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$495,000 WIWO[UNDER CONTRACT – OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 3 BUSINESS DAYS] Brisbane & Home-Based Indoor Plant Hire Service Business #172

ad relaunch 11Oct2021a

This is a Brisbane & Home-Based Indoor Plant Hire Service Business, Requiring Approx. 30, Flexible and Part-Time Hours Per Week! Staff are in Place and a High Number of Quality, Long Term & Contracted Business and Government Clients (High Percentage). This is a Relatively Passive & Regular Income Investment. Just Enjoy This Extremely High Gross & Net Profit Yield and this Lifestyle Supportive Investment! Could Even Be Put Under Full Staff Management, There Being Ample Money to Do So…

Established for the last 21 years (only 2 owners), this is an extremely low cost and extremely time and effort efficient way to make an extraordinary return, relatively predictably each and every year! This business, no matter COVID-19 has still posted such robust net incomes, year on year. And Oh, for so few hours invested…continue reading

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$219,000 WIWOMarket Leading, Online Resource Business #201

ad release 06Dec2021a

This is One of the Nation’s Largest and Market Leading, Online Resource Businesses, Providing its 70,000+ Clients with a ‘Safe Haven’ and a Highly Supportive Product & Service Website. Designed to Support Clients in Achieving Happiness and Fulfilment in Life...This is an Online Only, Generator of Passive Income, Offering 6 Income Streams (Some of Which are Established Passive Income) All Thanks to Modern Technology and 40,000 (approx.) Actively Engaging with this Business & Trusted Brand Per Week. Its Online Popularity has Since Provided a 42.89% Sales Growth 20/21, its Owner Only Investing 20-25 Part-time Hours P/wk. Base this from Any Home Office in the Nation or Work While Travelling!

This is one unique and vastly popular online only business model, having a high visitor-based website, plus a massive Facebook forum which stands head and shoulders above its few competitors. This owner confirming that there are no direct competitors to this online business, as the rest are dwarfed by this business’s staggering fan base by…continue reading

$299,000 + SAV‘Value for Money’, Pool Servicing and Product Supply #185

ad relaunch 29Nov2021a

This is One of Brisbane’s Most ‘Value for Money’, Pool Servicing and Product Supply Businesses. Located within the Heart of a Fast-Growing Area of Brisbane (approx. 20-minutes’ drive from the CBD). It Has a Long Term Employed Manager and Pool Technicians. This Business Continues to Grow Organically and Includes a High Percentage of Business & Quasi-Government Clientele; Schools, Swimming Schools, Real Estates/Body Corporates etc. Offering a High Percentage of Pre-Booked, Constantly Recurring and Near Predictable Income. This Positive Cashflow, Financially Secure Market Leading Business Offers a High Net Yield for Any New Owner. This is So Much More than a Prime Located Pool Business Investment…

Established for 11 years by the current owner who is now retiring, this would have had to be one of the most profitable ways for a single owner, investing only 5 days, to remain financially secure and well-funded! This pool outlet business is staff managed, and its growing mobile servicing runs are executed by its…continue reading

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$229,000 WIWONDIS/Aged Care Service Providers, Construction/Build & Home Cleaning Service #194

ad relaunch 29Nov2021a

This is One of the Sunshine Coast’s Well Established NDIS/Aged Care Service Providers, Construction/Build & Home Cleaning Service Businesses. Being a Niche and Diverse Cleaning Company within this Fast Growing & Idyllic Region. Includes a Team of Cleaners so that this Owner Can Invest 5-20 hours p/wk. (Home Based Office Mainly) & Doesn’t Need to Clean Any Client Home. This Business is Transferring a High, Pre-Booked List of Existing and Long-Term Client Cleaning Jobs (Auto Direct Debits). Has Business, Government, and Residential Clientele, Investing Only $280 into Advertising 20/21! Offers Ample Free Time for a New Owner to Continue Building the Sales and this Quality Clientbase!

This is a diverse cleaning service business, based within one of Australia’s fastest growing and populating region – the Sunshine Coast! This is a specialist in providing residential home cleaning, including being a preferred provider for cleaning NDIS funded clients and is a preferred choice for many large and local age care providers. Then comes…continue reading

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$579,000 + SAVHigh Profit, Government and Business Client Security Services & Product Provider #200

ad release 29Nov2021aaa

This is a High Profit, Government / Major Corporate and Business Client Security Services & Product Provider (Services Clients Along the Eastern Seaboard of Aust.) From Base Between Brisbane & Gold Coast. Includes Back to Base Alarm / CCTV Surveillance Monitoring, Products, General Servicing (Includes Service Contracts), Repairs/Maintenance, Plus the Bonus of High Value Project Work. 70% of Sales being Serviced Remotely from this SE QLD Business Base (Locate Anywhere). Includes Long-term Government and Large Corporate Clientele, Including Small-Medium Business Clients. All Inbound, Recurring Client Order Activity. Advertising was just $699 in 20/21…

This security company’s product and services are diverse but simple to execute on site or remotely (70% of sales are remotely generated, not requiring any travel, just dialling into the client’s access control system.) This is a high profit margin business model, unique, as its income is under-pinned by many major government client service contracts,…continue reading

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$289,000 + SAVUnique, Mainly Business-to-Business Motor Vehicle, Office & Home Tinting Service #175

ad relaunch 29Nov2021a

This is One of Brisbane’s Most Respected, Mainly Business-To-Business Motor Vehicle Tinting, Aftermarket Accessories, and Home/Office Tinting Service Providers. With Fully Qualified Staff and Manager in Place Ensuring All Customers’ Needs Are Met on Time, Being to A High Level of Customer Satisfaction. With Growing Weekly Sales and A Sustained Sales Growth Posted Over the Previous 3 Years (Including Pre Covid-19 Trading Period).

Established for the last 15 years, this is a high demand, high repeat motor industry product-based business (always in need), and being required by the top dealerships throughout Brisbane for a large range of must have and always in demand aftermarket products. The owner has no need to be on the floor completing any client…continue reading

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$599,000 WIWOLarge Sunshine Coast Maintenance Based Plumbing Service Business #182

ad relaunch 22Nov2021a

Established for More than 30 Years, this is One of the Most Profitable Plumbing Businesses Servicing the Fast Growing Sunshine Coast Region. Does Not Require the Owner to ‘Work on the Tools’. The Day-to-Day Work Left to the Plumbers on Team. Offers a Diverse Business-to-Business & Residential Clientele, with Little Done to Grow the Sales, as Organic Growth is More than 10.46% (approx.) 20/21! This is a Large and Quality Plumbing Investment, Being Preferred Supplier to Aged Care, Body Corporates/Real Estates, Child Care, Commercial Renovators & Residential Clients etc.…Also Comes with a Massive Top Line Sales Amount and a Very Lucrative Net Income for any Owner ‘Not on the Tools’ or Existing Plumbing Business to Benefit from Instantly!

Established for more than 3 decades, this is a well trusted and renowned Sunshine Coast based plumbing business. It has provided a growing sales and net profit amount for many of its trading years. This type of ‘always in demand’ plumbing service investment is large enough to provide any new owner (plumber or not) or…continue reading

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$249,000 + SAVEngine / Cylinder Head Reconditioner, Repairer & Parts Supplier #177

ad relaunch 29Nov2021a

Established in the 1960’s, This Engine / Cylinder Head Reconditioner, Repairer & Parts Supplier Is Not Only Highly Profitable, But Has Long Term, (Decade Long) Staff Who Are Well Trained in Place to Support a New Owner. This Owner’s Part-Time Hours in The Workshop Is Due to The Expertise on Team. This Owner Maintains a Front of House Role Mainly – Client Liaison. There Is Ample Profit in Which to Hire the Staff Member to Replace the Time of The Owner in The Workshop, Organic Growth in Sales 20/21 And A Massive 60++ Of Its Ongoing Sales Generated by High Repeat and Return Ordering Truck/Car Dealerships, Including Motorcycle, Boat, and Jet Ski Suppliers…

Established for more than the last half century, this owner has remained in this business for the last 30+ years. Ready for retirement for health reasons, this business is largely fuelled by organic sales growth, and a high repeat business to business demand for on-going engine/cylinder head servicing and related work and parts supply, for…continue reading

$179,000 + SAV[SOLD – OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 30 BUSINESS DAYS] Unique Brisbane Pet Grooming & Day Care Business #161

ad relaiunch 13Sep2021a

This is a Unique Brisbane Pet Grooming & Day Care Business Offering a 100% Paid Upfront Cashflow & High Profit Margins. This Business Has 7,000-8,000 (approx.) Clients & the Brand Loyalty that ‘Runs Deep’ within this Fast Growing & High-Quality Socio-Economic Region of Brisbane. The High Repeat Visitation Rate Has Continued for More than the Last Decade and a Half! Nearly Half of its Annual Income Being ‘Pre-Booked in Advance’ (46.07%- approx.) - Now That’s Financial Security! Clients Return Regularly Like ‘Clock-Work’ and this is an Area where the Money Flows Freely – Ample Disposable Incomes are Devoted by Pet Lovers to their ‘Fur Babies’. Offering a Highly Enviable Cashflow. So, Become Well Financed & Enjoy Owning this Lifestyle Business…This Service Always in High & Constant Demand!

Established for 16 years, this is a highly systemised, large pet grooming service, day care and day spa business. Located in a highly convenient and central location, it enjoys the financial fruits of a massive growth in population from the vast region that surrounds it. This business enjoys such an exponential rate of existing client…continue reading

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$359,000 + SAVDominant Local, Electrical Maintenance and Installation Service #199

ad release 29Nov2021a

This is the Dominant Local Byron Bay Based, Electrical Maintenance, Repair, Installation, and General Service Provider. Providing 2,000+ Local Residential & Commercial Properties with their On-Going Electrical Services. Being the Exclusive and Preferred Provider to Many Large and Notary Clients Who Provides an Extremely High and Growing Inbound Job Order Request Rate. With a 19.14% Growth in Sales in 20/21, there are No Money Worries for the Owner of this Decades Long Trading, Highly Systemised Operation… With Just $798 Spent on Advertising in 20/21! Having More Demand than this Retiring Owner Even Wants to Respond to! Owner Does Not Work Full-time on the Tools, Left to the Many Trade Qualified Electrician Staff to Service Clients Onsite.

After many decades of trading and a longevity that can’t be beat by any other player in the local region of Byron bay, this player has maintained its position of market leading dominance within this idyllic and ever-growing region of Australia. Which a new owner or existing electrical industry or related business wouldn’t want this…continue reading

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