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Businesses for Sale: Services

$2,195,000 WIWOKnown and Trusted Fire Product Supply and Service #143

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Established by This Current Owner for The Last 30 Years, This is One of the Best Known and Trusted Fire Product Supply and Services Businesses Currently Operating in SE QLD. A New Owner or Existing Fire Industry Business Could Add More Than 2,500 Active Client Sites Instantly! Let Alone Profiting Immediately from This High Net Profit Yield. This Is a Near Predictable, High Repeat and Growing Sales/Net Income Fire Industry Provider. Its Core Business Is Providing Pre-Schedule Servicing/Maintenance Visits Bi-Annually and Supplies Related Fire Products. Renowned for Providing ‘All Things Related to Fire Safety’ To Great Paying, Loyal Over the Long Term (Decades), Notary and High Quality Clients, Across A Diversity of Industries. Owner Does Not Complete Servicing Visits, Being Office Based Mainly. The Many Long Term Fire Technicians Support the Clients of This Extremely Popular and Trusted Fire Industry Player...

Established by the current owner for many decades, this business is one of those well protected, ‘high barrier to entry’ investments. Its long-standing SE QLD reputation continues to fuel its passive and inbound based stream of new, referred client jobs. This rate of new clients being generated without active marketing or advertising spend, means that…continue reading

$335,000 WIWOEstablished 16 years, General Medical Practice, Fully Staff Managed Investment #148

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Established 16 years, this General Medical Practice is a Fully Staff Managed Investment for this Non-Medical & Retired Investor. There are a Diversity of Passive Income Streams Being Generated by the Long-Term Practice Manager, Doctors and Allied Health Professionals. This is a Vastly Popular, Prime Positioned Gold Coast Medical Clinic which Provides Any New Investor (No Prior Medical Industry Skill or Background Required), with a Proven, Financially Secure & Profitable Medical Clinic Investment. Even More Money Could be Made if the New Owner was a Medical/General Practitioner (GP) or Allied Health Professional!

Established for more than a decade and a half, this extremely well-located medical practice has been operated under staff management for more than the last decade, as this owner/investor is not a doctor or medical practitioner. There is a high quality, socio-economic patient demographic surrounding and supporting this clinic, including a fast-growing region being serviced….continue reading

$149,800 WIWOHome Based, Part-Time Hour Line Marking Business #137

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Established Over 20 Years (Only the 3rd Owner), This has Been a Home Based, Part-Time Line Marking Business, Delivering High Profit Margins and Having Been Fully Staffed for Nearly 11 Years! OH&S Legislation Requires that Line Marking Keeps Car Parks, Schools, Onsite Roads, and Factories/Warehouses & Public Areas, Safer and Lawful. Imagine our Car Parks or Roads without Lines! This Niche Service is a Preferred Provider to Many Long Term and Notary – Great Paying Clients. They Generate a High, Repeat and On-Going Job Request Rate. Truth be Told, There Being More Client Jobs than this Owner Can Service… Operate this Yourself with Staff Support, Either Part or Full Time as This Owner Has, For Many Years to Come!

This is one long established, low overhead and high profit margin, SE QLD line marking business. Many a client considers this niche sector to be worthy of being continually outsourced, to a company such as this one, with many schools, factories, real estates/body corporates, builders (mainly tier 1 or boutique), warehouses, including major businesses choosing…continue reading

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$980,000 + SAVLocksmith/Security Product Supplier and Maintenance/Service Company #132

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Established for More Than Three Decades (Only Two Owners), Makes this Brisbane Locksmith/Security Product Supplier and Maintenance/Service Company, a Wonderful Investment to Own. Its High Profit Margins Combined with Having a Constant Demand for its Locks/Keys, Lock Systems, Access Control, Security Products and Related Maintenance Services, Makes for One Secure Financial Asset. It’s Even the Exclusively Contracted and Long Term, Preferred Supplier to a Large Number of Schools, Real Estates/Body Corporates, Government Departments, Aged Care Companies and General Businesses from a Diversity of Industries.

Being established for more than 3 decades means that this is one formidable market player, being so well engrained within the greater Brisbane community, that it has remained a preferred lock/security product supplier and service provider, for the last 15 years! Sales in 6 months (July – Dec 20/21) are a whopping 68.64% (approx.) of…continue reading

$225,000 WIWONiche Marine Service and Product Supply Business #131

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Established for Nearly Two Decades by This Current Owner, This Is a Niche Marine Service and Product Supply Business (Being Best Suited to Anyone with A Glazier or Auto Glass Industry Background – But, All Can & Will Be Trained a New Owner). This Business Has So Few Competitors Within SE QLD, As It Provides What Most Others Don’t… Sales Up By 13.53% 20/21! This Is a Supplier Which Includes a Major International Yacht Product, Being A Preferred Product Reseller, Receiving On-Going Referrals of New Clients, In Addition to A Large Volume of High Repeat, Existing Commercial/Business & Privately Owned Vessel Sales. These Clients Require This Well Renowned and Trusted Product and Relates Services…On-Going!

18 years of establishment by this current owner constitutes long-term ownership. This owners near two-decade tenure is confirmation that this business has been an attractive financial and lifestyle investment. The growing number of client jobs is occurring mainly within the greater Brisbane and Gold Coast regions. This is a unique and niche marine industry product…continue reading

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$129,000 WIWOUnique Business – Client Lead Generation and Business Development #136

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This is One Enviable Ownership Role…The Owner of this Unique Business Being Responsible for the Client Lead Generation and Business Development, All from the Comfort and Convenience of a Home Base (Anywhere in SE QLD). The Sales Team Provides the On-Going Client Contracts for Services and the Roofing Staff Complete all the Roofing Services, on this Owner’s Behalf. This is a Highly Effective & Staff Leveraged System of Operating. The Owner Need Not Work on the Tools nor Convert Clients to Sales Contracts! This Highly Profitable and Effective Model Has Been Proven for More than Half a Decade and Has Continued to Produced Year on Year Sales Growth, and a Lifestyle Supportive of Any New Owner!

This owner has set out to create a business model that allows this owner to invest only part-time hours per week (30 hours approx.), being focused primarily on the front-end generation of new client leads, from social media posting (client testimony and roofing job photos being posted mainly), including receiving on-going and inbound website-based enquiries,…continue reading

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$139,800 WIWO[UNDER OFFER WITHIN 56 BUSINESS DAYS] Tree Lopping, Pruning and Garden Maintenance Company #087

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This is a 28 Year Old Tree Lopping, Pruning and Garden Maintenance Company, Servicing Mainly Schools Throughout the SE QLD Corner, Aged Care Facilities, Council/s and Government departments. This High Quality Clientele Provides a Regular, Inbound Flow of Sales and Profits to this Business…A New Owner Could Also Store the Machinery in a Yard, Anywhere in the SE/QLD Corner…

This is an extremely long-established, near 30 year old tree lopping, pruning, tree stump removal and garden maintenance service business investment. Its owner being supported by staff and able to invest flexible hours. The long list of high quality, great paying clients, which have come to this business mainly via existing client referral, i.e. groundsmen…continue reading

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$329,000 WIWOBrisbane Based Serviced Office & Related Services Business #128

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This is a Large, Brisbane Based Serviced Office & Related Services Business, Offering a Diversity of Great Paying and Long-term Business & Corporate Clients with Highly Supportive Services – COVID-19 has Only Increased the Client Need & Net Income! (There is a Waiting List of Businesses Wanting to Benefit from these Cost-Effective Services). There are Many Income Streams; Serviced Offices, Virtual Offices, Secretarial Services, Board/Meeting Room and Shared Office Areas. These Incomes Streams Can Be Expanded Upon, Immediately, Especially the High Profit, Low Cost Virtual Office & Secretarial Services!

Having a trading history of a few decades, this type of serviced office business rarely becomes available for transfer and at its current rate of net income growth, its client waiting list and expanding client base will make this investment a popular one. This single owner invests less than full-time hours per week (many hours…continue reading

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$1,950,000 WIWOProperty/Site Maintenance Management Company #134

ad release 08Mar2021a

This is One of Mackay’s Most Revered and Utilised Property/Site Maintenance Management Company. Incorporating Corporate/Business Outdoor Garden Maintenance, Green Waste Removal & Niche Cleaning Services. Providing Small through to Large, Notary, Multi-National, Corporate, Government, Business and Minimal Residential Clients (Including Shopping Centres, Schools etc.) the Regular Services they Require. Annual Sales Have Grown by a Whopping 40.78% (approx.) in 19/20, with there Being No Signs of Slowing to Date, in 20/21!

Established for many years, this unique and diverse service provider offers high repeat and regular outdoor, corporate garden maintenance, green waste removal & niche cleaning services, to a diversity of industry clients (including government departments and government funded clients), who typically need to outsource these services to a trusted company such as this one. Primarily,…continue reading

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$1,290,000 + SAVMulti-Site Caravan & Motorhome Outlet and Service Centre #126

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Established for Nearly a Decade and a Half by This Current Owner, This is One of the Largest of Its Kind, Having So Few Direct Competitors (the Owner Struggled to List Them) … This is a Fully Managed, Multi-Site Caravan, Recreational Vehicle & Motorhome Accessories/Spare Parts Product Outlet and Service Centre. Always in Demand, as Enjoying Long term, Contracted and Preferred Supplier/Service Provider Status, With All Major Insurers, Top Brand Manufacturers, Resellers and Wholesalers Within the Australian Market. This After Market Product and Service Specialist is Not Only Unique, But is Oh So Profitable, Even Under Full Staff Management!

Being established for 18 years by this current owner, this is a direct to consumer, and service provider, including accessory and spare part product supplier to all the major insurance companies (smaller percentage of total sales), major, well known caravan, RV and motorhome manufacturers, brand owners, resellers, wholesalers/distributors around the country. There being immediate option…continue reading

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