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$639,000 + SAVAirconditioning Product Provider, Including Repairs & Maintenance #257

ad relaunch 28Nov2022a

This is a Gold Coast Based, Airconditioning and Refrigeration Product Provider (Mainly Ducted Systems), Including Repairs, Maintenance and Ongoing Client Servicing Register. Provides Consistent and Growing Sales Including Mainly Inbound Client Job Requests. Offering a Set Monthly Client Servicing Register & Income from Both Commercial & Domestic Clients. Cashflow is Positive, as 50% Deposits are Received Upfront. Also Includes a Very High, Inbound Client Job Rate, with Just $154 Spent on Advertising in 2022! Is Also the Referred Agent and Supplier to Many High Repeat Clients, by the Industry’s Leading Product Brands…

Established for nearly a decade and a half (same owner), this business’s team of air conditioning techs, including refrigeration mechanics are left to mainly carry out the day-to-day client product installations (being a large percentage of sales being ducted and higher value aircon systems), plus complete the vast majority of all repairs, maintenance, and on-going…continue reading

$2,095,000 + SAV Profitable Pump, Irrigation & Water Management/Filtration Supplier and Product Distributor #222

ad relaunch 28Nov2022a

Established a Decade and a Half by the Current Owners, this Would Be One of the Most Profitable Brisbane Based Pump, Irrigation & Water Management/Filtration Suppliers and Product Distributors (Mainly), Plus Servicers & Installers. Being Internally Registered as Preferred Supplier to Nearly Every Council, Supplies Many Schools and Enjoys a Long List of Trade, Gov’t, Business & Civil/Commercial Clientele. Enjoying a High 26.92% Increase in Sales (21/22)! This is an Inbound Client Transaction Business. Millions of Dollars of Sales Are Receipted Upfront - No Waiting for Money! This Positive Cashflow Investment is as Good as it Sounds…Net Income $712,228.01 22/23; Jul-Sep (3mths) Owner Operated.

Established for 15 years by the current owner, this is one of the market leading product suppliers within this niche pump, irrigation, and water management related product market segment. Not only is its large and diverse product range in constant and growing demand – organically, it has not required active marketing or advertising. It is…continue reading

$898,700 WIWOGold Coast Based Crane Hire Company, High Net Income #247

ad relaunch 28Nov2022a

The Value Within this Gold Coast Based Crane Hire Company is its Well-Maintained Crane Equipment & its High Net Income Return! This Business Offers a New Owner or Existing Crane Hire Company Massive Potential for Further Sales and Profit Growth - 27.22% (approx.) Growth Occurred Organically in 21/22. With an 80%+ Repeat Business Client Hire Rate, This Business is Heavily Relied Upon by Hundreds of Clients. There are Instant Profits to be Had by Reducing the Cross-Hiring, Saving up to $200K+ p.a. Or, Be Content with Earning this Additional Passive Income on Top of the Majority of Income Being Generated by Hiring its Own Cranes…

Well established after nearly 3 decades (only 2 owners) and being based on the Gold Coast for this duration, this is a highly relied upon and popular crane hire service business. It continues to provide hundreds upon hundreds of existing and loyal business-to-business clients from across a diversity of industries, with their day-to-day load/material/equipment and…continue reading

$1,395,000 + SAVPopular Brisbane Based Amusement Centre #255

ad relaunch 21Nov2022a

Established for Many Years, this Brisbane Based Amusement Centre is Popular Among Parents, Children, Community/Sporting Groups, Schools/Kindergartens, After School Care and NDIS/Disability Funded Clients. This is a Destination Business Providing Great Fun and Inspires Ample Spending of Both Client’s Time and Money. With Organic Growth, Staff Management is in Place to Provide an Investor a Flexible and Optional Hour Input. This is One of the Best Ways to Become Extremely Well Funded, as Produces a High Net Income…Offers More than 90% (approx.) Pre-Booked and Pre-Paid Sales Online. Provides a Financial Security and Cashflow that Surpasses Most Other Business Types!

This Brisbane based and staff managed amusement centre is not only one of the very best business investments you will find in Australia, being a ‘stand out’ among all other business investments in general. As, it includes a long list of benefits for any new owner to enjoy and take wonderful financial proceeds from, no…continue reading

$1,790,000 + SAVProfitable Commercial and Business-to-Business Maintenance Plumbing Business #249

plumber with wrench standing in bathroom

This is One of Brisbane’s Largest & Most Profitable Commercial and Business-to-Business Maintenance Plumbing Businesses. High Repeat Client Jobs Include Many Schools, Business and Commercial Fit-outs/Refurbishments, Including Real Estate and Body Corporate Demand. With a Team of 9 Plumbing Staff and a Total of 12 on the Team including Office Manager, this Remains the Preferred and Primary Plumbing Provider to High Quality and Extremely Loyal Clients. Repeat Client Sales Contributes More than 80-90%+ (approx.) of this Growing Income…Net Income $717,028.29 p.a. (21/22)

The sales increase of 12.75% (approx.) in 21/22 and the total advertising spend decreased by a whopping 22.71% (approx.), which simply tells us that it’s not the advertising spend that’s generating this upward swing in revenues, it’s the growing client demand within the fast-populating region of greater Brisbane, being primarily responsible for the lucrative financial…continue reading

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$239,000 + SAVEstablished, Fully Staff Managed and Well Renowned Massage Clinic Investment #260

ad release 21Nov2022c

This is One of Brisbane’s Longest Established, Fully Staff Managed and Well Renowned Massage Clinic Investment. This “Always in Demand” Massage Service Business Flourished Pre, During and Post Covid-19! This Investor Makes Money Passively, Being Employed Full-time in Another Industry! This Business Provides Any New Owner with a Predictable Positive Cashflow. Proven as a Sought after “Money Making Machine” of a Business. Generates Ample Net Income Return for this Absent and Non-Massage Therapist Investor…

Established for nearly two decades, this is one of the most consistent providers of cashflow and net income, not requiring its owner or investor to be present or enact its services. This business is popular among those who suffer from any level of anxiety, stress, and tension within the body. This includes most of our…continue reading

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$349,000 WIWO[SOLD – OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 8 BUSINESS DAYS] Extremely High Net Profit, Niche Pre-Construction Pest Control #220

ad relaunch 29Aug2022a

Established for the Last 25 years by the Current Owner, this is an Extremely High Net Profit Investment. This High Return Continues to be Enjoyed Consistently Year after Year, as this is a Highly Lucrative, Niche Market Pre-Construction Pest Control Operation. COVID-19 Proof! Using only Australian Made and Manufactured Products this Business Provides High-Quality Service and Commands 99% Repeat Client Orders. Only $1,491 Has Been Paid to Yellow Pages in 21/22, Being Operated without the Need of a Website, Social Media Platforms or any Direct Promotion to its Large Client Database. This Yields a Net Income in the Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Per Annum! You Have to See These Profit and Loss Statements to Believe Just How Much Money Is Being Made and How Much Potential Exists for Future Growth.

Established by the current owner for a quarter of a century, this business has secured its position within this highly enviable niche sector of the pest control industry. Since inception it has delivered an extremely high net income yield without needing to generate new client business, enjoying ample sales from long term and loyal business-to-business…continue reading

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$689,800 + SAVPrime Located, Staff Managed, Popular Hair Salon and Fully Managed Hair/Beauty Product Outlet #207

ad relaunch 21Nov2022a

This is a Prime Located, Staff Managed and Popular Hair Salon and Fully Managed Hair/Beauty Product Outlet. Offering Any New Owner or Investor High Gross Profit Margins & Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars of Net Income Per Annum. Enjoy ‘Ultra Supportive’ Supplier Product Prices, Due to the High Sales Volume and Large Range of Hair & Beauty Products Offered. Multiple Long-term Employed Managers and 2IC in Place. Manager’s Remaining Employed for 12 -13 years! This is a Successfully Operated Investment, thanks to Well Trained Staff & Highly Effective and Proven Operational Systems…

This is one hair & beauty product and service based business where any new owner can simply remain an absent investor or enjoy the part-time hour input per week (during the week), enjoying customer, manager, and staff liaison tasks mainly. This owner chooses to complete the optional financial management tasks within the comfort and convenience of…continue reading

$269,000 + SAV[OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 44 BUSINESS DAYS] Established, Staff Managed Natural Therapies & Wellness Clinic #221

ad relaunch 04Oct2022a

This is One of Brisbane’s Longest Established, Staff Managed Natural Therapies & Wellness Clinics (Zoned by Council as a Medical Centre – with Plan to Add Medical Doctor/s). This is Highly Systemised Model, Offering a Multitude of Passive Income Streams. Having Been Under Full Staff Management for Many Years! This is a Non-Practitioner Investor. Includes a Large 8 Room Clinic, a Diversity of Treatments and Sales Increased by 12.47% in 21/22 YTD! Includes Multiple Locations & a Long List of Practitioners on Team…Generating a 90%+ Client Re-Booking and Return Loyalty Rate.

This is one of greater Brisbane’s longest established and large 8 room natural therapies clinics (includes multi-clinic locations). This absent investor, not being a practitioner and having a clinic manager and multiple reception staff on team, including a very long list of natural health modality practitioners, simply enjoys the on-going and diverse passive income steams…continue reading

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Expressions of InterestThis is a Brisbane Maintenance Plumbing Service Business… #234

ad relaunch 07Nov2022a

Established for More Than 25 Years, this Would Have to be One of the Most Profitable Brisbane Based Plumbing Businesses You’ll Find in Years. Having a Diverse, Business-to-Business & Business-to-Government Clientele Mainly. Quality, Great Paying & Contracted to Notary Clients, Being Preferred Supplier to Many Departments/Internally Registered. Has an Extremely High Percentage of Repeat Client Jobs. Businesses & Government (Not Public Focused) Offers Financial Security & High-Volume Sales/Profits. A Near Predictable Cashflow and a 73% Gross Margin. Plumbers on Staff Complete the Vast Majority of all Client Jobs for this Owner, Who is Mainly Office Based!

Established for a quarter of a century, this is one of those well-known Brisbane plumbing business brands, not marketed actively, as doesn’t need to! 100% of all client jobs are inbound, being mainly referred or repeat…making this business a “market force to be reckoned with”, but non-one has been able to, to date. This would…continue reading

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