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[Offer Received Within 2 Months] Passive Income Generating Pizza Takeaways & Delivery Service #235

$150,000 + SAV Ref: 1024087

This is One of Brisbane’s Passive Income Generating Pizza Takeaways & Delivery Service Businesses. Being Prime Located and Fully Staffed. This Owner’s Main Role is to Collect the Cash Money! Make this 100% Paid Upfront Money Consistently, Week in and Week Out. All Without Needing to Work in this Business! Just Scoop Up the Financial and Lifestyle Rewards or Increase it Instantly, if a Staff Role is Assumed. This Passive Net Income is Ample to Support an Extremely Low Time Input and Absent Owner. This is the Epitome of Financial Security. This High Profit Yield Provided for Such a Small Input. Passivity at its Best!

  • This long established and prime pizza takeaway/delivery business offers any new owner, no matter skill or background with a high return purchasing and loyal base of clients from the local surrounding area (80-90% existing clients). Its fresh ingredient, value for money and tasty pizzas can’t be beat, and clients know it – deciding with their feet and wallets. Clients are known to return regularly throughout the week…
  • Prime location within one of Brisbane’s fastest growing regions, with there being no shortage of clientele opting to buy from this business’s beloved menu.
  • This business is located in an enviable position which benefits from the drawing power and high client traffic flow of other major and national brand businesses which surrounds it (i.e., McDonalds). Only $490.90 was spent on annual advertising in 21/22 as a direct result of other businesses bringing in clients, without money needing to be spent…
  • With the system being fully systemised, this is a dynamic yet simple way to make a steady and consistent passive income stream, for an absent owner/investor. The new owner of this unique and particular type of business investment is not being required to work within this business. It being easy to train young staff to top pizzas with farm fresh ingredients (no chef or cooks required on staff, mainly young staff which also keeps profits higher for an investor).
  • With a high gross profit margin of 62.87% (21/22) approx., so much more could be done actively to increase the total volume of client transactions. For example, dropping the menu flyers locally usually generates an immediate increase of $2-3K in additional sales, which the existing staff have the capacity to cater to. Therefore, if done regularly (which is not being done), thousands more dollars could head to the bottom line of this pizza takeaway business, if for a motivated owner.
  • The fact of the matter is that this business’s net income is ample enough for this owner, who chooses to have such a minimal hour input, which is largely made up of collecting cash money and performing the bank account related financial management duties, which business’s owners usually wish to maintain control over. This mainly being from the comfort and convenience of a home office. This owner rarely does any marketing/advertising etc. as hasn’t needed to, due to this prime and highly sought-after location…
  • Any new owner will be left salivating over this profitability, as thousands of regularly returning clients do are after downing a tasty and abundant ingredient pizza, garlic bread etc. (refer to menu – which could also be expanded to broaden the client base) i.e., more gourmet pizzas, desserts etc. Why not own a highly lifestyle supportive business which demands so little time of its investor?
  • There is an on-line booking system and website, with deliveries; all of which are outsourced to 3rd party companies.
  • This business has a massive capacity for further sales growth, even with the existing staff already in place.
  • Summary: this is just a simple, dynamic, highly attractive, and systemised way to make great money without exchanging time to earn it! This is just one extremely efficient business at making money predictably! Who doesn’t love a great tasting pizza, garlic bread, pasta and ribs.
  • This owner developed procedures for all the staff to follow to ensure that this business could be operated by staff effectively in the owner’s absence. This business has been staff managed for more than half a decade (even longer if you consider previous owners), being for the benefit of this current owner’s home based and free-time lifestyle.
  • Come and revel in the high profit margins that this type of popular food menu provides. A new owner has ample opportunities to add many more products to the menu. This business brand could also be duplicated into other regions, even though it’s not a franchised operation.
  • When you meet this owner, you’ll quickly come to understand just how great this business actually is to own. Being a veritable paid upfront, ‘money making machine’ which produces and can be enjoyed for many years. There being an obvious financial comfort and relaxation when owning this passive income investment.
  • This local area is fast growing, with an ever-expanding base of clients. The sales volumes are enough for any investor to sit back and reap the financial and lifestyle rewards.
  • There is so much on offer, and still so much yet to be done to turn this veritable “cash cow” of a business to a new level of abundance! Just step in and enjoy the stability of this steady stream of paid upfront money.
  • How many business owners do you know who have the time freedom to make a passive based net income? (Request the detailed profile now).
  • This is the simple and temporary invitation for a new owner to step into this business and enjoy the difference that simplicity, money received upfront, and a high profit margin product supplied to thousands of returning clients, can make to your life!

This is simply an enjoyable way to become well-funded. Enjoy the time freedoms that a staff managed business can offer you for only $150K + SAV ($3K – $5K approx. fast-moving stock) Negotiable…Open to all genuine offers

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