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$345,000 + SAV[UNDER CONTRACT – Offer Received Within 27 Business Days] High Gross Profit, Low Time Input Vending Service #299

Established 13 Years, this Greater Brisbane Vending Service Business’s Sales have Increased Every Year for the Last Half Decade! This Would have to be One of the Most Resilient, Time Efficient and “Easy” Ways to Make a Passive Income! This Net Income is High for Minimal Time Invested Per week. Also Transferring a Large Number High Value, Quality Brand “Combo” Machines. It takes approx. 3 Days to Collect Cash Money & Replace Stock. This Cashflow Positive Operation Offers Ample Free Time for Any Home-Based Owner. Enjoy Extended Long Weekends - Every Week! This Higher than Industry Gross and Net Profit is Based Upon a Diversity of Income Receipted from a High Number of Quality and Long Term Business Sites (Loyal for 7-10+ Years).

This owner is now transferring this business package for “change sake” only. This business is ready for a new owner or existing vending industry business to “bolt this on”. This investment is the provider of a great lifestyle, ample free time and gives convenient access to ample net income returns. This is the reality for…continue reading

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$599,000 + SAVProfitable Pool Product Supply Outlet and Large Mobile Servicing Business #317

This is One of the Most Profitable Brisbane Based Pool Product Supply Outlets and Large Mobile Servicing Businesses. Having 500+ Pre-Booked and Regular Monthly Pool Services. Boasting a High Net Income, the Population Growth and High-Quality Clientele (Business and Residential), Continues to Expand this Operation Organically. Includes a Pool Outlet Manager, Support Staff and 4 Well Trained Pool Servicing Technicians. (Owner is Not Completing Scheduled Pool Services). Flexible and Optional Hour Input by this Investor/Owner. This Business’s Cashflow is More than Comforting, it Offers Financial Security. Just Wait Until You See the Net Income Return, Now and Historically!

Location, Location, Location – and this business has it! Ready for transfer, due to a family health situation that this owner is required to relocate out of state. All for just $599K + SAV ($80-100K – fast moving stock) Open to all genuine offers Photos Used are for Indicative Purposes Only

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$1,245,000 + SAVHigh Sales, Staff Managed Pool Product Supply and Servicing Business #320

This One of the Highest Volume Sales, and Staff Managed Pool Product Supply and Regular Servicing Businesses. Claiming the Vast Amount of its Local Market Share (Sales in the Millions of Dollars p.a.). Set within a Highly Popular Area of Greater Brisbane, Having a High-Quality Socio-Economic Clientele, who are Happy to Outsource their Pool Services. 550+ Regular and Pre-Booked Pool Servicing Clients, have Continued to be Serviced More than the Last 3 Decades! With 5 Pool Technicians and a High Net Income, the Long-Term Client Loyalty Feels Tangible – Reflected by the Healthy Bank Balance! Minimal Advertising Required... as Sales are Largely Generated Organically (Open Part Week Only).

Now open to receiving genuine offers, as this investor is ready to consolidate investments and enter a new stage of life. All is being transferred now for the first time in more than two decades, for $1.245 Million + SAV ($150K – fast moving stock) Open to all genuine offers Photos Used are for Indicative Purposes…continue reading

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$324,900 WIWOLow Time Input, High Net Income Yield Distribution Service! #305

Established for Nearly Half a Century, this Greater Gold Coast and Northern NSW Leaflet and Magazine Distribution Service Business Continues to Post a Very High Net Income Return, Relative to its Consistent Sales Volumes. With a Team of 7 In Place, this Would be One of the Most Lucrative Ways to Earn a Substantial Amount of Money, Whilst Overseeing this Part-time Hour Operation. Having a Largely Absent Owner (17-20 Hours P/wk approx.). Why Not Step in and Enjoy this Idyllic Style of Pre-Booked and Positive Cashflow Distribution Service Business, Being Supported by a Fast-Growing Gold Coast Population!

This is an always in demand, pre-booked and pre-paid distribution service, which remains always required by local government and a great diversity of business types. As there will always be radio and television as mediums for advertising, flyer and magazine distribution to households is just one mighty cost-effective form of marketing for small and medium…continue reading

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$1,350,000 WIWOBrisbane’s Fastest Growing, Temporary Pool Safety Fence and Related Product Hire Business #307

This is One of Brisbane’s Fastest Growing, Temporary Pool Safety Fence and Related Product Hire Business. Having Grown Organically for Decades. Its Sales Increased by a Whopping 63.29% (approx.) Since 2019. This Dramatic Rise Reflects the Greater Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast’s Swelling Population! More Homes Mean More Pools… Especially for Climatising Interstate Residents. This is a Unique, High Net Income and One of a Small Number of Specialist Temporary Pool Fencing Hire & Pool Product Hire Companies of its Kind. Being “The Pick of the Bunch”. Have Fully Staffed or Invest Only Part-Time Hours Per Week. This Low Cost, High Net Profit and Sales Growth Business Responds to a High Rate of Repeat Orders from Loyal Business Clients Primarily. The Constant Pool Fence Hire Demand is Staggering Throughout the Year. Offering a Pre-Booked, Passive and Positive Cashflow Investment – Let this Business Support your Financial Life For a Few More Decades to Come!

Again, it is rare to find a business available for transfer within this lucrative and lifestyle plus industry. This one of the easiest ways to make a high net income return, being easily scaled up, without the owner investing any more time. Future expansion is relatively simple. Due to this being a genuine business transfer,…continue reading

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$695,000 + SAVHigh Net Profit, Large Mobile Pool Servicing and Pool Product Supply Outlet Business #314

This is a High Net Profit, Brisbane Based, Large 700 (approx.) Mobile Pool Servicing Client Run and Pool Product Supply Outlet Business. Boasting a High Net Income, Which Includes an Outlet Manager and 7 Pool Technicians on Staff, Plus Others. Organic Sale Growth Achieved of More than 6.6% (approx.) When 2023 is Compared to Previous Year. This Flexible Hour Ownership and Ample Lifestyle Benefit Investment is an Essential Service and Product Supply Business. Always Remaining in Demand and Commanding Substantial Returns on Your Investment…

Ready for a change of vocation after setting a business plan in place and “smashing it out of the park” when it comes to total turnover, profit and life and time flexibilities, as owner. All for just $695K + SAV ($80-120K – fast moving stock) approx. Open to all genuine offers Photos Used are for…continue reading

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$1,998,000 + SAV Boutique Manufacturer, National Wholesaler/Distributor of High Quality Pet Food Products #297

Established for nearly 15 years, this is a boutique manufacturer, national wholesaler and distributor of a large range of high quality and differentiated pet food products. Sales have grown organically by a whopping 19.31% approx. ’23 (year-on-year growth of both sales and net income). There are few who produce any pet food products comparable to this brand’s offering. Its massive net income return continues to grow organically, as it provides the multi-billion dollar, local and national pet market with what most others don’t provide! With its powerfully simple, yet dynamically effective production and wholesale distribution model, its client supply requests are stacked high in the in-tray. Literally “picking and choosing” its wholesale clientele/distributors and the stockists. These are always in demand and fast-moving pet food lines…

The cashflow is also grand, with all its organic, inbound sales revenues, high value plant and equipment, persistent year on year sales and net income growth. What more could anyone want? This is available for the first time in nearly a decade and a half, all for just $1.998 Million + SAV ($100K approx. –…continue reading

$859,000 WIWO[Offer Received Within 2.5 Months] Gold Coast Based Crane Hire Company, High Net Income #247

The Value Within this Gold Coast Based Crane Hire Company is its Well-Maintained Crane Equipment & its High Net Income Return! This Business Offers a New Owner or Existing Crane Hire Company Massive Potential for Further Sales and Profit Growth - 27.22% (approx.) Growth Occurred Organically in 21/22. With an 80%+ Repeat Business Client Hire Rate, This Business is Heavily Relied Upon by Hundreds of Clients. There are Instant Profits to be Had by Reducing the Cross-Hiring, Saving up to $200K+ p.a. Or, Be Content with Earning this Additional Passive Income on Top of the Majority of Income Being Generated by Hiring its Own Cranes…

Well established after nearly 3 decades (only 2 owners) and being based on the Gold Coast for this duration, this is a highly relied upon and popular crane hire service business. It continues to provide hundreds upon hundreds of existing and loyal business-to-business clients from across a diversity of industries, with their day-to-day load/material/equipment and…continue reading

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$4,950,000 WIWOOne of Brisbane & the Gold Coast’s Fastest Growing & Most Advantageous ‘Boutique’ Home Care Service Providers #278

This is one of Brisbane and the Gold Coast’s fastest growing and most advantageous ‘boutique’ home care service providers. Receiving a constant stream of inbound clients per week, these new clients quite literally can be increased or decreased by owner’s choice! This is a highly profitable operation (multi-million-dollar sales) and is ‘always in demand’. Made financially secure by client’s receiving pre-approved and on-going government funding! This investment offers ample potential for making additional sales and profits, with revenues growing quickly (without high costs – just ‘turning the tap on further’ quite literally!) This is no ordinary home care service organisation, being preferred by major organisations and government registered facilities and is being transferred for the very first time since its inception…

This is no ordinary home / disability and aged care service organisation. Once you read the detailed business profile, you’ll understand all the reasons why it has achieved all that it has, to date. Email your request now so you too can marvel at what it has done differently. The work of establishing such a…continue reading

$1,590,000 WIWO[Offer Received Within 5 Business Days] Profitable Commercial and Business-to-Business Maintenance Plumbing Business #249

This is One of Brisbane’s Largest & Most Profitable Commercial and Business-to-Business Maintenance Plumbing Businesses. High Repeat Client Jobs Include Many Schools, Business and Commercial Fit-outs/Refurbishments, Including Real Estate and Body Corporate Demand. With a Team of 9 Plumbing Staff and a Total of 12 on the Team including Office Manager, this Remains the Preferred and Primary Plumbing Provider to High Quality and Extremely Loyal Clients. Repeat Client Sales Contributes More than 80-90%+ (approx.) of this Growing Income…Net Income $603,923.94 (22/23; 6 months)

The sales increase of 12.75% (approx.) in 21/22 and the total advertising spend decreased by a whopping 22.71% (approx.), which simply tells us that it’s not the advertising spend that’s generating this upward swing in revenues, it’s the growing client demand within the fast-populating region of greater Brisbane, being primarily responsible for the lucrative financial…continue reading

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