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[SOLD – Offer Received Within 24 Business Days] Importer, Supplier, Distributor of Medical/Surgical, Health Care, Living Aids and Mobility Products #294

$499,000 + SAV Ref: 1024111

This is a High Net Income Importer, Supplier and Direct Distributor of Always in Demand Medical/Surgical, Health Care, Aged Care/Disability, Living Aids and Mobility Products. Contracted to Government and Other Major Institutions (i.e., 5x5 Years). This is Also an Internally Registered Product Supplier to 15+ Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Providers, Medical Companies. Referred by a Large Network of Occupational Therapists and Government Funded Institutions. This 30+ Year Trading Operation Invested Near No Money into Advertising in 2023! New Clients, Purchase Orders and High Repeat Ordering are Inbound and Organically Generated for this Long-Established Business.

  • Established for many decades, this is only the 2nd owner of this business in 32 years! This owner is open to remaining employed by the new owner for an agreed period, post transfer. Or simply retire from this industry if a new investor or industry related company wishes to replace his input with staff (he can fully train anyone new to the business or industry). The new owner or industry company looking to “bolt this operation on”, does not require any prior industry knowledge, skill, or background to succeed financially and operationally. This is a strategically operated, contracted, well known and preferred supplier of a large and always in demand range of mainly medical, health care, aged care/mobility and disability products and equipment.
  • These products support doctors in surgery, patients and institution members, home care funding recipients and the staff; Allied Health and nurses within many hospitals and medical / healthcare organisations across the state.
  • The total number of products within this business’s range is only surpassed by its very large and existing loyal client database (mainly business-to-business transactions). A core group of industry clients return often to purchase from this business; therefore, it enjoys a high average dollar value, per invoice. For example, it supplies a high volume of beds and other related medical industry equipment (surgical / hospital patient aids). It focuses on supplying niche equipment/product markets as well as mainstream products, being a secret to its trading success!
  • Supplying such a wide variety of different clients, most of whom are government, if not quasi-government funded, means that they have access liberally, having access to the billions of dollars of budget set aside for this segment of the market. It is little wonder that 95-98% (approx.) of clients are spending the government’s money to secure their safety and meet their mobility and medical needs.
  • Homecare and medical / surgical related equipment and items, including those required everyday by hospitals, nursing homes, medical centres and the like all rely upon new items for clients / patients, so they order regularly from this brand. Due to being the internally registered preferred product supplier (including contracted in many instances), to a great number of businesses and organisations, the clients simply continue to re-order, raise their purchase orders and be content sourcing these always required and in demand items from this decades long trading operation.
  • This business is contracted long term to the department of health, including other major organisations who fully fund equipment for their clientele and members. This brand also offers exclusivity to brands and particular items.
  • It imports products in from UK and Asia, with there being option to expand this imported product range.
  • This owner continues to receipt this investment’s high net income, year after year. Its overheads are kept low, due to a smart and strategic operating model in play. It offers ample potential for marketing and advertising to be activated in future.
  • Even the freehold warehouse is available for transfer for $499K – ONO, if the new owner wishes to secure long-term tenure, or a long lease with this existing owner is on offer too. The premise offers ample floor area for potential expansion.
  • The net income is large enough for this business to be placed under full staff management, ideal for an east coast or west coast operation or any owner living between these two coasts. For anyone wishing to secure and expand their market share, gaining that veritable “in” and important market “foot hold” in WA, means immediate access to one of Australia’s largest states and fastest growing medical, health care and aged care/disability industries. This is one of the best options to take up now! Importing is also made simple and cost effective, landing at Perth’s port.
  • With a population of 2.5-2.7 million (including FIFO’s), owning a medical, health /aged care and disability product supply business, which is a highly successful distributor to industry institutions, NDIS funded clients and supplying to government funded organisations (contracted or internally registered preferred supplier), is just one of the many benefits on offer here.
  • Yes, this business generates hundreds of thousands of dollars as a net income return, making this one of the most lucrative business’s anyone or any company within this space could own and profit from!
  • Why not enter this highly lucrative, government backed and therefore financially secure business and just grow it… earning a high net yield in the meantime!
  • There is option for any new owner or existing industry business to continue to build upon and grow this passive and inbound based sales and product supply business. This business, although it has a showroom at the front of its warehouse to showcase its major and top selling product items, has never focused on being a retail business, only ever focused on generating business-to-business and higher value transactions.
  • The higher the average dollar sale the better for this business and its owner. “Work smarter not harder” is the motto here…
  • With staff in support, this owner understands that nothing other than accepting inbound purchase orders and client, via institution orders (being prescribed by their occupational therapists / provider etc) is the order of the day. This business’s products continue to be in demand and this ‘baby boomer’ fuelled demand is expected to continue for yet another decade – if not longer!
  • This business represents one of the very best ways for any new owner or existing industry player to gain immediate market share within this large state of Australia. It’s actually the largest state in our nation, geographically.
  • This business is highly profitable and even so under full staff management. Its model is simple – supply as many high profit and higher average dollar items to those who need them. These transactions being funded by a 3rd party, the government. It just doesn’t get any better than this when owning your own business and share of the medical / health care market in WA and beyond. This business even supplies clients outside of the state of WA… 

Its annual sales and profits are near predictable, and this owner is willing to remain employed for the new owner for an agreed period. This is a value packed investment providing a unique and ‘once only option’ to invest into the security of income backed by our government (the clients aren’t spending their own money). A high net income for just $499K + SAV ($100K – $110K approx.)  Open to all genuine offers

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