjoys High Sales & Net Profit Growth, Including Dominance within this Lucrative, Niche Market Segment. Posting Double Digit Growth for Many Years (Even Prior to and during COVID-19). Locate Anywhere in Australia and Boasting 9,000+ Clients. All Money is Receipted Upfront, Before Any Product is Dispatched…Providing the Ultimate Cashflow. This is a Staff Managed Investment!

After so many years of continued sales and net income growth, this owner is now transferring this ‘extremely rare’, staff managed, passive and online based investment. This is a large importer, national wholesaler/distributor of an always in demand (there exists a growing public demand) range of dental and personal appearance related products. This business boasts…continue reading

$299,000 + SAVLong Established Pet Produce & Hardware Product Supply Business #139

ad relaunch 07Jun2021a

This is One of the Greater Brisbane’s Longest Established Pet Produce & Hardware Product Supply Businesses, Being the Preferred ‘Go To’ Business for Nearly 6,000 Different Products and Thousands of Local and Surrounding Region Clients. This Business is Responsible for a Massive 60+ Years of Trading and it Being a Quarter of a Century for this Retiring Owner. This Business is an Immensely Enjoyable & Lifestyle Based Business, Hence… the 25 Years of Ownership to Date. This is a Positive Cashflow Business, and Has Long Tenure Staff Who Can Operate this Business on Behalf of this Owner (Has Done for A Year or So) …Sales Continue to Grow!

Being one of the longest established produce, pet and hardware, including water tank, fencing product supply businesses, means that only a very small local area marketing and advertising spend has been required to make its high annual sales amount (even more money is being made in 20/21, to date). This operation has needed so little…continue reading

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