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[Offer Received Within 3.5 Months] Long Established and Respected Timber Processor and National Wholesaler of Timber Products #281

$129,000 + SAV Ref: 1024115

This is One of Australia’s Oldest and Most Respected Timber Processors and National Wholesalers of Timber Products in this Nation. Being One of the Largest and Most Unique of its Kind, Producing High Volumes Reliably for a Large and Growing Independent Reseller, Wholesale and Trade Based Market (Including Market Brands). Provides Competitive Pricing for the Best Quality Products, Being Unrivalled for 11 Decades. Includes an Online Webstore and Offers a Wide Range of Core and, Customised “Always in Demand” Timber Products. Plus, a High Profit Margin DIY Client Market.

  • Most people alive today wouldn’t have been alive when this brand was born, being one of Australia’s longest and most established of its kind. In fact, it is unique, and the large network of wholesale, reseller, and business trade-based clientele it regularly supplies week in and week out, know that this is the best and provides the most reliable tool products found in Australia, if not the world.
  • Any new owner or existing industry business would be proud to become part of this unique product business’s renowned brand and long-term legacy for beating everyone – we mean everyone when it comes to producing a quality tool that clients can trust and re-order reliably.
  • This owner stepped out of the day to day operating many years ago, choosing a semi-retired lifestyle and remains in a home office, investing minimal hours per week – 5 hours on average. Able to leave this incredibly mature and “always in demand” tool product supply business to do what it does best, being operated by its long term and trusted manager and staff.
  • This operation is one of those that treats any advertising, marketing or promotional activities as optional and does very little if none at all. It is simply not required to continue maintaining the constant product ordering activity that has continued to flow in, without encouragement for decades gone.
  • The major reason for the consistency of client demand enjoyed, is the fact that this operation and unique producer benefits from a high repeat ordering activity from its quality, 30+ year clientele. The quality of its products have never been surpassed and the owner even questions whether anyone in the world outclasses this business and its ability to produce what it does!
  • There is also a high value of plant and equipment being transferred with this business and leading brand. Providing many more areas and lucrative market segments in which to expand its trade sales and clientele.
  • Plus, any new organisation or investor/owner could benefit from a long list of ways to dynamically grow and expand this operation even further, again, it hasn’t done anything differently for many decades, being successful enough providing what it does. But there is always more potential to tap into and activate, given the strong business base. Actually, this being one of the strongest we have come across in many years…
  • Again, the majors seek out products from this business, being able to produce the volumes required to fulfil their own client orders. Hundreds if not thousands of clients throughout the year are being supplied what others can’t supply (the barrier to entry is high).
  • No other business can offer a client what this business does in our nation, the owner confirmed.
  • This is the market leader within its niche market space, supplying tools that are always required, a large range of them, plus all the money being derived from customising the tools of trade being supplied. These products also generate income for thousands of business and trade clients. They can’t work without them or generate their income without the support of this business’s product range.

Isn’t it just great for a business to be so loved and needed…always. All this constitutes one of the very best value-based offerings when it comes to a business worthy of ownership. A genuine transfer due to retirement of this absent owner/investor. $129K + SAV ($100K – fast moving and made to order) Open to all genuine offers

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