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Businesses for Sale: Medical/Aged Care/Fitness

$19,980,000Advantageous ‘Boutique’ & Well-Established Nursing Home and Aged Care Facility #169

ad relaunch 13Sep2021a

This Is One of The Gold Coast’s Best and Most Advantageous ‘Boutique’ & Well-Established Nursing Home and Aged Care Facility. Centrally Located Within an Idyllic and Fast-Growing Area, This Is An ‘Always in Demand’ Staff Managed Investment. It Offers Ample Potential for Additional Levels to Be Added, The Immediate Addition of More Beds/Rooms Without Any Major Building Works (Having Less Beds/Rooms Than the Government Has Approved!) Nearly Half a Million More Dollars Per Annum Could Also Be Added to The Already Multi-Million-Dollar Revenues - Being Added Quickly (Without High Costs). This Is No Ordinary Nursing Home and Is Being Transferred to A New Owner for The Very First Time Since Inception, Being Decades Ago. The Current Owner Is Now Retiring from This Freehold/Building and Business Investment…

This is one of the best located and most reputable nursing homes operating over the long term, within the fast growing Gold Coast region. This facility is a highly rated, staff managed investment, having a long term and extremely experienced and high performance Facility Manager, Director of Nursing in place, multiple 2IC’s and a large…continue reading

$7,950,000Residential Aged Care Facility Site, Approved for Immediate Development #171

ad relaunch 06Sep2021a

This is a Large 90 Bed Residential Aged Care Facility Site, Being DA Approved for Immediate Development within this Fast-Growing Area of the Gold Coast. This 3.08 Hectares of Prime and Elevated Land is Simply One of the Best Locations for a New Aged Care Facility / Nursing Home. According to the Government’s Most Recent Aged Care Approval Round (ACAR) – This DA Approved Site is One of Only a Few within this Area of QLD to be Awarded this High Number of Residential Aged Care Places and Gov’t Funding...This is One Unique, Government Approved Aged Care Development Site, Allowing the Right Investor to Profit Big!

All the hard work has been done for a new investor, as this prime located site has already received full government and DA approval for the development of this large 3.08-hectares of prime positioned and elevated land. This allows for the immediate building, developing and on-going government funding for one of the Gold Coast’s largest…continue reading

$335,000 WIWOEstablished 16 years, General Medical Practice, Fully Staff Managed Investment #148

ad launch 060521d

Established 16 years, this General Medical Practice is a Fully Staff Managed Investment for this Non-Medical & Retired Investor. There are a Diversity of Passive Income Streams Being Generated by the Long-Term Practice Manager, Doctors and Allied Health Professionals. This is a Vastly Popular, Prime Positioned Gold Coast Medical Clinic which Provides Any New Investor (No Prior Medical Industry Skill or Background Required), with a Proven, Financially Secure & Profitable Medical Clinic Investment. Even More Money Could be Made if the New Owner was a Medical/General Practitioner (GP) or Allied Health Professional!

Established for more than a decade and a half, this extremely well-located medical practice has been operated under staff management for more than the last decade, as this owner/investor is not a doctor or medical practitioner. There is a high quality, socio-economic patient demographic surrounding and supporting this clinic, including a fast-growing region being serviced….continue reading

$575,000 + SAV[UNDER OFFER WITHIN 16 BUSINESS DAYS] Fully Staffed, Gold Coast Based, General Medical Practice #105

ad relaunch 02Nov2020a

This Fully Staffed, Gold Coast Based, General Medical Practice Has a Non-Medical & Absent Investor (Who is Not Based in SE QLD). Sales Have Grown Organically by More than 7% in 19/20 - (Even During the COVID-19 Period). This Practice Has 5 Consulting Rooms, 2 Treatment Rooms, Full-time Doctors, Nurses, and Receptionists…Providing this Absent Owner (not a GP or having any medical background), A High and Growing Net Income Return (19/20). This Medical Centre Profits Big! Enjoying a Consistent and Regular Client Income & Client Billing!

Established for more than the last decade, 12 years in fact, the majority of its trading history has seen this profitable medical practice being fully staff managed. Having this same absent, non-medical background owner. This owner does not even reside within the state of QLD. This hands-off investment, requiring no medical skill, industry experience nor…continue reading

$2,950,000 + SAV[UNDER OFFER WITHIN 10 BUSINESS DAYS] Fully Staffed, NSW General Medical Practice #106

Doctor listening to patient explaining her painful in his office

This Fully Staffed, NSW General Medical Practice Has a Non-Medical & Absent Investor Owner Receiving a Very High Net Income, Per Annum! This NSW Based Medical Practice Has One of the Most Enviable & Sought after Locations. With the Gross Billing Volumes Being in the Multi-Millions. This Being a Rare & Unique Practice, Not Comparable to Typical Practices. It is a Large, 9 Consult, 2 Treatment Room Investment. Having 12,000 Client Records on File! Offering any Medical or Non-Medical Owner, On-Going & Growing Patient Demand, Investor Income Consistency & the Potential for Massive Growth! …

Established for nearly a decade, this would have to be one of the most well-known of its kind, being surrounded and supported by a high-quality socio-economic area. An ageing population, providing more patients to treat and care for, annually. Clients and residents who surround this medical practice have the disposable incomes to invest in their…continue reading

$1,690,000 WIWO[SOLD – UNDER CONTRACT WITHIN 2 BUSINESS DAYS] Staffed General Medical Practice – Sought After Location #088

ad release 15Jun2020a

This multi-decade established, staffed General Medical Practice has a non-medical owner/investor profiting big! This Brisbane Medical Practice has one of the most enviable & sought-after locations and billing volumes. This being a rare & unique practice, not comparable to typical practices in SE/QLD. With such a high rate of new patients generated passively, this just adds to the thousands upon thousands of inter-generational patients returning & held within the database. This option would benefit an existing medical company, Doctor, or non-medical background owner/investor. The on-going patient demand, investor income consistency & potential for further sales growth, is extremely pleasing, to say the least!

Established for many decades, this would have to be one of the most well-known of its kind, being surrounded and supported by a high quality socio-economic area of Brisbane, with patients choosing to invest their disposable income into their health and wellbeing. This practice has continued to command the long-term loyalty of a massive patient…continue reading

$345,000 + SAV[UNDER OFFER WITHIN 14 BUSINESS DAYS] Aged Care & Mobility/Disability Aids Products/Equipment #107

ad relaunch 22Mar2021a

This is a Brisbane Based, Wholesaler/Distributor (Includes Multiple, Staff Managed Outlets) & Direct Supplier of A Large Range of Mobility/Disability Aids and Aged Care Products/Equipment & Accessories. Includes Direct & Commercial Client Equipment Sales & Servicing Income (High Profit Margins). Supplies Medical Centres/Hospitals/Aged Care Professionals/Nursing Homes etc.) Constantly Being Referred New Clients. Includes Exclusive Product Distribution/Preferred Supplier Registrations With Key Industry Members!

Established for the last quarter of a century (25 yrs), this owner is now retiring from this high demand and growing aged care/disability product supply and service industry. This business has multiple income streams; 3 prime locations, including staff management, which allows this investment to capture & retain ample, on-going and paid upfront cashflow and…continue reading

Business Sales Licence No. 3170776
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