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$179,800 WIWOUnique Staff Managed Service Business, Marine Industry #109

ad relaunch 30Nov2020a

This is a Niche Service Business Within the Marine Industry, Offering What Most Don’t. Making this a Unique Staff Managed Operation, Which Services Boat Owners and a Long List of Marine Industry Businesses Throughout the Fast Growing Regions of both Gold Coast and Brisbane. These Services are Always in Demand, Including a High Repeat Clientele Who are Pre-Booked in Advance. Provides Any New Owner with a Predictable Passive Income. The Staff Completed Jobs Also Come With a High Profit Margin, With This Business Poised and Ready for its Sales to be Doubled! Especially Given All the Free Time it Offers a New Owner…

This is a unique and niche market, marine industry service provider, which has established itself well within the marine industry in both Gold Coast and Brisbane. This business provides a service offering that has remained popular among private boat owners, boat builders, marinas, boat brokers, boat repairers, and the list goes on. This is one…continue reading

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$1,890,000 + SAVProfitable Pump, Irrigation & Water Management/Filtration #110

ad relaunch 30Nov2020a

Established For Nearly a Decade and a Half by the Current Owners, this Would Be One of the Most Profitable Brisbane Based Pump, Irrigation & Water Management/Filtration Suppliers, Product Distributors (Mainly) & Servicers/Installers. Being Internally Registered as Preferred Supplier to Nearly Every Council, Supplies Many Schools, and Enjoys a Long List of Trade, Gov’t, Business & Commercial Clientele. Enjoying a high 17.05% Increase in Sales (19/20), Being Organic Growth! This is an Inbound Client Transaction Business. Millions of Dollars of Sales Are Receipted Upfront - No Waiting for Money! This Positive Cashflow Investment is as Good as it Sounds…

Established for 13 years by the current owner, this is one of the market leading product suppliers within this niche market segment. Not only is its large and diverse product range in constant and growing demand – organically, and not requiring active marketing or advertising, it is the long term trusted, preferred supplier to an…continue reading

$399,000 + SAVStaff Managed, Multiple Pool Outlet and Mobile Pool Servicing Businesses – Package #111

ad relaunch 23Nov2020a

This is a Staff Managed, Multiple Pool Outlet and Mobile Pool Servicing Businesses - Package. This Multi-Site Business Operates Within the Fast-Growing, Northern NSW Region. Being One of the Market Leaders for the Supply and Servicing of a Great Number of Pools for Schools, Government, Celebrities, Real Estates etc. Frankly, Has Hundreds of Pools or Spas to Service & Support with Products Regularly. This Very Large & Fast Populating Client Catchment Area, Generates a High Repeat, Almost Predictable Passive Income for this Investor, Who Remains Largely Absent…Leaving this Multi-Site/Business Operation to be Operated by Multiple Managers and Staff!

Established for 13 years by the current owner, this is one of the very best multi-site, mobile pool product and servicing investments, which so happens to also be staff managed. This business’s most redeeming feature is that it rests within one of the fastest growing regions of Northern NSW. This being one of the most…continue reading

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$139,000 WIWOLuxury Estate and Prestigious Holiday Home Cleaning Service #119

ad release 16Nov2020a

This Is One of the Byron Bay’s Luxury Estate and Prestigious Holiday Home Cleaning Service Businesses. Being a Niche, top of Market Provider. This Business Includes Manager, Team Leaders, and a Team of Cleaners on Staff. This Business is Transferring $90K of Pre-Booked Jobs (20/21) and a High Repeat Job Based Clientele of Real Estates, Property Managers etc. Ready for Any New Owner or Existing Cleaning Business to Benefit & Profit From…Grow this Staff Managed Business to Your Heart’s Content. Offers Ample Free Time For a New Owner to Continue Building this Sales and Client base!

This is a niche market, specialist luxury estate and prestigious holiday home cleaning service, being well established and renowned for more than the last half decade (by the current owner). With long term loyal, high end real estate agencies and holiday home property managers on board, who rely upon this specialist cleaning company to provide…continue reading

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$339,000 WIWOIn Demand, Niche Market Specialist Courier Service #076

ad relaunc 16Nov2020a

With the Same Owner Since Inception 11 Years Ago…This is One of the Most In Demand, Niche Market Specialist Courier Services Operating Efficiently Between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Having Hundreds of Regular, Daily Clientele, With the Client Retention Being Massive And There Being No Need For Marketing or Website. Existing Client Referrals Generate All the New Client Sales. Just Wait Until You See This Courier’s System of Operating!

After 11 years of perfecting the art of providing hundreds of business clients with a reliable courier service, this business makes multiple daily pickups from product suppliers (including hospitals) and delivers to business clients who require these products in order to make profits within their own businesses. This business has continued to expand, having 10…continue reading

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$1,490,000 + SAVProfitable, Pool Outlets and Servicing Business #117

ad release 09Nov2020a

This Would Be One of the Most Profitable, Paid Upfront, Dual Pool Outlet and Large Mobile Pool Servicing Businesses in QLD! This High Net Income Yield, is a Result of Multiple Years of Double Digit Growth, (Which is Organically Generated). Thanks to a Fast Growing Population, Inbound Referrals From Existing Clients & Online Enquiries. This is a Diverse Client, Recurring, Pre-Booked & Positive Cashflow Business. Also Includes Multiple Managers Running the Outlets, Day-to-Day…This Owner Invests Optional ‘Overseeing’ Hours.

Established for 18 years by the current owner, this is one of the most profitable, multi-pool outlets, and extremely large mobile pool servicing business, operating in the most sought-after locations within SEQLD. Its annual sales growth of 12.32% (19/20) – despite COVID-19 and the previous year’s growth of 14.28% (18/19) has contributed to the high…continue reading

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$575,000 + SAV[UNDER OFFER WITHIN 16 BUSINESS DAYS] Fully Staffed, Gold Coast Based, General Medical Practice #105

ad relaunch 02Nov2020a

This Fully Staffed, Gold Coast Based, General Medical Practice Has a Non-Medical & Absent Investor (Who is Not Based in SE QLD). Sales Have Grown Organically by More than 7% in 19/20 - (Even During the COVID-19 Period). This Practice Has 5 Consulting Rooms, 2 Treatment Rooms, Full-time Doctors, Nurses, and Receptionists…Providing this Absent Owner (not a GP or having any medical background), A High and Growing Net Income Return (19/20). This Medical Centre Profits Big! Enjoying a Consistent and Regular Client Income & Client Billing!

Established for more than the last decade, 12 years in fact, the majority of its trading history has seen this profitable medical practice being fully staff managed. Having this same absent, non-medical background owner. This owner does not even reside within the state of QLD. This hands-off investment, requiring no medical skill, industry experience nor…continue reading

$1,290,000 WIWO[UNDER CONTRACT – OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 16 BUSINESS DAYS] Large, Maintenance Based Plumbing Service Business… #098

ad relaunch 26Oct2020a

Established for More Than 20 Years, this is One of the Most Profitable Brisbane Based Plumbing Businesses You’ll Find in Years. Having a Diverse Business-to-Business & Business-to-Government Clientele. Quality, Great Paying & Contracted to Notary Clients, Preferred Supplier to Councils, Internally Registered with Many Departments. Has an Extremely High Percentage of Repeat Client Job Rate. Businesses & Government (Not the Public). Financial Security, Growing & High-Volume Sales (Last 3+ Years). A Near Predictable Cashflow and a High Net Income. Plumbers on Staff Complete Client Jobs…Not This Owner!

Established for more than 2 decades, this well-known brand and Brisbane based plumbing business is a market force to be reckoned with. Having a large proportion of its annual and growing (consistently grown over the last 3+ financial years) sales, being a whopping 20% higher now… Congratulate this investment for its internal registrations, preferred supplier…continue reading

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$149,800 WIWOTree Lopping, Pruning and Garden Maintenance Company #087

ad realunch 12Oct2020a

This is a 28 Year Old Tree Lopping, Pruning and Garden Maintenance Company, Servicing Mainly Schools Throughout the SE QLD Corner, Aged Care Facilities, Council/s and Government departments. This High Quality Clientele Provides a Regular, Inbound Flow of Sales and Profits to this Business…A New Owner Could Also Store the Machinery in a Yard, Anywhere in the SE/QLD Corner…

This is an extremely long-established, near 30 year old tree lopping, pruning, tree stump removal and garden maintenance service business investment. Its owner being supported by staff and able to invest flexible hours. The long list of high quality, great paying clients, which have come to this business mainly via existing client referral, i.e. groundsmen…continue reading

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$269,000 WIWO[UNDER CONTRACT WITHIN 2 BUSINESS DAYS] Highly Profitable Home Based Investment, Aged/Home Care Industry #103

ad relaunch 06Oct2020a

This is Your Entry into the High Demand & Growing Aged / Home Care Industry… This Long-Established Brand Being Highly Profitable and a Lucrative Home Based Investment. Locate Anywhere in SE/QLD. This is A Passive Income Based Operation, Receiving On-Going Industry and Client/Family Referrals. Marketing has Been Minimal for the Last 4 Years, Making this an Under Marketed Business. A New Owner Requires No Prior Industry Experience, Skill or Background in Order to Profit This Big. Owner Invests 5-10 Hours p/wk (No Client Caring Required by Owner – Just By Staff) …

Established for 19 years, this is a multi-service ‘home care’ provider, operating from a home base and its total sales volumes have remained relatively consistent over the last 3 years, without this owner actively marketing for the 4 years. A stream of inbound client, family, friend, and industry based referrers have continued to support this…continue reading

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