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[Offer Received Within 4 Business Days] Profitable Pump, Irrigation & Water Management/Filtration Supplier and Product Distributor #222

$2,095,000 + SAV Ref: 1023946

Established a Decade and a Half by the Current Owners, this Would Be One of the Most Profitable Brisbane Based Pump, Irrigation & Water Management/Filtration Suppliers and Product Distributors (Mainly), Plus Servicers & Installers. Being Internally Registered as Preferred Supplier to Nearly Every Council, Supplies Many Schools and Enjoys a Long List of Trade, Gov’t, Business & Civil/Commercial Clientele. Enjoying a High 26.92% Increase in Sales (21/22)! This is an Inbound Client Transaction Business. Millions of Dollars of Sales Are Receipted Upfront - No Waiting for Money! This Positive Cashflow Investment is as Good as it Sounds…Net Income $712,228.01 22/23; Jul-Sep (3mths) Owner Operated.

  • Established for 15 years by the current owner, this is one of the market leading product suppliers within this niche pump, irrigation, and water management related product market segment. Not only is its large and diverse product range in constant and growing demand – organically, it has not required active marketing or advertising. It is the long term trusted, internally registered preferred supplier to an exceptionally large and diverse client base. The loyalty won and secured over many years. This has been compounding over the last decade and a half, due to it upholding its promises of high-quality product and service delivery.
  • Predominantly, this major and market leading distributor of everything pumps, irrigation and water filtration means that the majority of all its mainly paid upfront client transactions is direct with businesses. It supplies and services/installs pumps to many buildings, infrastructure projects, irrigation to any business or government department/council who needs to manage water/sullage etc.
  • This is an ‘always in demand business’. Its products are constantly being purchased (mainly without requiring installation). Being a predominant product supply-based distributor, this business and its outlet sits head and shoulders above its competitors.
  • Water management is increasingly at the top of council and government agendas and is the preferred supplier to the many civil companies who outsource their water pump related jobs to this trusted supplier.
  • The trust in this business, among the best and notary businesses and operators within SE QLD runs deep. There is a well-trained and multi-skilled team at the helm who manage the constant flow of products to clients and are able to meet the needs of this ever-expanding client base (naturally growing, thanks to the population growth being experienced within southeast QLD).
  • Supplying a household with their water tank or water filtration system through to supporting major civil projects, means that this business doesn’t need to submit its own tenders, already being the top of list, preferred product distributor – the ‘go to’ company for all pump, irrigation, and water filtration products. Very little that this business can’t source and supply a client.
  • This business is the approved distributor for many of the top and most notary national and international product brands, products which are most trusted and sought after within this industry.
  • With a diversity of income streams, products, an extremely large & loyal client database (remained preferred supplier), a high volume of product sale income being receipted upfront, and the proud holder of many product distributor agreements, all makes for an extremely low risk commercial investment for any new owner to profit from.
  • Providing the opportunity for any new company to ‘bolt’ this business on to an existing operation, adding many millions of dollars of turnover, and yielding a high net income instantly. This business has not been available for transfer to a new owner, for more than the last decade! Now’s your chance to own this market leading product distributor…
  • Profits are realised almost instantly with this business, with its infield product supply work and direct to business to business, business to government product supply/servicing is only on the increase. See sales increase percentage above (26.92%) YTD 2022.
  • If a new owner knew what clients are doing now to prepare for the next 5-10 years of population and infrastructure growth within SE QLD, you wouldn’t hesitate but take over ownership of this prime positioned, extremely well engrained, and established supplier.
  • This niche market segment generates millions in annual sales. What Covid-19 affect? The fact is that there will always be a requirement by councils, schools, trade, and industry to be supplied, pumps, pipes, pipe fittings, irrigation, and water management products.
  • By law, every building over 5 levels requires a pump – just imagine how many potential clients that represents. This being only a single market segment to target and grow. This business also includes many product service contracts.
  • This business literally halved its annual advertising budget and yet sales grew organically! This business is not seasonal, being a market leading supplier of one of the largest product ranges for pumps, pipes, irrigation, and water management/filtration products in SE QLD.
  • Even solar generated product demand has hit high gear…With this many plumbers, civil companies and government departments/councils/schools being supplied on-going. This means that 80% (approx.) of existing clients (numbered in the thousands) return to purchase products regularly.
  • Trusted and reputable, renowned for supplying top name brands at affordable and competitive pricing means that the market positioning of this business beckons a large player achieving instant economies of scale.
  • The market share that this business and quote conversion rate is astonishing. Enjoy this highly profitable operation, and a new owner or company could choose to actively grow this already successful base. Hardly anything has needed to be done for years. There being many client segments ready to be activated by a new, enthused owner or existing industry company.
  • Offering any new owner a very high net income return on investment!

There is ample low hanging fruit being ripe for the picking. Plump with potential and ready for transfer. All for just $2.095 Million plus SAV.  Freehold also available $1.669 Million.  Open to all genuine offers as package of both or business only.  Open to all genuine offers

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