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[Offer Received Within 5 Business Days] Unique, Niche Market, Fastener Product Importer, Wholesaler/Distributor, Online Supplier and Exporter #291

$425,000 + SAV Ref: 1024163

This is One of the Nation’s Most Unique (Commercially Protected), Niche Market, Fastener Product Importer, National Wholesaler/Distributor, Online Supplier and Exporter. This Business Boasts the Exclusive Australian and NZ Distributor Rights for One of the World’s Leading Specialised Fastener Manufacturers. This Business is Ideal to be ‘Bolted-On’ to an Existing Industry Business! Its Online Webstore Brings a Stream of Pre-Paid Orders (Positive Cashflow) and the Many Trade, Wholesalers/Resellers Provide High Volume Stock Orders.

  • Established for 15 years by this same owner, this is one of the nation’s most reputable, niche market, high quality, and trusted operations, within the fastener industry. Supplying core and custom fasteners to construction; renovation; building; marine; mining; engineering; D.I. Y’s; government; aerospace; monuments; memorials and cemeteries being just a small snapshot of the many industries supplied. By stocking a broad, bulk quality product range, clients located around the globe and throughout the nation come to this supplier for their traditional fastening needs. Review the highly detailed business profile for the long list of client industries who have remained reliant upon this exclusive supplier over the long term.
  • Its primary manufacturer, being renowned for its superior quality production the world over, made this distinctive business their preferred Australian product distributor 15 years ago, and this status has remained to this very day. Meaning that this protected supply has spanned for this business’s entire trading history! This facilitates the generation of new international clients organically, as the supplier is a world leader in this niche fastening market.
  • Its webstore has been highly successful since launch, providing a high profit, direct to market passive income stream for this investment. The webstore generates a high number of new clients, and higher profit margin sales and enjoys an equally high Google ranking. The webstore is a ‘paid upfront’ money generator of additional funds, being a bonus of owning this online based operation.
  • Market diversity has always remained the key to this business’s commercial success and longevity, as it offers any new owner or company with the total income spread across many clients, (not one client providing a high percentage of sales). This fact being coupled with offering a large product range, and a solid, bed rock of existing, long-term, and extremely loyal, wholesalers, resellers, businesses, and DIY clients who return to purchase often. 
  • This business’s operational strategy and differentiation is set upon having the stock available, including one of the nation’s most diverse product ranges, which allows the industry, wholesale, trade, and end user clients who need fasteners, to receive a fast and priority delivery service of their products.
  • The owner continues to invest only flexible and part-time hours per week (Mon-Fri only). There is even the potential for the stock to be stored, picked, packed, and dispatched by outsourcing to a 3PL operation.
  • This business can also be based from a new owner’s home based shed or double lock up garage or an existing warehouse. The type of products means that it requires only a low cubic volume for shipping and storage area.  This makes this business easily scalable, without requiring high premise leasing costs. This owner operates this national distribution and import/export business conveniently and cost effectively, due to the size of fastener products stocked. As example, thousands of products fit into the size of a shoe box.
  • The list of commercial benefits is extensive for a new owner, with all stocked products being made to recognised industry standards. With sole distribution rights for Australia & NZ means that competitors have struggled to compete against this formidable market player. This is a highly lucrative segment to continue to profit from and this brand has remained dominant and unrivalled for the last 15 years nationally.
  • This business’s product distribution feeds into every industry conceivable… 
  • Clients have come to know that this brand is where they will find quality fasteners for their specific application. This business is proud to have access to the stock that most require … as it can be supplied when they order it!
  • Perfect as a ‘bolt-on’ to an existing operation, why not add more sales, a diverse industry clientele and large product range that will always be required within society. This business allows a new owner to make positive cashflow and good profitability. For an existing operation, this transfer can generate more money, add thousands of clients, provide ample commercial protections, and offers an unrivalled industry market share.
  • All the 15 years of work in establishing and making this one of the most reputable and sought after brands in Australia, it has all been worth it! This is coupled with providing a ‘high barrier to entry’ which discourages competitors, which equates to any new owner finding commercial comfort here. Further growth and expansion of this operation can remain protected. 
  • It is not easy to compete against this leader, no one has successfully taken its market share in 15 years! This business continues to grow, all thanks to more people and businesses finding it, via its webstore and high ranked position online. Don’t forget the natural word of mouth activity, organic customer referrals and endorsements that have continued to ensue. Its referrals have historically generated and supported its predominant expansion over its many years of trading.
  • The nature of this unique, low overhead and exclusive product distribution model is that its sales are inbound based. Its high-quality products are only surpassed by its highly responsive and customised servicing of its clients (both new and existing). These attributes, including offering a product range and quality that few can match, speaks volumes about why this business has continued to maintain its niche market leadership for the last decade and a half!
  • There is so much more income to be posted to the top line of this business. Even more financial rewards are possible for a highly motivated and active marketer of these products. One could take this long list of commercial uniqueness and literally tell more clients about it.
  • There is ample potential for a new owner or existing industry business to tap into and generate even more national and export sales. The growth potential is literally massive, and is ready for the taking, just wait until you read ‘how to grow this’ when you receive this business’s detailed profile.

So, email us now and receive your very own copy of this business’s profile. You can read about the spirited success of this brand for yourself and understand why it has been so successful!  All for just $425K + SAV $250K – $275K (fast moving stock)  Open to all genuine offers

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