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[OFFER RECEIVED] Staff Managed, Prime Located, Main Street Discount Variety Outlet #263

$109,000 + SAV Ref: 1024116

This Prime Located, Main Street Discount Variety Outlet has Remained Fully Staff Managed Since Inception. Offering Ample Profits and Consistent Sales for its Always Absent Investor. Come and Shake this “Money Tree” of a Business Investment, Offering a Solid Net Return, Despite No Website or Passive Income Generating Webstore, as Yet. Ready for Even More Profits to Fall into a New Investor’s Bank Account, Although its Already Profitable, Just Needs an Activating and Enthused Owner Who is Not Retiring…Enjoying Taking it from Here!

  • This business’s manager and staff operate this business on behalf of this retiring owner, always has done since inception. This absent investor being content with the relatively consistent net income return being achieved for the many years since this business’s inception. This owner revels in the fact that this investment requires so little of his time.
  • You couldn’t get a more “managed” business than this one, by definition and application…
  • This is a popular destination business for so many locals, coming in for their everyday supplies seeking out value for money prices. This business sits within a prime location within this always bustling town, which also has a large and ever-expanding client catchment area which surrounds it.
  • This investment has proven popular with the locals and the town’s businesses as it offers a diversity and attractive variety of products. There is also a fast-growing population feeding even more sales to this business, positioned within this idyllic area of northern NSW.
  • The sales and the profitability being posted reliably has meant that this absent owner need not spend any money on any marketing or advertising. The only thing that promotes this brand is its passive Facebook page (very few posts) and the business’s signage.
  • Nothing else has been done, literally, no website, no webstore, no advertising but this business continues to bring in ample clientele and has continued to generate a consistent sales and very “investor pleasing” net income return. This is all despite COVID-19 and its effects. This business did not flood.
  • Importing high sales volume products is just the beginning of the many ways that a new, enthused, and motivated owner could plug into the stream of potential profits that are available to this business. Long list of profitable growth ideas are included within the detailed business profile.
  • There is so much more to be done with this passive income generating business, all whilst not needing to assume hours working within this business, or assuming the manager’s role.
  • Even more income could be derived if a new owner was to step in and assume staff wages. There are options to grow and simply “work on” this investment, remaining absent, but there are many options available to a new owner or absent investor.
  • It is just a relief to own a “recession and COVID-19 proof” business that can provide so many options to grow, maintain current profit levels, or to simply choose one’s own income level from day one – literally!
  • This business also offers a steady stream of existing and new client sales and product purchasing, without efforts, time or money invested in encouraging such behaviour (supported by the massive and continued population growth being experienced within the local region). 

All this due to a retiring owner consolidating investments, being offered for just $109K + SAV ($130K approx.) – Includes fast moving stock.  Open to all genuine offers

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