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$749,000 + SAV[OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 3 MONTHS] Brisbane Based, Staff Managed Adult Product Supplier & Outlet #104

ad relaunch 22Mar2021a

This Brisbane Based, Staff Managed Adult Product Supplier & Outlet Enjoys a Prime and Busy Road Location. Has Proven to be 4.5 Times More Profitable Than the Average Business…This Business Supplies Products to Clients 18-90 Years Old. Including Referred Patients from an Existing Medical Network. This Business’s Products Are Always in Demand, Being Purchased Repeatedly by the Average Man and Woman. Also Includes Mail Order Clients in Rural & Remote Areas. This is a Highly Reputable, Well Known and Long-Established Business Renowned for the Supply of High-Quality Products. Sales Have Increased By Nearly 10% in 19/20, and 20/21 Also Showing a Staggering Sales Growth. This High Net Income is Now Ready to be Transferred to a New Owner…

Being established for more than the last two decades, this adult product supplier and outlet is available for the first time after nearly decade and a half! This is a fully staff managed operation, with this owner investing barely 5 hours, per week. It is now time for this long-term owner to transfer this positive…continue reading

Ref: 1023337 | Category: Retail Business Profile »

$895,000 WIWOFully Staffed Managed, General Medical Practise Investment Package #142

ad relaunch 18Oct2021a

This is a Multi-Decade Established (By the Current Owner), Fully Staffed Managed, General Medical Practise Investment Package. These High Grossing and Profitable GP Clinics Offer Any New Investor (Not Required to be a GP) with Clients Booked Two Weeks in Advance…This Being So Well Operated that its Owner Can be Absent! This Being a Rare & Unique Transfer, First Time Transfer and Not Easily Comparable to Typical Medical Practices in SE/QLD. Enjoying Such a High Rate of New Patients, Being Passively Generated. Thanks to this Region’s Fast Population Growth, and This Independently Owned Brand’s Well-Known Stature within the Local Community. Includes the Transfer of a Massive Client Record Database…

Established for many decades, this would have to be one of the most well-known of its kind, located and highly profitable, operating within this idyllic region of Australia. Doctors are long term within this medical business, due to how consistently popular it is with a large volume of patients, it being so highly systemised and…continue reading

Ref: 1023529 | Category: Services Business Profile »

$3,890,000 WIWOProfitable, Multi-Million Dollar Sales, Leading Niche 3PL/Warehouse/Logistics & Transport Provider #170

Warehouse Worker Using a Hand Truck

Established 13 Years, this is One of the Most Profitable, Multi-Million Dollar Sales, National and Leading Niche 3PL/Warehouse/Logistics & Transport Providers in Our Nation. This Business is a Highly Systemised “Profit Making Machine” – Defying the Effects of COVID-19! Offering Higher than Industry Norm Gross Profits and Net Income Yields, Year on Year…This is a Preferred Supplier to Many Large, National & Corporate Brands, with the Client Loyalty & Repeat Job Order Rate Being Extremely High. No Money Spent on Advertising in 20/21, only $570 in 19/20! Bask in the Financial Security, this Niche Market’s ‘High Barrier to Entry’ and Overall Profitability, which will Make Anyone Receiving this High Net Income - Smile with Glee!

Established for 13 years, this is a ‘unique and rare investment find’ within the 3PL, Storage, Warehousing/Distribution, and Transport industry. Being one of the nation’s most profitable niche market players, due to commanding higher than industry average pricing. Clients are content to pay good money for the high service levels they receive, with there being…continue reading

$299K + SAV Established Natural Therapies Clinic, High Net Income #158

ad relaunch 18Oct2021a

This Multi-Decade Established Natural Therapies Clinic is Only Open Part-Week, But Still Regenerates a Very High Net Income (Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars). A New Owner Can Profit Big! The Net Income Yield is Higher than the Industry Benchmark, Making this Bundaberg Clinic a Rare & Unique investment. Offering a High Rate of New Clients On-Going, Combined with a ‘Passive Pipeline’ of Income from Product Purchasing (Nearly 50% approx. of Annual Revenues!). With the Transfer of Thousands of Clients and a High Percentage Returning over the Long Term, This Investment Would Benefit an Existing Naturopath or Related Allied Health Practitioner. A Single Staff Member Could Replace the Current Owner’s Client Contact Time. Sales Growth was a Massive 18.55% in 20/21 YTD!

Established for many decades, this would have to be one of the most well-known and reputable natural therapies clinics of its kind within this growing regional town of Bundaberg. Being surrounded and supported by a diverse socio-economic area, this local region is experiencing vast development and current population expansion. The thousands of active clients return…continue reading

$2,195,000 + SAVImporter and Wholesaler/Distributor, Online Supplier of Niche Educational Products #184

ad release 05Oct2021a

This is a Fast Growing, Direct Importer and National Wholesaler/Distributor, Online Supplier of a Large Range of Niche Toys, Games, Puzzles, and Educational Products. This Would be One of Australia’s Largest of its Kind! This is an ‘Always in Demand’ Baby & Children’s Product Supplier. Including a High Percentage of Sales from Multiple Owned & Exclusive Brand/s, Plus the National Distribution Rights for Other Renowned Products. Posting a Sales Growth Since Prior to COVID-19, 2019, Sales Have Grown by a Massive 23+% 20/21! Includes A National Marketing Manager, Distributors, Online/Resellers & Agents Across the Nation…

This is one of the most unique, long established, and fast-growing direct importers, national wholesalers/distributors, and suppliers of a large range of well-known and purchased product brands, including top selling, exclusively owned and branded / trademarked product ranges. There is a very even split between of sales of own brands and other popular brands. Its…continue reading

$295,000 + SAVEngine / Cylinder Head Reconditioner, Repairer & Parts Supplier #177

ad relaunch 18Oct2021a

Established in the 1960’s, This Engine / Cylinder Head Reconditioner, Repairer & Parts Supplier Is Not Only Highly Profitable, But Has Long Term, (Decade Long) Staff Who Are Well Trained in Place to Support a New Owner. This Owner’s Part-Time Hours in The Workshop Is Due to The Expertise on Team. This Owner Maintains a Front of House Role Mainly – Client Liaison. There Is Ample Profit in Which to Hire the Staff Member to Replace the Time of The Owner in The Workshop, Organic Growth in Sales 20/21 And A Massive 60++ Of Its Ongoing Sales Generated by High Repeat and Return Ordering Truck/Car Dealerships, Including Motorcycle, Boat, and Jet Ski Suppliers…

Established for more than the last half century, this owner has remained in this business for the last 30+ years. Ready for retirement for health reasons, this business is largely fuelled by organic sales growth, and a high repeat business to business demand for on-going engine/cylinder head servicing and related work and parts supply, for…continue reading

$495,000 WIWOBrisbane & Home-Based Indoor Plant Hire Service Business #172

ad relaunch 11Oct2021a

This is a Brisbane & Home-Based Indoor Plant Hire Service Business, Requiring Approx. 30, Flexible and Part-Time Hours Per Week! Staff are in Place and a High Number of Quality, Long Term & Contracted Business and Government Clients (High Percentage). This is a Relatively Passive & Regular Income Investment. Just Enjoy This Extremely High Gross & Net Profit Yield and this Lifestyle Supportive Investment! Could Even Be Put Under Full Staff Management, There Being Ample Money to Do So…

Established for the last 21 years (only 2 owners), this is an extremely low cost and extremely time and effort efficient way to make an extraordinary return, relatively predictably each and every year! This business, no matter COVID-19 has still posted such robust net incomes, year on year. And Oh, for so few hours invested…continue reading

Ref: 1023515 | Category: Services Business Profile »

$465,000 + SAVUnique Hydraulic Product and Service Business #133

ad relaunch 18Oct2021a

Established for Nearly Half a Century by this Family, this Hydraulic Product and Service Business Offers What Most Don’t. Unique in its Diverse Product Range, Supplied Over the Counter or Wholesaled to Trade/Business Clients. Services Include the Regular and High Repeat Servicing of Hydraulic Machinery and Equipment, and General Repairs & Maintenance. Renowned for its Diversity and Versatility, this Long-Established Business Boasts a Large, Extremely Long Term & Loyal Clientele (No Active Marketing/Advertising Required). Has a Non Hydraulic Fitter/Trade Qualified Owner…Being Mainly Office/Counter Based!

Being established for nearly 50 years means that this all-encompassing hydraulic specialist product supply and related service business has the support of a very high volume of extremely long term and loyal clients. It not only has a very large existing and always returning clientele, it supports many trade and business clients, be it small…continue reading

$3,950,000 + SAVFast Growing, Importer and Wholesaler/Distributor of Alcohol Products #181

ad relaunch 18Oct2021a

This is a Fast Growing, Direct Importer and National Wholesaler/Distributor of a Wide Range of ‘Always in Demand’ Alcohol Products. It has Posted a Sales Growth of 23+% in 20/21 with Sales Still Growing…The Net Income Return Growing Equally as High! This is One of the Best Market Positioned, High Gross Margin and Higher than Industry Average Net Income Generator (for its Mega Millions in Sales, per annum). Offering One of the Most Diverse Ranges of Beers, Spirits, Wines, Ciders and Liqueurs into the Independent Liquor industry. Includes Exclusive Distribution Contracts & Many Own Brand Products. Includes Multiple Managers, Distributors/Resellers & Agents Across the Nation!

This is one of the most unique, long established and fast-growing direct importers, national wholesalers/distributors, and suppliers of a large range of well-known, mainstream brands, including top selling, exclusively owned and branded / trademarked product range. There being a very even split in sales across mainstream brands and its ‘own’ distributed products. This is what…continue reading

$19,980,000Advantageous ‘Boutique’ & Well-Established Nursing Home and Aged Care Facility #169

ad relaunch 18Oct2021a

This Is One of The Gold Coast’s Best and Most Advantageous ‘Boutique’ & Well-Established Nursing Home and Aged Care Facility. Centrally Located Within an Idyllic and Fast-Growing Area, This Is An ‘Always in Demand’ Staff Managed Investment. It Offers Ample Potential for Additional Levels to Be Added, The Immediate Addition of More Beds/Rooms Without Any Major Building Works (Having Less Beds/Rooms Than the Government Has Approved!) Nearly Half a Million More Dollars Per Annum Could Also Be Added to The Already Multi-Million-Dollar Revenues - Being Added Quickly (Without High Costs). This Is No Ordinary Nursing Home and Is Being Transferred to A New Owner for The Very First Time Since Inception, Being Decades Ago. The Current Owner Is Now Retiring from This Freehold/Building and Business Investment…

This is one of the best located and most reputable nursing homes operating over the long term, within the fast growing Gold Coast region. This facility is a highly rated, staff managed investment, having a long term and extremely experienced and high performance Facility Manager, Director of Nursing in place, multiple 2IC’s and a large…continue reading

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