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[Offer Received Within 5 Business Days] Multi-Million Dollar Stationery, Office and School Product Distribution, Supply and Multi-Outlet Business #310

$2,198,000 + SAV Ref: 1024169

Established for Many Decades by this Same Owner, this is One of this Region’s Largest Stationery, Office Supplies, Equipment, Janitorial and School Product Supplier, Distributor and Multi-Outlet Business. This Local “Juggernaut” is Not Only Independently Owned but is a Dominant Market Player. Office Works Being its Main Competitor. Providing Personalised Servicing to a Broad Range of Local Businesses (Small to Large), Supplying Nearly 35 (approx.) Local Schools and Delivering Often to 70+ Contracted Councils/Government Departments. Also Internally Registered as the “Preferred Supplier” to a Great Number of Business Clients.

  • With a business client database of nearly 4,000 approx. and half its income being receipted upfront, upon product purchase, this is one formidable “positive cashflow” member of the business community.
  • Not only operating within this high growth segment, the local population continues to swell its sales and profits organically, year after year. Coupled with such a high recurring and repeat re-ordering purchase rate, this is just another major “tick in the box” for this investment!
  • There are multiple managers in place across its many outlets, with its main distribution warehouse providing a central and well-located base for all its in-house delivery drivers and sales reps on the team. When you discover the inner workings and proven systems of this operation, you’ll soon come to appreciate why it continues to gain client market share and maintain it so easily, having done so for decades.
  • The clients are not just any clients, but the highest quality and order of clients in the land. This business operates within one of Australia’s largest and fastest populating regions. The advantages that this business enjoys would make any new owner/investor or existing industry business proud.
  • Its local, mega-million-dollar market share would prove adequate enough to welcome an acquisition by anyone who is wishing to become financially secure for decades to come or already plays within the stationery, office, fit out, office equipment, janitorial, cleaning or school supplies segments. Including those who supplies and distributes products into schools, government departments, councils, and general businesses; small, medium, or large.
  • Its method of providing such a reliable direct delivery of 13,000+ products to its mainly business-to-business and business-to-government clientele, keeps its competitors at bay, as this personal touch is hard to beat by anyone.
  • This localised strategy has set this endeavour on a course of gaining long-term client loyalty that has spanned decades.
  • No one client represents more than 5% (approx.) of this business’s many mega-millions of annual turnover.
  • Winning tenders and having many on-going government and large business supply contracts under belt, it only adds to the already preferred supplier status is shares with a high number of schools, government departments, local businesses, and residents.
  • With such a colossal buying power, it even imports its own copy paper and makes a great profit, whilst charging less than the majors do, per ream. This business can throw its commercial weight around and post great net returns for its owner’s flexible hours and overseeing based input and efforts. Growing the importation of products is this business’s next step…
  • With management staff already in place who can render this operation fully managed for a new owner or investor, there seems to be a powerful simplicity when owning this type of “always in demand” stationery, office, and school supply business.
  • Presenting as one of the very best investment opportunities primed for acquisition, this is one of the very best you’ll find for a long time. Owned for many decades by this same owner, making it clear that this one great business to have support you. Only becoming available now for transfer. There having been a 20+ year wait for this transfer opportunity to arrive.
  • This operation at its current size and market stature requires a new owner or existing industry business who has the skill and intent to continue taking full advantage of its existing client reliance and loyalty, able to guide it to its next level of profit and sales growth.
  • This operation has the makings of a $10 million-dollar turnover enterprise, given that the local business, direct and government clientele have already been secured and maintained over many decades to date. This package includes supplying more than 30+ schools regularly and posting a very high return and regular order rate. With 70+ councils and government departments supplied; it is little wonder. This is in addition to its direct supply base, paying 100% upfront via the many outlets.
  • Let’s not forget its highly successful online webstore, also ready to be marketed even more actively, but thus far, still maintains its own by generating a high rate of visitors and paid upfront purchases. As the “cream” on top for this operation, with such high daily and weekly gross sales amounts, this online and passive pipeline of sales pales into insignificance. Ample potential for further growth and encouragement within the online space, nationally.
  • This business is a “blue chip” investment, and it can boast having one of the highest gross profit margins when compared to the businesses operating within this product sector, located across the nation.

This business owner is genuinely transferring, as after two decades of ownership, it is just time for a change. Now for only $2.198 Million + SAV $450K – 500K approx. (fast moving stock). Open to all genuine offers

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