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Businesses for Sale: Wholesale/Distribution

$3,590,000 WIWOImporter, Wholesaler/Distributor and Multi-Outlet Tile Supplier #306

This is a One of the Largest Direct Importers of High Quality, Ultra Price Competitive and “Value for Money” Tiles and Related Tapware and Associated Products. This is an Importer, Wholesaler/Distributor and Multi-Outlet Tile Supplier. Located within the Greater Brisbane Region, this One of the Dominant Market Leaders, Supplying Trade, Wholesale & Direct Clients Throughout QLD, Including Australia wide.). Providing One of the Most Unique and Large Tile Product Ranges (Includes Exclusive Tile Ranges). Staff Management is in Place. Majority of All Income is Receipted Upfront… Providing the Ultimate Financial Security & High Net Income Yield. Offering a Multi-Million Dollar Sales Volumes Per Annum, Plus a Massive Net Income Return on Your Investment!

There is also a diversity of client sales, being bolstered by a growing trade, business to business and wholesale clientele. These regular and higher volume client orders just diversify sales being receipted. All for just a small good will amount, as includes $2.5-2.8 million of saleable stock $3.59 Million WIWO (Includes a minimum of $2.5…continue reading

$499,000 + SAVImporter, Supplier, Distributor of Medical/Surgical, Health Care, Living Aids and Mobility Products #294

This is a High Net Income Importer, Supplier and Direct Distributor of Always in Demand Medical/Surgical, Health Care, Aged Care/Disability, Living Aids and Mobility Products. Contracted to Government and Other Major Institutions (i.e., 5x5 Years). This is Also an Internally Registered Product Supplier to 15+ Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Providers, Medical Companies. Referred by a Large Network of Occupational Therapists and Government Funded Institutions. This 30+ Year Trading Operation Invested Near No Money into Advertising in 2023! New Clients, Purchase Orders and High Repeat Ordering are Inbound and Organically Generated for this Long-Established Business.

Established for many decades, this is only the 2nd owner of this business in 32 years! This owner is open to remaining employed by the new owner for an agreed period, post transfer. Or simply retire from this industry if a new investor or industry related company wishes to replace his input with staff (he…continue reading

$269,000 + SAVNational Health, Gluten Free and Superfood Product Wholesaler/Distributor and Online Supplier #304

This is a National Health, Gluten Free and Superfood Product Wholesaler/Distributor and Online Supplier. Offering Small through to High Volume Business Clients a Large Product Range and Includes Growing Online Sales via its Popular Webstore. This is a High Repeat Purchase Operation Mainly, with Ample Palletised Ordering. Also Includes Supplying “Own Brand” Products! The Vast Majority of Wholesale Clients are Located Nationally & Pay Upfront Before Orders are Couriered … Providing a Financial Security and Positive Cashflow!

Health forces this transfer now. All for just $269K + SAV ($60K approx. – Fast moving stock) Open to all genuine offers Photos Used are for Indicative Purposes Only

$2,590,000 + SAVImporter, Wholesaler/Distributor and Online Supplier of Niche Market Apparel and Accessories #296

This Direct Importer, Wholesaler/Distributor and Online Supplier of 100% Own Brand, Niche Market Apparel and Accessories is 18 Years in the Making (Current Owner). Yes, this Business is that Good to Own! Not Only are there Staff to Manage the Day-to-Day, the Net Income for Investing Minimal Hours Per Week is Just the Beginning of the List of Benefits for Any Investor! It Offers Any New Owner or Existing Industry Company Hundreds of Thousands of Net Income, Plus a High 53.46% (approx.) Gross Profit Margin, a Higher Reward for Growth. Includes the Transfer of Both National and International Wholesale Client Stockists, Agents, and Distributors Located throughout the World (Includes Majors in the USA), as with Outsourced 3PL Logistics and Order Fulfilment.

This business is available now after 18 years of ownership, being transferred by this content and comfortable investor, for change sake only. Now, “passing on the baton” to the next custodian of this niche and staffed operation, which has always generated ample sales volumes and high profits! All for just $2.59 Million ($150-180K approx. fast-moving…continue reading

$499,000 WIWOFully Staff Managed, Caravan & Motorhome Product Outlet and Service Centre #300

Established for Two Decades by this Same Owner… This is a Fully Staff Managed, Caravan, Recreational Vehicle & Motorhome Accessories/Spare Parts Product Outlet and Service Centre. Always In Demand and Enjoying Long Term, Contracted and Preferred Supplier Status with Major Corporates, Top Brand Manufacturers/Resellers and Wholesalers - Plus Supplying Direct. Receive Passive Income by Owning this Investment and Profiting from this Fast-Growing Industry. This After Market Product and Service Specialist is Not Only Unique (Has So Few Competitors), it Leaves Your Time Free!

This owner is providing any new owner or company with a high return on their investment, being open to all genuine offers. Has packaged this business for the value based amount of only $499K (Including up to $150K of stock at value) Open to all genuine offers Photos Used are for Indicative Purposes Only

$459,000 + SAVSpecialist Timber & Hardware Product Direct Supplier/Reseller #187

Established Since 1997, and Operated by the Current Owner for More the Last 16years, This is a Specialist Timber & Hardware Product Direct Supplier/Reseller. Double Digit Sales Growth Of 13.67% (Approx.) Achieved In 20/21 And Even Growth From 19/20 (Pre COVID-19). This Being a Highly Profitable and Growing Operation, Providing Quality for Competitive Prices (Competes Against Bunnings Just Fine!). Has A Diversity of Trade and Business Clients, Who Offer a Positive Cashflow, Thanks To So Few Having a Credit Account, The Majority Pay Upfront! There Is Such a Unique Combination of Benefits Which Leaves Most Business’s for Dust – In Fact, Has So Few Direct Competitors! Net Income $303,391.92 p.a. (21/22) Single Owner with Staff in Place.

Established for the last 24 years, this Brisbane based, prime located timber and hardware product supplier/reseller and direct supply business has such a high number of core, diverse and regularly purchasing trade and business clientele, that it spends nothing – $0, “nudder” on advertising and marketing, having been this way for many years, to date….continue reading

$599,700 + SAVAirconditioning Product Provider, Including Repairs & Maintenance #257

This is a Gold Coast Based, Airconditioning and Refrigeration Product Provider (Mainly Ducted Systems), Including Repairs, Maintenance and Ongoing Client Servicing Register. Provides Consistent and Growing Sales Including Mainly Inbound Client Job Requests. Offering a Set Monthly Client Servicing Register & Income from Both Commercial & Domestic Clients. Cashflow is Positive, as 50% Deposits are Received Upfront. Also Includes a Very High, Inbound Client Job Rate, with Just $154 Spent on Advertising in 2022! Is Also the Referred Agent and Supplier to Many High Repeat Clients, by the Industry’s Leading Product Brands…Net Income $305,880.37 p.a. (22/23)

This inbound sales business provides ample potential for further sales growth, given just how robust the sales and profit base already is…$599,700 + SAV (Low stock holding of only $20K – $25K approx.)  Open to all genuine offers Photos Used are for Indicative Purposes Only

$229,000 + SAV[Offer Received Within 3.5 Months] Highly Systemised, Markets Based & Online Event Management Business #267

This is a Highly Systemised, 15 Year Proven, Markets Based & Online Event Management Business. Offers a Flexible, Home Based and Part-Time Hour Lifestyle. Plus, a Webstore and a Growing Range of Products Supplied Online. Receives a Near Predictable Pre-Paid and Pre-Booked – Online Income. Plus, Receives Many Lucrative and Low Time & Cost Passive Incomes. This Investment is Ready to be Grown to a New Level, by Any New Owner or Simply ‘Bolted on’ to an Existing Event Management Business.

This is an award winning, Markets Based & Online Event Management Business which offers any new owner, no matter their prior skill, knowledge, or expertise with major investment-based benefits, especially when compared to others who operate within this same niche market industry. Over an extensive 15-year trading history (same owner), this business has been set…continue reading

$199,900 + SAV[Offer Received Within 1 Business Day] Direct Importer, National Wholesaler/Distributor of Always in Demand, 4WD Products #292

Established 45 Years (Only 3 Owners), this is a Direct Importer, National Wholesaler/Distributor of Always in Demand, 4WD Products. Includes Being the Preferred Supplier to Major 4WD Multi-Store Brands Across the Country. Suppliers Include the World’s Renowned Producer of 4WD Products. Exclusive Distribution Rights for Australia & NZ, Plus Own Brand Protections. Wholesale Database Spans Thousands of Resellers & Stockists, Plus Online Purchases from 4WD Owners (Pay Upfront at Full Profit Margin). Base this “Value Packed” Home Based Business Anywhere in the Nation!

Established for nearly half a century, having only 3 owners, the current owner’s trading legacy spans a whopping 12 years. This business offers one of the highest quality 4WD products in the nation, being the first company to release many unique and proven, high demand options on several occasions… The value within this business model…continue reading

$449,000 + SAV[Offer Received] Million Dollar Sales, Animal and Pet Products #252

Established for More Than Two Decades by this Current Owner, Health is the Only Reason for this Transfer Now. This Business is So Good it Generates Millions of Dollars of Sales, Supplying Many Long Term (10-20+ Year Loyal) and High-Volume Purchasing Business Clients. Being Part of Major Buying Groups, it Proudly Provides Ample ‘Value for Money’ for its Thousands of Clients, who Return Regularly to Purchase their Products for their Much-Loved Animals and Pets. Sales Grew Organically by Another 5.41%!

Established for decades by this current owner, this pet and produce product supply business finds itself in a prime location, with its owner ‘proud as punch’ to provide the conveniences and value for money prices for such a diverse and high-quality range of animal feed and care products, which clients return to regularly purchase. And…continue reading

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