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Businesses for Sale: Services

$395,000 + SAVStaff Managed, Crystals, Gems, Stones, and Related Product Business #274

ad release 13Mar2023a

This Staff Managed Business Offers One of the SE QLD’s Largest Range of Crystals, Gems, Stones and Related New Age and Alternate Product Options – Having Thousands of Clients and Active Followers. Having So Few Direct Competitors, a High Barrier to Entry and Decades of Trading History to Support the Organic Growth of this Well Known and Respected Brand (Up by 10.85% approx.). The Positive Cashflow is Provided by Paid Upfront Transactions, Plus the Potential to Grow the Wholesale Supply. This Niche Market Leader Offers Flexible & Minimal Hour Input, Providing an Ultra-Lifestyle Supportive Way to Profit. This is a ‘Gem’ of a Business to be Funded By!

This is one of the south east’s longest established providers that has traded for many decades. This niche market and organically growing new age, crystal, gem, self-improvement, alternative product business offers any new owner (one who wants to enjoy and become financially funded whilst supporting the health and well-being of thousands of people) with the…continue reading

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$199,000 WIWOEstablished, Fully Staff Managed and Well Renowned Massage Clinic Investment #260

ad relaunch 20Mar2023a

This is One of Brisbane’s Longest Established, Fully Staff Managed and Well Renowned Massage Clinic Investment. This “Always in Demand” Massage Service Business Flourished Pre, During and Post Covid-19! This Investor Makes Money Passively, Being Employed Full-time in Another Industry! This Business Provides Any New Owner with a Predictable Positive Cashflow. Proven as a Sought after “Money Making Machine” of a Business. Generates Ample Net Income Return for this Absent and Non-Massage Therapist Investor…

Established for nearly two decades, this is one of the most consistent providers of cashflow and net income, not requiring its owner or investor to be present or enact its services. This business is popular among those who suffer from any level of anxiety, stress, and tension within the body. This includes most of our…continue reading

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$2,095,000 + SAV Profitable Pump, Irrigation & Water Management/Filtration Supplier and Product Distributor #222

ad relaunch 20Mar2023a

Established a Decade and a Half by the Current Owners, this Would Be One of the Most Profitable Brisbane Based Pump, Irrigation & Water Management/Filtration Suppliers and Product Distributors (Mainly), Plus Servicers & Installers. Being Internally Registered as Preferred Supplier to Nearly Every Council, Supplies Many Schools and Enjoys a Long List of Trade, Gov’t, Business & Civil/Commercial Clientele. Enjoying a High 26.92% Increase in Sales (21/22)! This is an Inbound Client Transaction Business. Millions of Dollars of Sales Are Receipted Upfront - No Waiting for Money! This Positive Cashflow Investment is as Good as it Sounds…Net Income $712,228.01 22/23; Jul-Sep (3mths) Owner Operated.

Established for 15 years by the current owner, this is one of the market leading product suppliers within this niche pump, irrigation, and water management related product market segment. Not only is its large and diverse product range in constant and growing demand – organically, it has not required active marketing or advertising. It is…continue reading

$129,700 WIWO[UNDER CONTRACT – Offer Received Within 10 Business Days] Prime Positioned and Cashflow Positive Pet Grooming Salon, Fully Staff Managed #265

ad release 14Dec2022a

This Prime Positioned and Cashflow Positive Pet Grooming Salon has Remained Under Full Staff Management for the Last Decade – Since Inception! Long Established, this Business Does Not Need to Market or Promote its Brand, Enjoying a Very High Rate of Repeat & Pre-Booked Client Transactions. A Quality Socio-Economic Clientele Surrounds this ‘Always in Demand’ Service Business, with Pet Ownership Continuing to Grow as with the Local Population who Rely upon this Manager and Team of Groomers…

This is one of Brisbane’s much-loved and most sought-after pet grooming salons. Vets within this fast growing local area know which businesses are the good grooming businesses and who are not so good. As, they see which grooming businesses send their animals in, needing attention after being groomed. We know that this sounds terrible, but…continue reading

$695,000 + SAVLarge, Market Leading, Pool Services Business with Outlet #273

ad release 06Mar2023a

This is a Large, Market Leading, Pool Services Business with Outlet – Includes Being Staffed, as are the Pool Servicing Client Jobs. Owner’s Input involves Flexible Hours throughout the Year, Having Many Pool Technicians on Team to Support this Business’s Growing Sales (Organically, due to Increased Population). Offers a High Net Income, Pre-Booked Services and has a Recurring Cashflow (Mainly Paid within Days). This Business has a High Net Income Yield Therefore Return on Investment is One to ‘Write Home About’! Receipt this Positive Cashflow and Enjoy a Secure Business Investment that Remains in Constant Demand…

Long established, the stature of this business within this large and high growth region is such that clients have remained loyal for many, many long years, seeing no need to move away from one of the largest pool industry service providers and product suppliers, via outlet. Its large base of regularly and pre-booked pool servicing…continue reading

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$349,000 + SAVMarket Leading, Online, Home Based Massage Service Business #271

A senior having a massage

Decades in the Making, this is One of the Nation’s Market Leading, Online and National Massage Service Businesses. Being One of the Most Systemised in the Country, with these Services Completed by a Network of Long-Term Massage Therapists Located in and Around Major Capital Cities. Requires Only Minimal Part-time Hours for its Owner (Home Base, so Locate Anywhere), as Includes Virtual Assistants Offshore, a Call Centre Onshore and All the Operating Systems Any New Owner or Related Industry Business Could Desire... ‘More than Meets the Eye’ Here!

Established for many decades, this would be one of Australia’s most renowned, reputable online-based and national massage service brands (non-sexual). It continues to satisfy a growing market, especially since COVID-19, as clients are seeking out health, body and immune-boosting support from massages. This complete ‘turn-key’ service-based, national massage-based operation is highly systemised, having documented all…continue reading

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$1,590,000 WIWOProfitable Commercial and Business-to-Business Maintenance Plumbing Business #249

ad relaunch 20Feb2023a

This is One of Brisbane’s Largest & Most Profitable Commercial and Business-to-Business Maintenance Plumbing Businesses. High Repeat Client Jobs Include Many Schools, Business and Commercial Fit-outs/Refurbishments, Including Real Estate and Body Corporate Demand. With a Team of 9 Plumbing Staff and a Total of 12 on the Team including Office Manager, this Remains the Preferred and Primary Plumbing Provider to High Quality and Extremely Loyal Clients. Repeat Client Sales Contributes More than 80-90%+ (approx.) of this Growing Income…Net Income $603,923.94 (22/23; 6 months)

The sales increase of 12.75% (approx.) in 21/22 and the total advertising spend decreased by a whopping 22.71% (approx.), which simply tells us that it’s not the advertising spend that’s generating this upward swing in revenues, it’s the growing client demand within the fast-populating region of greater Brisbane, being primarily responsible for the lucrative financial…continue reading

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$695,000 WIWOSystemised, Home-Based, Online & Low Time Event Management #268

ad relaunch 20Feb2023a

This is One of Australia’s Most Systemised, Home-Based, Online & Low Time Event Management Companies. It is One of SE QLD’s Market Leaders within this Highly Lucrative and Extremely Profitable Niche Market Segment. Having So Few Competitors It Generates Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars of Net Income p.a...

This service based, event management business makes 100% of its total income from thousands of clients pre-paying, prior to each and every event. Even during COVID-19 only 2 of many events was simply delayed, and none were cancelled, so this business has since been proven as COVID-19 proof! The low time input required by this…continue reading

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$795,000 WIWOThis is a Brisbane Maintenance Plumbing Service Business… #234

ad relaunch 20Feb2023a

Established for More Than 25 Years, this Would Have to be One of the Most Profitable Brisbane Based Plumbing Businesses You’ll Find in Years. Having a Diverse, Business-to-Business & Business-to-Government Clientele Mainly. Quality, Great Paying & Contracted to Notary Clients, Being Preferred Supplier to Many Departments/Internally Registered. Has an Extremely High Percentage of Repeat Client Jobs. Businesses & Government (Not Public Focused) Offers Financial Security & High-Volume Sales/Profits. A Near Predictable Cashflow and a 73% Gross Margin. Plumbers on Staff Complete the Vast Majority of all Client Jobs for this Owner, Who is Mainly Office Based! Net Income $306,448 July-December; 22/23 (6 months)

Established for a quarter of a century, this is one of those well-known Brisbane plumbing business brands, not marketed actively, as doesn’t need to! 100% of all client jobs are inbound, being mainly referred or repeat…making this business a “market force to be reckoned with”, but non-one has been able to, to date. This would…continue reading

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$239,000 + SAVBrisbane Based Trophy & Awards Product Provider #269

ad release 20Feb2023a

This is a Brisbane Based Trophy & Awards Product Provider, Supplying a Long Term and Substantially High Repeat Clientele Such as Schools, Government Depts, Sporting/Community Clubs, and Corporate/Businesses with all their On-Going Award & Achievement Related Products. Clients Return Like Clockwork (Even at the Same Time of Year) and Provide this Trusted & Always in Demand Business with Their Award Product Budget. This Model Makes for an Extremely Financially Secure and Predictable Income, Requiring Minimal Marketing or Advertising - Hasn’t Needed to for Many Years...

Established for the last quarter of a century and the current owner remaining the recipient of this financially predictable and no ‘money worry’ business for more than 19 years, there is such a great commercial comfort for any new owner (no matter their background) when owning this well respected, liked and returned to brand, that…continue reading

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