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[SOLD – OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 38 BUSINESS DAYS] Online Pool & Associated Products, High Sales Volume #099

$218,000 + SAV Ref: 1023255

This Is One of the Largest and Highest Volume Sellers Online, Of A Large Range of Pool & Associated Products (Includes Own Brand & Branded for Resellers). Includes Multiple Product Distribution Agreements, Favourable and Highly Advantageous Profit Margins, Due to Its Volume Based Sales & Purchasing. A National, 100% Online, Paid Upfront and Passive Income Based Investment (Several Online Stores Combined Produced a Massive 32.52% Sales Growth in 19/20! Includes High Profit, Imported Products & Exporting. The List of Benefits Goes On and On…

  • This is one of the market leading and top-ranking 100% online, business investments enjoying the growth of national and offshore clients purchasing via the internet. These pool products are required and this business can provide high quality items, being hundreds of products, at highly competitive prices, yet makes a wonderful net income margin.
  • Staying profitable whilst remaining highly price competitive is an art. An achievement supported by multiple supplier distributorships and agreements, combined with products being imported that provide an extremely high gross margin. This is a part-time hour only operation, able to be based from any home in Australia. The supplier and clients are both on and offshore. With own branded products also providing favourable reward, as with the supply of reseller branded products to business clients.
  • There are so many ways in which to expand and grow this operation, but growth of this operation will now be for the new owner.
  • With the high volume of sales being receipted upfront being processed and fulfilled presently, around family/school pick up and drop off times. The many obvious areas that could further grow this operation is just not being touched, nor actioned.
  • This online only business, consisting of multiple online webstores and a name that attracts client purchasing from far and wide, means that this 6 figure net income has been ample for this current owner. Not having a desire to grow beyond this point.
  • Perfect transition for a new owner, or for an existing pool related business, opting to add another passive income pipeline instantly to its operation. Why not make this great net income yield, for only investing part-time hours, being unskilled tasks; picking, packing, and booking couriers/Aust post etc. This is no rocket science, but it has taken years of building to generate hundreds of thousands of stock purchasing volume, which keeps suppliers support, and great pricing = great profit margins.
  • There has been so little marketing done for years, as what has been done over the years, has been done correctly. Each building block of this business has been place purposefully. Therefore, this is one of those businesses which is generating hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of top line online only sales, (national distribution and exporting online only), including earning great profits from supplying own branded products, and supporting resellers with their own branded products. This being an immediate area for growth.
  • There is a plethora of options open to a new owner, who may be motivated to take this already proven and highly successful national online operation and double it! Locate from the comfort of any home office in Australia (as long as you have internet connection).
  • When you come to realise what hasn’t been done to market and build this business, and see the resultant sales generated, you know you have some very special investment before you.
  • Multiple passive income streams flow into this owner’s bank account, able to earn money whilst even asleep.
  • There isn’t a lot of work or time invested to receive this 6 figure net profit amount.
  • Step into the world of online commerce and enjoy the work life balance. Most never achieve this income, for these few part-time hours invested. And get to profit from the increasing demand for online shopping. This business simply has the right products, transactional history, client reviews and ranking etc. (organically generated).
  • There is even option for a new owner to outsource the picking, packing, and dispatching of stock to a 3rd party logistics/warehousing company. Therefore, left with free time to simply continue building, marketing etc.
  • All of the above weaves a “financially cosy blanket” for anyone, with any type of background to be secured by, for many years to come. Remember that this is a top ranking business, a leader. Maintaining a high level of online purchasing power. These products are required to be ordered again and again…
  • Now, a new owner can step in, and profit from day one. This is a 100% paid upfront, positive cashflow business. Given the supply chain already being in place, the large range of quality and always in demand products being required by anyone who uses a pool/spa/lap pool etc. is why this business is so successful online. Providing competitive pricing, and yet internally enjoying high gross profit margins, per product line – all thanks to importing and having volume based supplier purchasing in play.

Clients are also located within a long list of countries around the world. At these margins, importation of these products sold online, come with hefty and highly supportive profit margins – this owner’s bank account proves it all. The online reports don’t lie…Wake up and check your bank balance with glee, requiring no particular skills, and includes contract manufactured products, for business clients and re-sellers, including own brand products that make that “sweet coin”.  This could be your entry into the world of making money online. Put a smile on your face for owning such a smart and profitable online business model…Don’t waste another minute, check it out for yourself and email us now for your detailed business profile. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a part-time hour lifestyle, based from home, and be financially supported by having your very own piece of the massively growing, online purchasing action. Majority of these pool products are not discretionary! All for just $218K + SAV $60K  Owner Open to Offers

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