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Businesses for Sale: Services

$749,000 + SAVLarge, Highly Profitable Pool Servicing and Conveniently Located Pool Product Supply Outlet #302

This is a Brisbane Based, Large and Highly Profitable Essential Pool Servicing and Conveniently Located Pool Product Supply Outlet. The Net Income Return is Truly Staggering, Proving to be a Highly Profitable and Financially Secure 18 Year Trading Operation. This is Also a Dual Brand Operation. Is a Preferred Pool Servicing Provider to Nearly 500 Homeowners, Real Estates and Body Corporates, per Month. Having Thousands of Clients on the Database and Spending within this Outlet! Providing a Predictable Income and Positive, Paid Upfront Cashflow. Having a Large and Fast Populating Client Catchment Area Around its Large and Abundant Premise!

This business’s brand diversity, longevity within this fast growing client market, and its financial strength and returns will leave you speechless. Why not let it pay you for the next few decades, as it has done for this owner. Includes relatively new vehicles. All for just $749K + SAV ($100K – $150K approx.) Photos Used…continue reading

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$399,000 + SAVHigh Gross Profit, Low Time Input Vending Service #299

Established 13 Years, this Greater Brisbane Vending Service Business’s Sales have Increased Every Year for the Last Half Decade! This Would have to be One of the Most Resilient, Time Efficient and “Easy” Ways to Make a Passive Income! This Net Income is High for Minimal Time Invested Per week. Also Transferring a Large Number High Value, Quality Brand “Combo” Machines. It takes approx. 3 Days to Collect Cash Money & Replace Stock. This Cashflow Positive Operation Offers Ample Free Time for Any Home-Based Owner. Enjoy Extended Long Weekends - Every Week! This Higher than Industry Gross and Net Profit is Based Upon a Diversity of Income Receipted from a High Number of Quality and Long Term Business Sites (Loyal for 7-10+ Years).

This owner is now transferring this business package for “change sake” only. This business is ready for a new owner or existing vending industry business to “bolt this on”. This investment is the provider of a great lifestyle, ample free time and gives convenient access to ample net income returns. This is the reality for…continue reading

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$1,998,000 + SAV Boutique Manufacturer, National Wholesaler/Distributor of High Quality Pet Food Products #297

Established for nearly 15 years, this is a boutique manufacturer, national wholesaler and distributor of a large range of high quality and differentiated pet food products. Sales have grown organically by a whopping 19.31% approx. ’23 (year-on-year growth of both sales and net income). There are few who produce any pet food products comparable to this brand’s offering. Its massive net income return continues to grow organically, as it provides the multi-billion dollar, local and national pet market with what most others don’t provide! With its powerfully simple, yet dynamically effective production and wholesale distribution model, its client supply requests are stacked high in the in-tray. Literally “picking and choosing” its wholesale clientele/distributors and the stockists. These are always in demand and fast-moving pet food lines…

The cashflow is also grand, with all its organic, inbound sales revenues, high value plant and equipment, persistent year on year sales and net income growth. What more could anyone want? This is available for the first time in nearly a decade and a half, all for just $1.998 Million + SAV ($100K approx. –…continue reading

$2,950,000 + SAVFully Staff Managed, Large and Decade Long Trading, Brisbane Medical Practice #295

This is a Fully Staff Managed, Large and Decade Long Trading Brisbane Medical Practice. Set Within a High Growth Area. This is a Large Practice Providing a Long List of Different Income Streams, Including Pathology Paying the Majority of its Premise Rent P/Mth. Offering x10 Consultation Rooms, x10 Doctors, Nurses, and a Large Number of Reception Staff, Who Can Support the New Owner and its Thousands of Patients. With Millions on the Top Line and a High Net Income Return! With a Mainly Absent Owner (Not a Doctor), It Offers Any New Investor “More Than What Most Clinics Can”, Within the Medical Industry...

Here, you can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars of net income per annum and not be required to work within this practice, day-to-day. This is an investor’s dream, a safe and secure haven, providing entry or immediate expansion within the always-in-demand medical industry. This business can set any new owner up financially or expand…continue reading

$2,500,000 + SAVCommercial Refrigeration Service, Maintenance, Repair and Installation Provider #284

Given its High Net Income Achieved Year after Year, it Makes this Commercial Refrigeration Service, Maintenance, Repair and Installation Provider One of Greater Brisbane’s Most Profitable Investments to Own. Being within this Lucrative and “Always in Demand” Industry! Transferring Clients of the Highest Quality, Including a Long List of Schools, Hospitals, Government Departments, Multi-Site Brand Businesses and Major Establishments such as Taverns, Pubs, Clubs and Hotels etc. This Large Technician Team of Staff Carry Out the Day-to Day Site Visits and Client’s Refrigeration Jobs, Including Pre-Booked Servicing.

Established for many decades, pride in what this business and its team do, day to day, for its hundreds if not thousands of upper echelon and high-quality business, government, and commercial clientele, is only surpassed by its commitment to meet a mainly inbound, existing, and high repeat client’s refrigeration needs. Backed by renowned product suppliers…continue reading

$899,000 + SAVHigh Net Income Pool Product Outlet and Servicing Business #283

This is a Gold Coast Based, Nearly Half a Century Trading and High Net Income Pool Product Outlet and Servicing Business. Maintains Pools Regularly Like Clockwork, All Being Pre-Booked in Advance. Supplies a Large Range of Pool Products to Both Commercial/Business and Pool Owner Clients (Includes Schools). The Financial Statements Showing its High Net Income Return, Quality & Long-term Loyal Clients, the Organic Nature of its On-going Sales without Marketing/Advertising - All Prove its Worth. This is “Ripe for the Owning” with Outlet and Pool Technician Staff in Place. A Profitable Investment That’s Always in High Demand!

Be quick to snap this one up, as this business must be moved along to a new owner due to this owner’s current circumstance. An existing pool industry business or any new owner for that matter could start receiving these financial rewards for supplying what will always be required within our local Gold Coast community,…continue reading

$599,700 + SAVAirconditioning Product Provider, Including Repairs & Maintenance #257

This is a Gold Coast Based, Airconditioning and Refrigeration Product Provider (Mainly Ducted Systems), Including Repairs, Maintenance and Ongoing Client Servicing Register. Provides Consistent and Growing Sales Including Mainly Inbound Client Job Requests. Offering a Set Monthly Client Servicing Register & Income from Both Commercial & Domestic Clients. Cashflow is Positive, as 50% Deposits are Received Upfront. Also Includes a Very High, Inbound Client Job Rate, with Just $154 Spent on Advertising in 2022! Is Also the Referred Agent and Supplier to Many High Repeat Clients, by the Industry’s Leading Product Brands…Net Income $305,880.37 p.a. (22/23)

This inbound sales business provides ample potential for further sales growth, given just how robust the sales and profit base already is…$599,700 + SAV (Low stock holding of only $20K – $25K approx.)  Open to all genuine offers Photos Used are for Indicative Purposes Only

$445,000 WIWONiche Waste Industry Cleaning Service #272

This is a 16 Year Trading (Same Owner), Niche Waste Industry Cleaning Service. This is One of the Market Leaders within this Fast-Growing Gold Coast Region. Home Based, Part-time & Flexible Owner Hours, Having Full-time Staff to Support the Organically Growing Client Jobs. This is a Preferred Service Provider to Major Body Corporates, Hi-Rises, Industrial, Commercial Businesses, Motels, and Residential Homeowner’s/Renters. Includes Exclusive Client Servicing, Pre-Paid and Pre-Booked Income ‘Set and Forget Income’ Received Regularly and Over Many Years! This is a High Profit Yield, Lucrative, Low Cost and Great Cashflow Business. An ‘Always in Demand’ Service - Population Growth is Generating Exponential Growth and Profitability…

After being established by the current owner for 16 years, this business comes with not only unique and customised equipment, providing clear barriers to entry, it also includes differentiated ways of doing things that achieve far more time, labour and cost efficiencies than its few marketplace competitors. This 16-year proven trading history and business model…continue reading

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$149,000 WIWOMarket Leading, Online, Home Based Massage Service Business #271

Decades in the Making, this is One of the Nation’s Market Leading, Online and National Massage Service Businesses. Being One of the Most Systemised in the Country, with these Services Completed by a Network of Long-Term Massage Therapists Located in and Around Major Capital Cities. Requires Only Minimal Part-time Hours for its Owner (Home Base, so Locate Anywhere), as Includes Virtual Assistants Offshore, a Call Centre Onshore and All the Operating Systems Any New Owner or Related Industry Business Could Desire... ‘More than Meets the Eye’ Here!

Established for many decades, this would be one of Australia’s most renowned, reputable online-based and national massage service brands (non-sexual). It continues to satisfy a growing market, especially since COVID-19, as clients are seeking out health, body and immune-boosting support from massages. This complete ‘turn-key’ service-based, national massage-based operation is highly systemised, having documented all…continue reading

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$649,000 + SAVLarge, Market Leading, Pool Services Business with Outlet #273

This is a Large, Market Leading, Pool Services Business with Outlet – Includes Being Staffed, as are the Pool Servicing Client Jobs. Owner’s Input involves Flexible Hours throughout the Year, Having Many Pool Technicians on Team to Support this Business’s Growing Sales (Organically, due to Increased Population). Offers a High Net Income, Pre-Booked Services and has a Recurring Cashflow (Mainly Paid within Days). This Business has a High Net Income Yield Therefore Return on Investment is One to ‘Write Home About’! Receipt this Positive Cashflow and Enjoy a Secure Business Investment that Remains in Constant Demand…Net Income $392,119.02 p.a. (22/23)

Long established, the stature of this business within this large and high growth region is such that clients have remained loyal for many, many long years, seeing no need to move away from one of the largest pool industry service providers and product suppliers, via outlet. Its large base of regularly and pre-booked pool servicing…continue reading

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