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Businesses for Sale: Import/Export

$1,590,000 + SAVStaff Managed, Web Based Importer Wholesaler/Distributor & Supplier of Branded Merchandise Products #163

ad relaunch 13Sep2021a

Established for More than 13 Years by this Same Owner, this is a Staff Managed, Fully Systemised, Near Automated, Software & Online/Web Based Operation. This is an Importer and National Wholesaler/Distributor & Direct Supplier of a Large Range of Mainly Branded Merchandise Products. Boasting Many of the Highest Quality Clients Any Business Would Care to Supply. Includes a High Number of Quality, Multi-National/National Corporate Clients, A High Percentage of Government Departments and General Industry Businesses Located Throughout the Nation. Locate this Business from Any Home Base in Australia! Staff Can Manage this Business Remotely Via Cloud/Online Platforms...Leaving this Owner Free Time & a Lifestyle Most Dream About!

It is now time for a change for this current owner, who is largely absent from this business, as staff continue to manage this exclusively owned, highly systemised and sophisticated software management system allows for a highly time and labour efficient import, national wholesale/distribution, and merchandise product supply business to generate very high gross profit…continue reading

$149,000 + SAVDiverse, Importer and National Wholesaler/Distributor of Pet Products #138

ad relaunch 13SEp2021a

Locate Anywhere…This is One of the Nation’s Most Diverse, Direct Importers and National Wholesaler/Distributors of a Large Range of Pet Products. Includes an Exclusively Owned & trademarked Brand (90% of sales approx.) Clients Include Vets, Major Pet Store Groups, Pet Breeders, Online Product Resellers, and Pet Industry Businesses/Quasi-Government Organisations. These Exclusive Nationally Distributed Branded Products Keep Barriers to Entry High, Having Hundreds of National Wholesale Clients Remaining Loyal for Years…and Ordering Regularly. Already Posting a Whopping 78.86% of the Total Year’s Sales in Just the First 6 Months of 20/21! Double Digit Growth Since 2017.

Established 16 years. This would have to be one of Australia’s most commercially secure and diverse product ranges on offer, by this direct importer and national wholesaler/distributor. Having hundreds upon hundreds of existing and extremely loyal wholesale business clients have seen this business’s sales continue to be posted like clockwork! In fact, this business is…continue reading

$1,390,000 Market Leading Importers, Wholesale/Distributors of Long Life Food & Beverage Products #151

ad relaunch 06Sep2021a

Est. 13 Years by this Founding Owner, this is One of Australia’s Largest and Market Leading Importers, Wholesale/Distributors of Long Life/Shelf Stable Food & Beverage Products – But with a Difference! These Unique Own / Unbranded and Private Labelled Products for Clients. COVID-19 or NO COVID-19, This Range Has Always Remained in Constant Demand (High Volume & Regular Orders). Base this Extremely ‘Smart’ Drop-Shipped Based, National Product Supply Business Anywhere in Australia! Being a Wholesaler/Distributor Only, this Owner Doesn’t Touch Any Products and Invests Only a Flexible 20 hours, Per Week. There is a Large Network of Regularly Purchasing Corporate (National and Multi-National Clients), Including Government, Clientele…Who are Wanting More & More!

Established for more than the last decade, the only reason for the transfer opportunity of this large, rare and ‘under the radar’, national market leading player, is due to the retirement of its founding owner. This would have to be one of the largest and most unique of its kind within the nation. Which extends…continue reading

$129,000 + SAVHome Based Online Only, Importer, Distributor and Supplier of Alcohol Industry Products #167

ad relaunch 30Aug2021a

This is a Home Based (Base Anywhere in Australia) Online Only, E-Commerce Based, Importer, Distributor and Direct to Consumer Supplier of Alcohol Industry Products. This is a Top Ranked & Highly Reviewed Market Player within this Lucrative Niche Market. Offers High Quality & Value for Money Products - Profiting from the Multi-Billion Dollar Alcohol Industry. All the Work Has been Done - Generates a Massive 30 Cents from Every Dollar of Sales, as Net Income. Receive a High Gross Profit Margin of 79.55%! This Business Includes an E-Commerce Website, Highly Profitable Amazon US Webstore, Utilises Australia’s Popular eBay to Diversify & Increase Income and Also Includes a Trademarked Brand…

Established since inception by this current owner, this is a niche market segment, direct importer, national and international distributor, and multi-webstore-based direct online provider of a range of extremely well presented, sophisticated packaged alcohol industry products. Provides and markets its products online via Amazon US a highly profitable platform, which reaches millions of people who…continue reading

$298,000 + SAVImporter, Wholesaler/Distributor of ‘Niche’ Product Fasteners, Nuts/Bolt Products #154

ad relaunch 30Aug2021a

Established by this Current Owner for More Than the Last Decade, this is a Market Leading Importer, National Wholesaler/Distributor of One of Australia’s Largest Ranges of ‘Niche’ Product Fasteners, Nuts/Bolt & Related Products. With Long Term and Trusted Suppliers Both on and Offshore, Hundreds of Wholesale and Reseller Clients Nationally Return Regularly to Order From this Supplier. It’s Not Easy to Compete Against this Player. A 3PL-Warehouse/Logistics Co. Stores, Picks, Packs and Dispatches this Business’s Many Client Orders, So Be Located Anywhere in the Nation. Even Bolt this Lucrative Profit onto an Existing Product Supply Business!

Established by the current owner for more than the last decade (founding owner), this business is one of those well protected, ‘high barrier to entry’ niche market segment and highly scalable investments. It makes the greatest use of outsourcing the storing of stock, picking, packing and dispatching of one of the nation’s largest ranges of…continue reading

$84,900 + SAVHome Based Children’s Furniture, Equipment, Toys/Games Import, Wholesale/Distributor & Supplier #157

ad relaunch 23Aug2021a

Locate from a Home Base Anywhere in Australia… This is a Direct Import, National Wholesale/Distributor & Supplier (Including Webstore), of a Large Range of Commercial Grade Children’s Furniture, Equipment, Toys/Games, and Associated Products. Preferred Supplier to QLD Dept. Education and Sales Growth of 44.08% 20/21 – YTD! Its Sales are Inbound, being from Online and Repeat Product Purchases from Hundreds of Active Business-to-Business Clients Located around the Country. Includes Growing Online Resellers (Online and other Wholesale/Suppliers who Represent this Importer’s Product Range). The Cashflow is Positive as the Majority of Clients Pay Upfront! This is Even a Drop-Shipper…Being a Business Anyone Can Afford to Own!

Being established for 6 years, this current owner is now ready to transfer this national distribution business, being a direct importer of the majority of its large and diverse range of commercial grade children’s furniture, equipment, toys, games and associated products. This is a low-cost operation, able to be operated from a double lock up…continue reading

$5,500,000 + SAV[SOLD – OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 2 BUSINESS DAYS] Independent Liquor Importers, Distributors/Wholesalers #094

ad relaunch 07Dec2020a

This is One of QLD’s Largest & Fastest Growing Independent Liquor & Associated Product Importers, National Distributors/Wholesalers. Includes Exclusive Market Brand Distribution Contracts & a List of Top Selling Own Brand Products. Includes Multiple Managers, Sales Reps/Agents & Wholesale Clients Across Multiple States. Also Supplies to High Volume Alcohol Resellers and Distributors. Provides a Sales Growth of a High 11.26% Achieved in 19/20 and a Multi-Million Dollar Revenue.

This is one of SE/QLD’s market leading, long established and fast-growing importers, wholesalers/distributors, and suppliers of a large range of well-known liquor product brands, including top selling own branded/trademarked products. Both proving popular among hundreds of bottle shop clients. This product range is large and diverse and includes imported beers, wines, liqueurs, and associated add…continue reading

$1.195 million + SAV Staff Managed Discount Product Outlet Investment, High Net Incomed Year on Year #147

ad relaunch 19Jul2021a

Established for More than 3 Decades by this Same Owner, this is a Large, Staff Managed Discount Product Outlet Investment. Having Remained a Consistent “Cash Cow” for this Owner for 30+ Years (Being So Profitable, You’ll Want to Remain Funded by it for Many Decades, Too!) There is Exclusive Product Supply, and a Prime Location, Having so Few Competitors. This Unique Business Even Supplies Councils/Schools & Businesses with Products Cheaper than their Own Wholesalers. With a High Net Income Posted Year on Year – Sales Growth of 17.34% 20/21, is Just the Beginning of All its Advantages. This Business’s High Sales Volumes, Receipted Upfront & Consistently being Just One Part of its Success Story!

Being established for more than 30+ years, this business’s sales are 17.34% higher in 20/21! During tougher economic times sales boom, and any trading time historically has continued to post high net incomes and a consistent sales volume. This business posts millions of dollars of sales annually. Stock is extremely fast moving, due to having…continue reading

$1,980,000 + SAVDental & Personal Appearance Enhancing Product Importer, Wholesaler/Distributor & Online Supplier #152

ad release 24May2021a

This is One of Australia’s Largest, Market Leading Dental & Personal Appearance Enhancing Product Importer, National Wholesaler/Distributor & Online Supplier. There are So Few Competitors to this Major, Online Based Wholesaler, being a ‘One of a Kind’ and Highly Systemised. Enjoys High Sales & Net Profit Growth, Including Dominance within this Lucrative, Niche Market Segment. Posting Double Digit Growth for Many Years (Even Prior to and during COVID-19). Locate Anywhere in Australia and Boasting 9,000+ Clients. All Money is Receipted Upfront, Before Any Product is Dispatched…Providing the Ultimate Cashflow. This is a Staff Managed Investment!

After so many years of continued sales and net income growth, this owner is now transferring this ‘extremely rare’, staff managed, passive and online based investment. This is a large importer, national wholesaler/distributor of an always in demand (there exists a growing public demand) range of dental and personal appearance related products. This business boasts…continue reading

$1,390,000 + SAV[UNDER OFFER WITHIN 35 BUSINESS DAYS] Medical/Aged Care Product, Equipment & Device Importer, Wholesaler/Distributor & Supplier #035

ad relaunch 08Feb2021a

This Medical/Aged Care Consumable Product, Equipment & Device Importer, National Wholesaler/Distributor & Direct Supplier (Via Multiple Outlets), Being One of the Market Leaders, Most Trusted & Relied Upon Within the SE/QLD Market. Receiving Constant Referrals From Doctors, Pharmacies, Hospitals, Aged Care Facilities, Nursing Homes etc. Being a Contracted Distributor to Many Leading Brands. The Demand for this Large Product Range is On the Increase. Enjoy This High Net Income, Return Purchase Rate & the Thousands of Long Term, Existing & Loyal Clients, Including A Large Network of Established Medical & Aged Care Industry Referrers…

Established for more than 12 years by this current owner, this business has not been available for transfer since inception! Being a highly profitable, importer, national wholesaler/distributor & direct supplier of medical and aged care products/equipment & devices, online and via its multiple outlets (includes outlets which are staff managed). This business includes additional ancillary…continue reading

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