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Businesses for Sale: Retail

$395,000 + SAVStaff Managed, Crystals, Gems, Stones, and Related Product Business #274

ad release 13Mar2023a

This Staff Managed Business Offers One of the SE QLD’s Largest Range of Crystals, Gems, Stones and Related New Age and Alternate Product Options – Having Thousands of Clients and Active Followers. Having So Few Direct Competitors, a High Barrier to Entry and Decades of Trading History to Support the Organic Growth of this Well Known and Respected Brand (Up by 10.85% approx.). The Positive Cashflow is Provided by Paid Upfront Transactions, Plus the Potential to Grow the Wholesale Supply. This Niche Market Leader Offers Flexible & Minimal Hour Input, Providing an Ultra-Lifestyle Supportive Way to Profit. This is a ‘Gem’ of a Business to be Funded By!

This is one of the south east’s longest established providers that has traded for many decades. This niche market and organically growing new age, crystal, gem, self-improvement, alternative product business offers any new owner (one who wants to enjoy and become financially funded whilst supporting the health and well-being of thousands of people) with the…continue reading

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$449,000 + SAVMillion Dollar Sales, Animal and Pet Products #252

ad relaunch 20Mar2023a

Established for More Than Two Decades by this Current Owner, Health is the Only Reason for this Transfer Now. This Business is So Good it Generates Millions of Dollars of Sales, Supplying Many Long Term (10-20+ Year Loyal) and High-Volume Purchasing Business Clients. Being Part of Major Buying Groups, it Proudly Provides Ample ‘Value for Money’ for its Thousands of Clients, who Return Regularly to Purchase their Products for their Much-Loved Animals and Pets. Sales Grew Organically by Another 5.41%!

Established for decades by this current owner, this pet and produce product supply business finds itself in a prime location, with its owner ‘proud as punch’ to provide the conveniences and value for money prices for such a diverse and high-quality range of animal feed and care products, which clients return to regularly purchase. And…continue reading

$695,000 + SAVLarge, Market Leading, Pool Services Business with Outlet #273

ad release 06Mar2023a

This is a Large, Market Leading, Pool Services Business with Outlet – Includes Being Staffed, as are the Pool Servicing Client Jobs. Owner’s Input involves Flexible Hours throughout the Year, Having Many Pool Technicians on Team to Support this Business’s Growing Sales (Organically, due to Increased Population). Offers a High Net Income, Pre-Booked Services and has a Recurring Cashflow (Mainly Paid within Days). This Business has a High Net Income Yield Therefore Return on Investment is One to ‘Write Home About’! Receipt this Positive Cashflow and Enjoy a Secure Business Investment that Remains in Constant Demand…

Long established, the stature of this business within this large and high growth region is such that clients have remained loyal for many, many long years, seeing no need to move away from one of the largest pool industry service providers and product suppliers, via outlet. Its large base of regularly and pre-booked pool servicing…continue reading

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$1,795,000 + SAVMassive Sales & Organically Grown Aged Care/Disability & Mobility Product Provider #266

ad relaunch 13Mar2023b

This is a Massive Sales & Organically Grown Aged Care/Disability & Mobility Product Provider, Posting Yet another Double-Digit Sales Increase in (21/22) – Now, 3+ Years Running! Having Been in Business for Over 20 Years, it has a Large Network of Aged Care Providers, OT’s & Industry Providers/Institutions, Having a Large & Fast Expanding List of Existing Clients (Who Refer Often & Transact Repeatedly). Prime Location within the Fast-Populating Brisbane Region, Supplying this Always in High Demand Industry. Billions of Dollars of Government Funding Flows into this Industry! This being a Highly Profitable, Positive Cashflow & Financially Secure Investment. Never a Better Time in History to Become Part of this Government Supported Industry and Needed Business!

Established for more than the last 20+ years (only 2 owners since inception), this is a financially secure and fast-growing aged care/disability industry mobility product, direct provider, and outlet. It includes highly trained and knowledgeable staff on team and has continued to post massive sales growth year on year for the last half-decade. This being…continue reading

$235,000 WIWOEstablished, Well Known and Sought-After Providers of Saddlery & Country Clothing Products #262

ad relaunch 27Feb2023a

This is One of Brisbane’s Longest Established, Well Known and Sought-After Providers of Saddlery & Country Clothing Products – Supplying the SE QLD Corner with Saddles, Riding Equipment, Apparel, Footwear and Safety Gear… Owner Invests 20-25 Part-Time Hours (avg.) p/wk. Fully Trained Staff Manage this Business in the Owner’s Absence. With Both an Outlet and Online Presence (Webstore, eBay store, Google Shopping, All Social Media Platforms and More…) Plus a Client Database in Excess of 10,000+!

Established for nearly two decades by this current owner, this would have to be one of the most enjoyable ways to earn a living when owning a business. All of these inbound client purchases, online or via the outlet are paid for upfront providing ample cashflow, and they are certainly not begrudging their purchases from…continue reading

$199,000 + SAVStaff Managed, Prime Located, Main Street Discount Variety Outlet #263

ad relaunch 06Mar2023a

This Prime Located, Main Street Discount Variety Outlet has Remained Fully Staff Managed Since Inception. Offering Ample Profits and Consistent Sales for its Always Absent Investor. Come and Shake this “Money Tree” of a Business Investment, Offering a Solid Net Return, Despite No Website or Passive Income Generating Webstore, as Yet. Ready for Even More Profits to Fall into a New Investor’s Bank Account, Although its Already Profitable, Just Needs an Activating and Enthused Owner Who is Not Retiring…Enjoying Taking it from Here!

This business’s manager and staff operate this business on behalf of this retiring owner, always has done since inception. This absent investor being content with the relatively consistent net income return being achieved for the many years since this business’s inception. This owner revels in the fact that this investment requires so little of his…continue reading

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$379,000 + SAVPrime Positioned and Long-Established Pet/Animal Product and Produce Supply & Outlet Business #239

ad relaunch 20Feb2023a

Established for 44+ years, this is One of Brisbane’s Prime Positioned and Long-Established Pet/Animal Product and Produce Supply & Outlet Businesses. Offering One of the Best Locations for the Convenience of Thousands of Local and Surrounding Area Clients. This Large and Quality Product Range Includes Exclusive ‘Hard to Find’ Products, making it Popular Among Many Government Funded Clients such as Schools/Childcares, Businesses and All Types of Pet / Home Owners. This is a Simple Pet Product Supply Business Offering any New Owner (No Matter their Background) the Profit from a Positive Cashflow and this ‘Always in Demand’ Investment. Active Advertising or Marketing Hasn’t Been Necessary for Decades!

After nearly half a century of trading (only a few owners in this time), this has become a highly frequented pet produce business that boasts an extremely high return and repeat transaction rate from its thousands of clients. These clients include every type of pet and homeowner, business clients across a diversity of industries (making…continue reading

Ref: 1023919 | Category: Home/Garden, Retail Business Profile »

$689,800 + SAV[OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 17 BUSINESS DAYS] Prime Located, Staff Managed, Popular Hair Salon and Fully Managed Hair/Beauty Product Outlet #207

ad relaunch 21Nov2022a

This is a Prime Located, Staff Managed and Popular Hair Salon and Fully Managed Hair/Beauty Product Outlet. Offering Any New Owner or Investor High Gross Profit Margins & Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars of Net Income Per Annum. Enjoy ‘Ultra Supportive’ Supplier Product Prices, Due to the High Sales Volume and Large Range of Hair & Beauty Products Offered. Multiple Long-term Employed Managers and 2IC in Place. Manager’s Remaining Employed for 12 -13 years! This is a Successfully Operated Investment, thanks to Well Trained Staff & Highly Effective and Proven Operational Systems…

This is one hair & beauty product and service based business where any new owner can simply remain an absent investor or enjoy the part-time hour input per week (during the week), enjoying customer, manager, and staff liaison tasks mainly. This owner chooses to complete the optional financial management tasks within the comfort and convenience of…continue reading

$1,490,000 + SAVProfitable Aged Care/Home Care and Disability/Mobility Aid Product Supplier #250

ad relaunch 30Jan2023a

This Would Have to be One of the Most Profitable Aged Care/Home Care and Disability/Mobility Aid Product Suppliers Operating on the Gold Coast Today. This is No Ordinary Business, Nor is its Massive Net Income Return! There are Numerous Reasons for this High Financial Reward and Subsequent Operational Security. Its Combined Factors Create One Dynamic, Popular and Frequented Product Supply Business. Sales Increased by a Whopping 38.82% (approx.) in 20/21 and is Already Beyond 12+% Growth for 22/23-YTD! The Reasons for this are Many & Explained Fully. One Major Underlying Factor is that Nearly All Clients are Spending 100% Government Funded Money with this Preferred & Highly Referred Product Provider…

This is certainly one financially secure and fast-growing aged care/home care & mobility/disability product supplier and outlet. Its sales growth is due to many combined factors, including having a high number of industry referrers (i.e., major care providers, and occupational therapists etc.) Plus, a rally of constantly received client referrals – day in and day…continue reading

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$639,000 + SAV Highly Ranked and Award-Winning Pool Product Supply Outlet and Large Mobile Servicing Business #244

Funny Little Girl Playing On Inflatable Donut In Pool

This is a Highly Ranked and Award-Winning Pool Product Supply Outlet and Large Mobile Servicing Business. Boasting a Massive Net Income and Colossal Sales Growth of 28.17% (approx.) in 21/22! Organic Population Growth Experienced within this Immediate and Surrounding Region Means the High-Quality Socio-Economic Clientele Continues to Expand, as Does the Yield of this Investment. Staff Complete the Pre-Booked Mobile Pool Services for the Owner (400-500 per month approx.) and this Operation also Includes an Outlet Manager…

Established for 20 years (only 2 owners), this would have to be one of the most profitable pool chemical equipment supply and mobile pool servicing and maintenance businesses operating within the greater Brisbane region! Yes, this operation is an envied one, and has every right to this claim, as it has a highly trained and…continue reading

Ref: 1023844 | Category: Retail, Services Business Profile »
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