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[UNDER CONTRACT – OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 1 MONTH] Profitable Maintenance Plumbing Business #210

$449,000 + SAV Ref: 1023685

Established for More than 30 Years by this Current Owner, this is One of the Most Profitable Maintenance Plumbing Businesses Servicing the Fast-Growing Greater Brisbane Region. Specialising in Responding to a Large Number of Long Term (Decades Loyal) Business, Corporate and Commercial Clientele. Making this Multi-Brand Business their Preferred Service Provider. Plumbing Staff, Not Owner are on the Tools. The High Quality, Large and Enviable List of Active Clients are High Repeat Contributors to this Business’s Large Net Income Yield! The Massive Top Line Sales is due to ‘Working Smarter’, Being Systemised and Time Leveraged. This is the Epitome of How a Highly Profitable Plumbing Company Should Operate! Net Income $234,480.29 (Jul-Jan 21/22; 7months).

  • Established for more than 3 decades by this current owner, this is one of the most relied upon, regularly requested and trusted, multi-brand operation. It is a vastly popular plumbing service business, focused upon highly lucrative and profitable client segments such as completing high repeat jobs for mainly existing and large commercial, business and corporate clients such as shopping centres, businesses, commercial body corporate management companies, school/s, cinemas, banks, office buildings and commercial premises.
  • This business is so automated and systemised that this owner enjoys the freedom and lifestyle flexibilities of not even having to be present within the business’s premises, able to remain home based. There are many time and financial efficient systems and processes being executed by the highly experienced, long term and supportive plumbing staff on team. This enables this owner to continue earning this high net income every year and enjoy this consistently high sales volume, year after year. This is all without any need for advertising or seeking out any new client or jobs. In fact, nothing has been done to encourage any new clients for decades, thanks to on-going and inbound referrals and word of mouth activity in the greater Brisbane market. New domestic clients are actively discouraged, not being this business’s area of focus, commercial clients are the target of this multi-brand business.
  • This business owner can’t even remember if he has ever advertised actively for new clients, even 30 years ago?
  • This is an inbound and specialist commercial maintenance client plumbing company, always remaining in demand, no matter the GFC or the effects of COVID. This business remains servicing many of the highest demand and lucrative client sectors that any new owner or existing plumbing business could ever hope to be ‘preferred service provider’ to.
  • This operation is large enough to provide a new plumbing owner and any existing plumbing industry business with a high net income, without needing to work on the tools. This owner chooses between being based throughout the week from the convenience and comfort of a home office or being based within the Brisbane based office and warehouse.
  • This owner mainly completes all the client quotes.
  • With ample and consistent job numbers for the highly experienced and plumbing team to complete, on his owner’s behalf, this is the ultimate ‘work smarter not harder’ business model. This motto epitomises this operation.
  • This would have to be one of the most profitable and time leveraged plumbing maintenance companies for its mainly office based owner, that we have ever represented (we have marketed and transferred a high number of plumbing businesses over the last 15 years!)
  • When a business continues to post relatively high and consistent annual sales volumes, as with net income returns, you know that someone is very, very right about the operation. This is complemented by the fact that this owner does not and has not worked on the tools as a plumber for many, many years.
  • It offers a diversity of services to its notary clientele, those who pay on average within 14 days.
  • Just wait until you see just how much profit this company makes, little wonder that this owner has been financially comfortable for so many years of this business’s 30+ years of trading and hasn’t been motivated to grow this operation beyond its status quo for many decades. This status quo is something that can be proud of!
  • This owner chooses the clientele that this business supports, new clients being mainly referred or simply get to hear about this business from the strength of its reputation within the greater market.
  • This owner responds to inbound purchase orders from existing and mainly corporate clientele. Commercial and business clients make up 99% of all work invoiced.
  • This business’s gallant commercial success (without this owner needing to work on the tools as a plumber), has been due to remaining highly supportive of and remaining within proven client and industry sectors. These clients are always requiring plumbing services and consist of the highest quality that any commercial plumber could have on their books.
  • Clients have continued to make this brand their favourite, choosing this business over others, purely due to the priority servicing and consistently high quality being provided them, by this team of plumbing staff (not owner). 

All this high net income yield to enjoy for many years ahead, open to genuine offers, being just $449K + SAV ($65-75K approx.)

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