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[OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 7 BUSINESS DAYS] ‘Value for Money’, Pool Servicing and Product Supply #185

$299,000 + SAV Ref: 1023674

This is One of Brisbane’s Most ‘Value for Money’, Pool Servicing and Product Supply Businesses. Located within the Heart of a Fast-Growing Area of Brisbane (approx. 20-minutes’ drive from the CBD). It Has a Long Term Employed Manager and Pool Technicians. This Business Continues to Grow Organically and Includes a High Percentage of Business & Quasi-Government Clientele; Schools, Swimming Schools, Real Estates/Body Corporates etc. Offering a High Percentage of Pre-Booked, Constantly Recurring and Near Predictable Income. This Positive Cashflow, Financially Secure Market Leading Business Offers a High Net Yield for Any New Owner. This is So Much More than a Prime Located Pool Business Investment…

  • Established for 11 years by the current owner who is now retiring, this would have had to be one of the most profitable ways for a single owner, investing only 5 days, to remain financially secure and well-funded! This pool outlet business is staff managed, and its growing mobile servicing runs are executed by its pool technician staff. This owner has the luxurious position of choosing his role and overseeing the staff of this operation.
  • This owner enjoys the new client quoting and conversion process and responding mainly to the business/quasi-government clientele’s requirements, as with supporting the staff and business where he sees fit. This position is a luxury, as the regular pool servicing and pool product outlet management being left to the loyal, capable, and technically proficient staff on team.
  • Located within a fast growing and population region of greater Brisbane simply means that this business has more demand than this retiring owner wishes to supply. This investment therefore needing a new owner who has the enthusiasm and energy to tap into the myriad of potential that exist within this operation.
  • Much of this business’s year on year sales revenues have been generated organically, thanks to a brand that is trusted and is market leading within this region. Many existing client referrals are continually generated by the deep running loyalty which has kept clients returning to this ‘value for money’, highly competitive and customised pool service and product supply business.
  • There is a growing number of regular pool servicing jobs completed, per day (5 days only), this representing approx. 50% of this business’s annual sales volumes. This business’s intrinsic trust built among its residential and business/quasi – government funded clientele such as schools, swim schools etc, means that any more schools and business clients could be added, if only for a motivated owner.
  • It has a very high number of clients that it supplies and services, including a high percentage of business and quasi-government funded clientele, having remained a preferred product supplier and pool servicing provider to these notary and high quality clients. For more than the last half decade on average, clients have remained, being both residential and business clients (including many local schools).
  • By having such a central and conveniently located business, with a naturally growing population surrounding it, this business has more to offer than most businesses. Having the ability to boast a loyalty and repeat transaction activity that most businesses have to spend tens of thousands of dollars in advertising to replicate.
  • This business’s sales growth has largely been propelled organically over its many years of trading, with this retiring owner not being motivated to grow this business, due to the already banking a high net profit. It already has a high volume of repeat, prebooked pool servicing jobs, numbered in the hundreds. This investment enjoys the ongoing referrals and online enquiries from new clients, being easily converted.
  • Ready to transfer for the very first time this high net yield business. This single owner floats within this enterprise and remains a backup to staff. The manager of the pool product outlet, having been employed for nearly a decade is extremely capable in making the money for this owner, via the outlet.
  • Being able to choose the role within this type of ‘always in demand’ and essential service investment is just ‘part and parcel’ of owning this highly attractive investment package – It offers much more than meets the eye. Just wait until you read the detailed business profile to uncover its many competitive advantages, which are very difficult to compete against.
  • One of the main benefits is its positive cashflow, driven by its paid upfront income. Clients paying when purchasing their products or within 1-7 days on average, for pool servicing (via auto direct debit from their credit cards). The many real estate and body corporate management companies pay within 14 days, on average and yet suppliers are paid 30 days, end of month!
  • A large percentage of sales converted is business to business, including to schools as their preferred provider.
  • For any new owner/investor of any background, skill, or knowledge there is already a proven and solid income earning business base in which to continue to build upon. For many years now, very little has been done to grow and market this business actively thanks to this business’s organic sales growth. The profit and increased sales have grown, anyway!
  • Existing client referrals, word of mouth activity and being sited within a high-quality socio-economic area (includes exclusivity), is largely responsible for this business’s roaring financial success (no matter COVID-19). This service and type of business being deemed an ‘essential service’ by the government.
  • This type of pool product supply and servicing business would have to be one of the safest havens for any owner or investor. There also being ample net returns to replace the current owner with an existing staff member.
  • Why not be funded by a business that, no matter COVID-19 directions by government, this type of business must continue operating. It being dangerous to people’s health for a pool not to be kept clean and fit for swimming.
  • For the technicians visiting and servicing pools, there is limited client contact anyway.
  • This owner enjoys time freedoms and having the flexibility of overseeing this operation – floating mainly. Just wait until you see this realised net income, which can now be for the benefit of your lifestyle and your financial comfort and security. Enjoy owning an investment that delivers the money in such a predictable, no stress way. The pool servicing job schedule is already firmly set in place, it being hard not to feel financially free, when this amount of money is flowing into the bank account…

Thousands of clients are on the existing client database who can be actively marketed to, including schools/businesses who are waiting for an operator like this to make contact with them. This business does the right thing by its clients, saves them money, and commands a long-term loyalty and trust as a result. It provides a highly customised and caring attitude, which has become the hallmark of its culture. This makes for one of the very best businesses to own. Due to this owner being at retirement age, all this is ready to be transferred so that a new owner can profit from day one! Just $299K + SAV ($50K approx.)  Open to all genuine offers

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