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Businesses for Sale: Wholesale/Distribution

$515,700+ SAVMarket Leading Food & Beverage, Janitorial and Packaging Product Wholesalers/Distributors and Suppliers #095

ad relaunch 14Sep2020a

Established for Many Decades, this is One of the Largest, Market Leading Food & Beverage, Janitorial and Packaging Product Wholesalers/Distributors and Suppliers Dominating its Fast Growing Catchment Areas. Includes a High Number of Schools, Service Stations, Childcares, Food Service Clients. This Large, Multi-Million Dollar Sales Business Offers a Large Number of Exclusive, Main Brand Distribution Agreements, and Offers a Large Range of Products. Its Highly Efficient Software and Online Ordering Systems are Fully Integrated and Make for a Highly Profitable Investment, as Does its Hundreds of Diverse Industry Clientele. A Single Owner Could Attend this Business or Have it Fully Staff Managed!

Established for decades, but most impressive is that the clientele have largely remained for more than the last decade, thanks to this business providing a highly personalised and responsive, technology supported process for client and supplier ordering. This is one highly efficient business model, able to nearly double its sales just over 5 years! With…continue reading

$1,485,000 + SAVMedical/Aged Care Product, Equipment & Device Importer, Wholesaler/Distributor & Supplier #035

ad relaunch 14Sep2020a

This Medical/Aged Care Consumable Product, Equipment & Device Importer, National Wholesaler/Distributor & Direct Supplier (Via Multiple Outlets), Being One of the Market Leaders, Most Trusted & Relied Upon Within the SE/QLD Market. Receiving Constant Referrals From Doctors, Pharmacies, Hospitals, Aged Care Facilities, Nursing Homes etc. Being a Contracted Distributor to Many Leading Brands. The Demand for this Large Product Range is On the Increase. Enjoy This High Net Income, Return Purchase Rate & the Thousands of Long Term, Existing & Loyal Clients, Including A Large Network of Established Medical & Aged Care Industry Referrers…

Established for more than 12 years by this current owner, this business has not been available for transfer since inception! Being a highly profitable, importer, national wholesaler/distributor & direct supplier of medical and aged care products/equipment & devices, online and via its multiple outlets (includes outlets which are staff managed). This business includes additional ancillary…continue reading

$2,390,000 + SAVNiche Security Product National Importer, Wholesaler/Distributor, Exporter #100

Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in San Diego

A Massive 31.98% Growth in Sales Achieved in 19/20! This is an Organically Growing, Niche Security Product Importer, National Wholesaler/Distributor, Exporter & Market Leading Supplier. Offering a Large & Diverse Product Range, High Quality as Well as Great Paying Clients. These Include Large, Notary, Multi-Nationals, Many Government Departments, Corporate Companies, and Businesses etc. Also Offers Multiple Exclusive Distribution Contracts (Which Secure 90+% of the Total Annual Sales). Enjoys a 90%+ Repeat Product Order Rate, Making This an Extremely Unique & Financially Secure Business, Ready to be Owned, Experienced and Developed.

This direct importer, exclusive product-based, national wholesaler/distributor, and exporter has traded long term within this niche security product market segment. Remaining the long term contracted and exclusive distributor to many reliable suppliers, both on and offshore. This is a direct importation business, this fact, naturally plumping up net income returns and gross profit margins. Able…continue reading

$1,390,000 + SAVEquipment, Furniture, Security Products, and Consumable Supplies #073

ad relaunch 14Sep2020a

With More than 40 Years of Trading History, This Business Includes Multiple Managers And is a Direct Importer, National Wholesale/Distributor & Supplier of School/Library/University/Council/Govt & Business Client General Equipment, Furniture, Security Products, and Consumable Supplies. This is One of the Largest of its Kind. Millions of Dollars in Sales (Sales Volumes Growing Over the Last 3 Consecutive Financial Years). Includes Exclusive, National Distribution Contracts, Sole & Preferred, Internally Registered Supplier Status, With Thousands of Great Paying, Commercially Secure Clients…This is the Very Best in the Nation!

This importer, national wholesaler/distributor and direct supplier of educational facility furniture, supplies, equipment, and consumables is a formidable player within Australia, having more than 4 decades of trading history within this sector. Being an ‘always in demand’ supplier, received on-going, inbound based client orders from thousands of education facility clients; private and public schools, local…continue reading

$5,500,000 + SAVIndependent Liquor Importers, Distributors/Wholesalers #094

ad relaunch 14Sep2020a

This is One of QLD’s Largest & Fastest Growing Independent Liquor & Associated Product Importers, National Distributors/Wholesalers. Includes Exclusive Market Brand Distribution Contracts & a List of Top Selling Own Brand Products. Includes Multiple Managers, Sales Reps/Agents & Wholesale Clients Across Multiple States. Also Supplies to High Volume Alcohol Resellers and Distributors. Provides a Sales Growth of a High 11.26% Achieved in 19/20 and a Multi-Million Dollar Revenue.

This is one of SE/QLD’s market leading, long established and fast-growing importers, wholesalers/distributors, and suppliers of a large range of well-known liquor product brands, including top selling own branded/trademarked products. Both proving popular among hundreds of bottle shop clients. This product range is large and diverse and includes imported beers, wines, liqueurs, and associated add…continue reading

$469,000 + SAVFoam, Rubber & Associated Product Supplier & Outlet #097

ad release 24Aug2020a

Staff Managed, Gold Coast Foam, Rubber & Associated Product Supplier & Outlet. Very High Gross Profit Margin and A High Rate of New & Repeat Purchasing Clientele. Active Marketing and Advertising Not Required For the Last Decade+! – Sales Are Primarily Organically Generated. The Online Store’s Growth Potential is Staggering, as with the Diversity of Clientele and Product Range. Having a Lack of Direct Competition, And Already Being Highly Profitable Under Full Staff Management…

This long established, 20-year trading foam and rubber & associated product supplier has an outlet and online store. Imagine not having to actively market and advertise your business, but a high volume of sales and profits continue to plump up your bank balance – consistently. This is not a seasonal business, it is a unique…continue reading

$369,000 + SAVNiche Market Player Within the Security Industry #093

ad relaunch 07Sep2020a

This is a Well Known & Respected 17 Year Trading, Niche Market Player Within the Security Industry. A Preferred Supplier to Hundreds of Business/Corporate, Schools & Commercial Clients (Mainly). Located Within the Fast Growing Gold Coast Region, But Also Supplying & Supporting the Brisbane Region a Very Large Number of Schools, Body Corporate Management Companies, Commercial Clients With Security and Access Control System Products. This is No Ordinary Business – Posting a High Net Income and Includes a Passive Income Stream that Makes For a Predictable Annual Income…

Established for nearly two decades by the current owner, this is one of the best known and most relied upon niche market players, having secured a large percentage of this niche product and servicing market. It being highly lucrative to supply these niche and particular products as they yield higher average gross profit margins. The…continue reading

$1,150,000 + SAVFloor Covering Product Suppliers, Profiting Big #092

ad relaunch 07Sep2020a

Established for 35 Years, this is One of the Most Financially Rewarding Floor Covering Product Suppliers, Profiting Big Within the Local SE QLD Region. Preferred Supplier to Large Government Departments, Commercial/ Business and Residential Clientele (Enjoying a Diversity of Both Clients and Sales). Having Supply Contracts, and a High Repeat, Inbound Based Client Ordering Activity, Being So Constant, it’s Breathtaking. This Consistently High Net Income is Earned Year on Year & Will Take Your Breathe Away! Open Only 5 Days!

Being established for 35 years, this current owner of 17 years is now ready for retirement, having been financially set up for life, by owning this positive cashflow, constantly in demand and inbound order-based floor product supply operation. Not only does this business share in the spoils of a national buying group membership, it is…continue reading

$249,000 + SAVOnline Pool & Associated Products, High Sales Volume #099

ad release 24Aug2020a

This Is One of the Largest and Highest Volume Sellers Online, Of A Large Range of Pool & Associated Products (Includes Own Brand & Branded for Resellers). Includes Multiple Product Distribution Agreements, Favourable and Highly Advantageous Profit Margins, Due to Its Volume Based Sales & Purchasing. A National, 100% Online, Paid Upfront and Passive Income Based Investment (Several Online Stores Combined Produced a Massive 32.52% Sales Growth in 19/20! Includes High Profit, Imported Products & Exporting. The List of Benefits Goes On and On…

This is one of the market leading and top-ranking 100% online, business investments enjoying the growth of national and offshore clients purchasing via the internet. These pool products are required and this business can provide high quality items, being hundreds of products, at highly competitive prices, yet makes a wonderful net income margin. Staying profitable…continue reading

$995,000 + SAVTrusted Cosmetic Surgeries and Cosmeceutical Clinics Within SE/QLD #101

ad release 31Aug2020a

Established for the Last 30+ Years, this is One of the Longest Operating & Most Trusted Cosmetic Surgeries and Cosmeceutical Clinics Within SE/QLD. This is a Staff Managed Operation, With a Long-Term Clinic Manager & Medical Staff. This Owner Wishes to Remain an Employee for the New Owner, Making For a Unique and Profitable Investment For An Investor or Strategically Aligned Company. Also Includes a High Value of Equipment, as With the Capacity to Double the Sales, of this Already Highly Profitable and High Performance Business…Always Pre-Booked Many Months in Advance!

After trading for so many decades, this well-known and trusted cosmetic surgery and cosmeceutical clinic offers a large array of services, always being in high demand. Clients from nearly every demographic segment of our community are choosing to spend their additional income and ‘would be overseas travel budget’ on themselves instead. This business has never…continue reading

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