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Staff Managed, Consulting, Logistics, Storage, Warehousing and Distribution Service Provider #322

$22,900,000 WIWO Ref: 1024201

This is a Staff Managed, Multi Decade Trading, Consulting, Customs, International Freight Forwarding, Logistics, Storage, Warehousing and Distribution Service Provider. Thousands of Business and Corporate Clientele (Includes Multi-National Brands). Having 100+ Agents Around the Globe, and a Large Team and Fleet In-House, Plus Many Transport Partners. This Brand’s Warehousing, Distribution and Storage Premises and Capability Spans the Nation, with Sites in Major Capital Cities. Warehousing Floor Area Under Roof is Tens of Thousands of m2’s Nation Wide. Providing a Diversity of Services that Most Can’t Match. This Colossal Annual Turnover and Substantial Net Income Return, Plus Organic Growth Provides Value. Being So Well Renowned and Highly Relied Upon by its Long-Term Loyal Clientele, with 90% (approx.) Return and Repeat Purchasers. This is One Established Member of the Logistics Industry, Poised for Acquisition by a New Investor or Existing Industry Business.

  • Established for many decades and having only 2 owners during its long trading history, confirms that this business is one of the best investments to own within the customs broking, international freight forwarding, storage, logistics and distribution industries. This transfer after many decades is one sure way to assume a massive, multi-million-dollar market share immediately, especially beneficial for an existing industry or strategically placed company or for an investor who wants to know that their financial future and its success was to be set up for abundance, for many decades to come.
  • This is a business that enjoys a massive annual turnover, one that is not only growing organically, due to this business’s constant inbound referrals received and a natural growth in Australia’s population and importation activities. This is a unique provider, extremely well differentiated within the current market. It successfully providing customs broking, international freight forwarding, storage/logistics and distribution in a way that most others can’t and don’t. Just wait until you read the highly detailed profile.
  • This is not too small, and not too large an operation, having its full team of management in place, including general manager, state managers, warehouse and sales managers, a large number of licensed customs brokers, plus its own fleet of drivers and extended support team. Most remaining employed long term! This brand is this good and the management and staff know it!
  • Within the customs, freight forwarding, storage, logistics and warehousing/distribution industry, this business has carved out and maintained for many decades a massive and organically growing market share. Expanding annually, without requiring active marketing/advertising initiatives.
  • The long-term client loyalty is superior to most, just wait until you appreciate the quality of the clientele, it is truly staggering who are being serviced and how often! Many of the largest companies in the world remain serviced by this preferred provider, as these thousands of clients are given no reason to seek out alternative providers.
  • This business provides a diversity of services “all from this one brand”, maintaining a greater control of its servicing in-house due to having ample in-house resources (large warehousing, ample labour, and owned assets). Only long term, proven and trusted transport partners in addition to this business’s large fleet serve to extend this business’s distribution and client reach nationally.
  • Many of the largest multi-national clients are content to remain reliant upon this business’s ultra responsive and efficient service, a veritable tailored solution to their needs. This “one stop” service provider offers diversity to attract and support a diversity of client industries. All in all, when it comes to the management of imported/exported goods and equipment, its national distribution, handling, storage, and order fulfilment, then this is the company to be serviced by.
  • This business is also able to remain cost effective and time efficient for its clients, able to offer more value for money per invoice than the larger, public companies operating within this segment of the market. More savings per invoice is what the clients also appreciate, being matched by a superior servicing, customised to their needs. What else is there to want from a business?
  • With such a large agent network internationally and industry services on offer, as with the team to provide them consistently, it is no wonder that this business has grown to its present size and market stature!
  • Clients have remained long term and staunchly loyal to this brand for many, many years. The client retention statistics are simply outstanding! Having this high client repeat order job rate being the “gold vein” running through this business.
  • This is just one wholesome investment waiting for the right investor to scoop it up and make it theirs…and look out competitors!
  • Able to compete well against the largest within this industry and nation, this brand remaining a “thorn in the side” of major players, as they can’t offer what this business can and does daily, hence why clients flock to this provider. Having a large national warehouse footprint, plus and extensive and well engrained international agent network in place, any business or corporate company client anywhere in the world can be serviced extremely well by this business.
  • Its day-to-day operating is supported by a state-of-the-art industry software management system (being highly customised to needs of this enterprise). This system makes it even easier for management and staff to provide the high service levels which epitomises this brand’s internal culture, being able to promise and deliver consistently is the key.
  • This is certainly one rare business investment and definitely not one to be missed. Find out what differentiates this business from all others by requesting your own copy of the detailed business profile. When you have this quality clientele and ever flowing sales income – life can become easier, happier, and more comfortable. Owning this type of investment, one that will always remain in demand, needed for the importing/exporting, storage and delivery of products and equipment, just makes commercial sense, and opens doors to rapid expansion opportunities.
  • Owning and investing in this staff managed business investment could become one of the most strategic acquisitions made in one’s lifetime! This opportunity has just launched, so timing is everything, request your profile now.

Also includes a high value of plant and equipment being transferred in addition to the profit. All for just $22.9 Million WIWO Open to all genuine offers

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