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$675,000 + SAVHigh Net Profit, Greater Brisbane Fencing Product Wholesale/Distribution and Supply Only Business #237

This is a High Net Profit, Greater Brisbane Fencing Product Wholesale/Distribution and Supply Only Business. Offering Millions of Dollars in Sales Per Annum, Being an Instant “Bolt-on” or Profitable Addition to Anyone’s Business Life – No Matter their Background or Skill. Supplies a Very Diverse, Long Term and High Repeat Ordering Business-to-Business and Trade Clientele. Referred Constantly. High Volume Ordering the Norm – $1,800 Advertising Spend, Yet Sales Grew by 18.06% (approx.) in 21/22! Net Income $348,957.68 p.a. (21/22) Single Owner

Established for more than the last two decades by this current owner, this is no ordinary wholesale/distribution and trade/business fencing/gate product supplier (very small product supply to end users – includes DIY flat packed product purchasing- not yet sold online via a webstore). This business has made all its hundreds of thousands of net income…continue reading

$779,000 + SAVProfitable Wholesaler/Distributor and Direct Supplier of Fresh Meat Products and Outlet #289

This is One of Brisbane/Gold Coast’s Longest Established and Most Profitable Wholesaler/Distributor and Direct Supplier of Fresh Meat Products and Outlet Business! Yes, It’s Product Quality and Large Range Makes it the Contracted and Preferred Supplier to a Large and Growing Number of Establishments, Government Funded Operations Such as Nursing Homes, Aged Care Facilities, Schools, Clubs, Pubs, Taverns and Food Related Businesses. Plus, Includes Pre-Paid and Pre-Ordered Corporate Clientele. With a High 43.1% (approx.) Gross Profit Margin, there is Ample Latent Potential and Financial Reward for Growing this Enterprise, for a New Owner or Existing Industry Business. It’s Easy to Become Proud of this Well Known and Differentiated Brand, which Continues to Grow its Sales Organically, within the SE QLD Smallgoods and Fresh Meat Industry…

Being for only $779K + SAV (fast moving stock) Open to all genuine offers Photos Used are for Indicative Purposes Only

$749,000 + SAVLarge, Highly Profitable Pool Servicing and Conveniently Located Pool Product Supply Outlet #302

This is a Brisbane Based, Large and Highly Profitable Essential Pool Servicing and Conveniently Located Pool Product Supply Outlet. The Net Income Return is Truly Staggering, Proving to be a Highly Profitable and Financially Secure 18 Year Trading Operation. This is Also a Dual Brand Operation. Is a Preferred Pool Servicing Provider to Nearly 500 Homeowners, Real Estates and Body Corporates, per Month. Having Thousands of Clients on the Database and Spending within this Outlet! Providing a Predictable Income and Positive, Paid Upfront Cashflow. Having a Large and Fast Populating Client Catchment Area Around its Large and Abundant Premise!

This business’s brand diversity, longevity within this fast growing client market, and its financial strength and returns will leave you speechless. Why not let it pay you for the next few decades, as it has done for this owner. Includes relatively new vehicles. All for just $749K + SAV ($100K – $150K approx.) Photos Used…continue reading

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$2,490,000 + SAVStaff Managed Fastener Product Wholesaler, Distributor and Direct Supplier #303

Established 14 Years by this Same Owner, this Always in Demand, Staff Managed Fastener, Trade Supplies and Related Tool Product Wholesaler/Distributor and Direct Supplier, is One of the Largest of its Kind in SE QLD. Having So Few Competitors to Share its Well-Maintained Market Share, this Multi-Million Dollar Sales Operation is Primed for its Next Stage of Active or Organic Sales and Profit Growth. This Being Ready for Any New Investor or Existing Industry Business Wanting to Add Ample Value Immediately, to One’s Business & Financial Life!

This investment is the provider of a great ownership lifestyle, providing ample time to grow its already substantial sales, supply network and resultant high net income return. Take this “profitable vehicle” and it can also work for you… All for just $2.49 Million + SAV ($350K – $450K approx. – Fast moving stock) Photos Used…continue reading

$399,000 + SAVHigh Gross Profit, Low Time Input Vending Service #299

Established 13 Years, this Greater Brisbane Vending Service Business’s Sales have Increased Every Year for the Last Half Decade! This Would have to be One of the Most Resilient, Time Efficient and “Easy” Ways to Make a Passive Income! This Net Income is High for Minimal Time Invested Per week. Also Transferring a Large Number High Value, Quality Brand “Combo” Machines. It takes approx. 3 Days to Collect Cash Money & Replace Stock. This Cashflow Positive Operation Offers Ample Free Time for Any Home-Based Owner. Enjoy Extended Long Weekends - Every Week! This Higher than Industry Gross and Net Profit is Based Upon a Diversity of Income Receipted from a High Number of Quality and Long Term Business Sites (Loyal for 7-10+ Years).

This owner is now transferring this business package for “change sake” only. This business is ready for a new owner or existing vending industry business to “bolt this on”. This investment is the provider of a great lifestyle, ample free time and gives convenient access to ample net income returns. This is the reality for…continue reading

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$1,490,000 + SAVImporter and Online Wholesaler/Distributor and Supplier of Fishing Tackle Products and Accessories #301

Nearly a Decade and a Half of Maintained National Market Leadership Online. This as an Importer and National Online Wholesaler/Distributor and Supplier of One of the Country’s Largest (Online and Warehouse-Based), Quality and Top Selling Brand Name Fishing Tackle Product and Accessory Ranges. The Owner Invests Mainly Flexible, Part-Time Hours Per Week, Overseeing and Viewing Reports Mainly From the Comfort and Convenience of a Home-Based Office (Base Yourself Anywhere in Australia). This is a High Profit Margin and “Stand-Out” Fishing Product Distribution Model. There are Many Unique Elements Combined, Making it a Formidable Force and One of the Largest Players of its Kind in Our Nation. Providing Leading Brand Names and Exclusively Owned Products. Providing any New Owner or Existing Fishing Industry Business a Colossal Client Database of Approx. 200,000+!

All for just $1.49 Million + SAV ($200,000-250,000 approx. – fast moving stock, with an outsourced drop shipping combined warehouse model) Photos Used are for Indicative Purposes Only

$1,998,000 + SAV Boutique Manufacturer, National Wholesaler/Distributor of High Quality Pet Food Products #297

Established for nearly 15 years, this is a boutique manufacturer, national wholesaler and distributor of a large range of high quality and differentiated pet food products. Sales have grown organically by a whopping 19.31% approx. ’23 (year-on-year growth of both sales and net income). There are few who produce any pet food products comparable to this brand’s offering. Its massive net income return continues to grow organically, as it provides the multi-billion dollar, local and national pet market with what most others don’t provide! With its powerfully simple, yet dynamically effective production and wholesale distribution model, its client supply requests are stacked high in the in-tray. Literally “picking and choosing” its wholesale clientele/distributors and the stockists. These are always in demand and fast-moving pet food lines…

The cashflow is also grand, with all its organic, inbound sales revenues, high value plant and equipment, persistent year on year sales and net income growth. What more could anyone want? This is available for the first time in nearly a decade and a half, all for just $1.998 Million + SAV ($100K approx. –…continue reading

$229,000 + SAVHighly Systemised, Markets Based & Online Event Management Business #267

This is a Highly Systemised, 15 Year Proven, Markets Based & Online Event Management Business. Offers a Flexible, Home Based and Part-Time Hour Lifestyle. Plus, a Webstore and a Growing Range of Products Supplied Online. Receives a Near Predictable Pre-Paid and Pre-Booked – Online Income. Plus, Receives Many Lucrative and Low Time & Cost Passive Incomes. This Investment is Ready to be Grown to a New Level, by Any New Owner or Simply ‘Bolted on’ to an Existing Event Management Business.

This is an award winning, Markets Based & Online Event Management Business which offers any new owner, no matter their prior skill, knowledge, or expertise with major investment-based benefits, especially when compared to others who operate within this same niche market industry. Over an extensive 15-year trading history (same owner), this business has been set…continue reading

$159,000 + SAV Passive Income Generating Pizza Takeaways & Delivery Service #235

This is One of Brisbane’s Passive Income Generating Pizza Takeaways & Delivery Service Businesses. Being Prime Located and Fully Staffed. This Owner’s Main Role is to Collect the Cash Money! Make this 100% Paid Upfront Money Consistently, Week in and Week Out. All Without Needing to Work in this Business! Just Scoop Up the Financial and Lifestyle Rewards or Increase it Instantly, if a Staff Role is Assumed. This Passive Net Income is Ample to Support an Extremely Low Time Input and Absent Owner. This is the Epitome of Financial Security. This High Profit Yield Provided for Such a Small Input. Passivity at its Best!

This long established and prime pizza takeaway/delivery business offers any new owner, no matter skill or background with a high return purchasing and loyal base of clients from the local surrounding area (80-90% existing clients). Its fresh ingredient, value for money and tasty pizzas can’t be beat, and clients know it – deciding with their…continue reading

$349,000 + SAVBoutique Producer, Wholesaler/Distributor and Online Supplier of Gourmet Foods #298

This is a 22 Year Trading, Gold Coast Based Boutique Producer, Wholesaler/Distributor and Online Supplier of Gourmet Foods. Products Include Slices, Muffins, Friands, Cakes, Biscuits and Savoury Food Products (Also Gluten Free and Vegan Options). Provides its Long Term and Diverse Industry Base with Deliveries Throughout the Fast-Growing Regions of Gold Coast, Brisbane and Beyond, via Courier. Sales Grew Organically by 9.24% (approx.) in ’23. Supplies Large Food Wholesalers/Distributors & Resellers and has Ample Capacity within its HACCP – 5 Star Rated Facility. Fully Trained Staff Produce Products for this Part-Time Hour Operation. Enjoy High Repeat Ordering and Great Paying Clients; Hospitals, Councils, IGA’s, Government Funded and Major Convention/Exhibition, Event Organisations, Cafes/Hospitality, Taverns/Hotels etc…

There are ample existing clients providing a solid and growing sales and profit base, which any new owner or food company could directly benefit from. This business is growing organically, but at such a fast pace! It’s all about quality. This transfer is only happening due to family health reasons. Take this enviable list of…continue reading

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