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Businesses for Sale: Manufacturing / Industrial

$595,000 + SAVCabinetry/Joinery, Storage Area Products Installation, and Supply #173

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Long Established (History of Only 3 Owners), This Is One of The Gold Coast’s Market Leaders in The Production, Installation and Supply of Cabinetry/Joinery, Storage Area, and Associated Products. Already Booked Up Half a Year in Advance, 50% Of Jobs Are Paid Upfront & The Balance Upon Completion. Stellar Positive Cashflow And Financially Security Is Being Offered Any New Owner or Industry Business. Sales Growth Every Year for the Last 3 Years! (Even Prior To Covid-19). Staff Manage the Factory and Are All Trade Qualified Cabinetmakers (Owner Doesn’t Need to Be, But Is Advantageous) …

This is quite simply one of the most well known and trusted names within the joinery/cabinetry, and storage area product supply industry. It has more than a 3-decade trading history and continues to receive a constant supply of inbound and new client leads, being mainly referred jobs. This source of the majority of inbound client…continue reading

$229,000 WIWOBrisbane Based Workplace Health and Safety Training Organisation #186

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This Brisbane Based Workplace Health and Safety Training Organisation Does Not Need to Be a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to Enjoy its High Profits and Low Cost Operating. It Generates the On-Going List of Students for its Many Courses, Certificates and Diplomas from its Large, Existing Corporates/Business and Government Department Client List. Organically, this Business Continues to Grow its Sales. Having a High Client Return & Attendance Rate. It Simply Outsources the Certifying/Accreditation of Students to a Trusted RTO Partner. This Means that this ‘Always in Demand’ Legislatively Required, Training Service Business Receives its Income Without Investing More Than $1,103 in Annual Online Marketing (No Social Media).

Established for many decades, 3 decades in fact, this is a unique business, providing extensive range of courses, certificates and diplomas for workplace, health and safety training. This business, due to its low operating costs, would be one of the highest net to sale ratio businesses you’ll find. This means that for every dollar of…continue reading

$1,198,000 + SAVIndustrial Use Consumable Specialist, Niche Market Wholesaler/Distributor, and Supplier #191

Manager In Warehouse Checking Boxes

Established for More Than the Last Decade by This Current Owner, This Is a Specialist, Niche Market Wholesaler/Distributor and Supplier of All Things Industrial Use and Cleaning/Janitorial Consumable Supplies. With Naturally Growing Sales Being Nearly 20% In 20/21. The Client Demand Continues to Grow Within the Greater Market. Outsources Its Light Production and Bulk/Palletised Supply. This Business’s Sales Have Grown Nearly Every Year, To Date… Providing Ample Opportunity to Double the Sales Again, Given the High Order Quantities Being Requested. Inbound Referrals and Web Enquiry Rates Are High and Also Includes the Supply to A Very High Number of Industrial Product Re-Sellers…

Established for more than the last decade, due to being such a high quality and market leading business within this niche and specialist market segment, this Brisbane based supplier of industrial/business cleaning/chemical supplies is now available for the very first time for transfer. This highly profitable investment offers any new owner a plethora of opportunities…continue reading

$5,950,000 + SAVPlastics Manufacturer, Product Supplier & Distributor #130

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Established for Nearly a Quarter of a Century, this National Plastics Manufacturer, Product Supplier & Distributor, Enjoys A Market Leading Position in Australia. Enjoying a Diversity of Client Market Segments, and Having So Few Who in the Nation Who Can Rival it! This is One of the Most Diverse Providers, (Both Clientele and Product Range). Its Clientele Includes World Renowned Brands, Multi-National Market Leaders, Small Through to Large Corporate Businesses and Government. It Includes Hundreds of Exclusively Owned and Produced Products, Which Have Remained in Constant Demand for Decades, Which Also Matches its Client Loyalty…

Being established for nearly 25 years by its current owner, this offers its clients it all. Being one of the most relied upon plastics manufacturer, wholesaler, and supplier in the nation. Its clients include end users, hundreds of agents, wholesalers/distributors, product representatives, and companies who outsource their plastic product manufacturing to this business (many this…continue reading

$199,000 + SAV[OFFER RECEIVE WITHIN 2 MONTHS] Long Established, Trailer Manufacturer, Parts & Accessories #114

ad relaunch 13Sep2021a

This is One of SE/QLD’s Longest Established, Brisbane Based, Trailer Assemblers (Mainly Box Trailers). The Vast Majority of its Annual Income is from the Manufacturing, Supply of Trailer Parts & Accessories, Including Regular, High Profit Margin Trailer Servicing. With Such a Diverse Clientele; Wholesalers/Hirers/Resellers, End Users (Caravan/Camping & 4WD), and a Large Number of Business/Trade Based Clientele, Trailers & their Parts Will Always be in Constant Demand. Clients Always Need Trailers to Transport Stock, Equipment & Tools etc…

Established for the last 4 decades, this is a unique trailer & associated part supply business. With its clients including products supplied direct to end users (4WD/caravan & campers), wholesalers/hirers/resellers, and a long list of industry based business and tradespeople. These clients are provided with high quality (assembly only) standard box trailers, which come with…continue reading

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