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[Offer Received Within 14 Business Days] Specialist Timber & Hardware Product Direct Supplier/Reseller #187

$459,000 + SAV Ref: 1024021

Established Since 1997, and Operated by the Current Owner for More the Last 16years, This is a Specialist Timber & Hardware Product Direct Supplier/Reseller. Double Digit Sales Growth Of 13.67% (Approx.) Achieved In 20/21 And Even Growth From 19/20 (Pre COVID-19). This Being a Highly Profitable and Growing Operation, Providing Quality for Competitive Prices (Competes Against Bunnings Just Fine!). Has A Diversity of Trade and Business Clients, Who Offer a Positive Cashflow, Thanks To So Few Having a Credit Account, The Majority Pay Upfront! There Is Such a Unique Combination of Benefits Which Leaves Most Business’s for Dust – In Fact, Has So Few Direct Competitors! Net Income $303,391.92 p.a. (21/22) Single Owner with Staff in Place.

  • Established for the last 24 years, this Brisbane based, prime located timber and hardware product supplier/reseller and direct supply business has such a high number of core, diverse and regularly purchasing trade and business clientele, that it spends nothing – $0, “nudder” on advertising and marketing, having been this way for many years, to date.
  • This is an independently owned and branded business, now available for transfer only for the second time in nearly a quarter century. This would be an opportune and highly lucrative acquisition for any new owner or existing hardware or timber related company to own. There being no requirement for any new owner to have any prior industry knowledge, skills or background, as all will be trained and the long list of core business clients introduced.
  • With this highly profitable outcome per annum, having grown its sales organically over the last 3 years, including the pre-COVID-19 era. This business is proud to offer any new owner a purely organically ranked website and business, along with the ability to maintain the long-term loyalty of many high-quality business and trade clients. Any business could be proud to call these loyal clients their own, as they have remained regular and high repeat purchasers for more than the last half to decade+.
  • The market is red hot, as we are experiencing a population and subsequent housing boom in the South East.
  • The business enjoys the positive cashflow that results from its strict credit policy, which its clients are happy to adhere to. This being one of the greatest benefits of owning this business…Being paid quickly! this unique business, is due to an absence of many direct competitors within the local region and has many powerful combined benefits.  These include offering a high quality personalised service that has maintained its commercial statue and reputation. To many business and trade clients this provider is more popular than Bunnings.
  • This is a niche and specialist timber and hardware product supplier, being able to predict a monthly sales line that continues to grow. It stands as a commercially secure investment, as it supplies so many different business and trade clients from across a long list of industries. Clients return on a monthly basis on average, and even more often, as their client jobs dictate and as their material and hardware supplies are needed. This business has a win-win or sympatico relationship with clients, as the supply of these products aids in them making their living – regular profits and income.
  • The core and long list of business and trade clients have made this provider their preferred supplier of timber and associated hardware products.
  • Clients include renovation companies, fencing contractors and suppliers, boutique builders (proven to be long term payers), decking companies, carpenters, landscapers, timber resellers etc. The its high quality and diverse product list spans 20-30 pages long!
  • Conveniently located, there is simply so much that this highly competitive niche business offers an ability to compete and offer more than major competitors, especially in regards to product quality and customer service.
  • This business is now ready for its next stage of sales and profit growth, organically, or if a new owner wanted to instigate active promoting or some form of marketing (emails or online etc). Something more could be better than the none happening now and for many years! If a new owner had a different appetite for sales growth than the current owner does…he being made extremely financially comfortable by being the proud owner of this operation.
  • This owner has done nothing differently over the last 3 financials years, at a minimum, able to pocket more and more money as a result of the booming population arriving at the South East corner of QLD. New builds, including renovations have been on the priority list for thousands of homeowners across the greater region, the money just keeps on rolling, as the massive demand is being met! Some are saying this is the time for Brisbane to boom with so much population movement occurring.
  • Organic growth is the best and cheapest type of growth for a business, and it will be a fortunate owner who sits at the helm of this key reseller and supplier. This owner has not been motivated to supply more than what comes through the email, phone or arrives on site to purchase. Frankly, he hasn’t needed to. With no advertising budget to speak of, nor any active marketing of the website, its reputation has simply generated the massive money landing on both the top and bottom lines.
  • This is all whilst this business has also remained extremely price competitive, its credibility being built upon providing personalised and high-quality products, including a service that makes clients feel welcome. Clients want to return – which they do, often.
  • Look out if a new owner has the mind to take this business to its next stage of growth, making the greatest use of all its secret commercial arsenal. Being the preferred supplier to such great paying clients just makes being in business and owning this ‘always in demand’ timber and hardware product supply investment, all the more fun and financially rewarding!
  • Find out what makes this business what it is today, a formidable market force, when you request your own copy of the detailed business profile, which highlights its many benefits and further opportunities to expand this operation.
  • Take ‘great’ and make it ‘even greater’, as this has the product range, the pricing, the positioning, the quality client database, the credit policy, the well built reputation to compete admirably against the best and largest in the market.
  • Proud is what you’ll be if you own this profitable and growing endeavour.
  • Long term clients make this their preferred supplier, and the high rates of repeat product ordering is the cornerstones of this operation.

All this profit, positive – no worries cashflow, wholesome business base, is now ready to be built upon actively, available for only $459K + SAV ($80K – $95K approx.) Open to all genuine offers

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