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[OFFER RECEIVED] Market Leading, Online Resource Business #201

$249,000 WIWO Ref: 1023781

This is One of the Nation’s Largest and Market Leading, Online Resource Businesses, Providing its 70,000+ Clients with a ‘Safe Haven’ and a Highly Supportive Product & Service Website. Designed to Support Clients in Achieving Happiness and Fulfilment in Life...This is an Online Only, Generator of Passive Income, Offering 6 Income Streams (Some of Which are Established Passive Income) All Thanks to Modern Technology and 40,000 (approx.) Actively Engaging with this Business & Trusted Brand Per Week. Its Online Popularity has Since Provided a 42.89% Sales Growth 20/21, its Owner Only Investing 20-25 Part-time Hours P/wk. Base this from Any Home Office in the Nation or Work While Travelling!

  • This is one unique and vastly popular online only business model, having a high visitor-based website, plus a massive Facebook forum which stands head and shoulders above its few competitors. This owner confirming that there are no direct competitors to this online business, as the rest are dwarfed by this business’s staggering fan base by comparison.
  • Clients have told this owner that they can’t find anything like this unique business within Australia and even offshore. Clients having confirmed that it doesn’t exist in the UK or USA either! The audience demographic is growing steadily with exceptional growth in the wake of the pandemic!
  • Incredibly low overheads.
  • Providing advertisers; accountant’s, financial planners, lawyers and a long list of other product and service advertisers access to a captive pool of over 70,000+ trusting clients, who are all within this business’s niche market space. The advertisers generate many different streams of TRUE passive income, the best type of passive income, the income that is not exchanged for time or effort of an owner or this business’s staff.
  • More and more money is simply being funnelled into this business’s bank account, for being a ‘feel good’, highly supportive ‘hub’ for the greater community. Even the government itself supports this business and completes joint podcasts with this business, including major charities and community businesses, as it attracts and supports such a massive percentage of this client market segment.
  • This niche market online only business is an advertiser’s dream, able to pay money to be plugged into and derive transactional activity from a 70,000+ client database that it did not have to generate nor invest in attracting.
  • This is a colossal clientele on offer to advertisers and a potential owner or existing company, all in the name of providing support, products and services, including targeted information to tens of thousands of people, who all require it, are seeking it out and enjoy being involved with this life supportive, community positive business. 
  • The diverse ways that this business ‘reverse engineers’ its on-going and passive income, is not only enthralling, but epitomises an online and passive based business – This being one of the very best any company or new owner could find on the open market.
  • This business has not been available for transfer since inception, its founding owner ready to embark upon a new career, but is offering to remain in support of the new owner, working on an hourly rate on-going. This owner loves this business so much that she wants to stay involved and wants a new owner to do all the things that she was never motivated to do herself…actively grow it!
  • It has grown to this market leading size, organically! And has exceptional growth opportunities in many areas of the business and comes with many easy suggestions generate increased revenue if a new owner chooses to do so.
  • Nothing active has ever been done to attract advertisers, who have simply arrived, offering up their money to be involved and wanting to plug into the power and success of this brand’s representation online and within the greater market of this niche client base.
  • This owner knows that the new investor could duplicate this same proven and tested business model into other countries. The financial rewards would be massive, to say the least.
  • Why not take all the most powerful modern technologies and outsourced services, the new owner need not be technologically adept, and take this highly systemised ‘passive money-making machine’ of a business and grow it actively (which has never been done, to date).
  • All the fundamental operational and online systems are already in place, and they work like a ‘well-oiled’ machine…
  • This business was created to simply be supportive of its owner in both the way of limited working hours per week, but also offering a sound and growing financial return. An income which is passive in nature – all thanks to technology. This is all whilst remaining within the comfort and convenience of a home office – so a new owner can locate this investment anywhere in the country.  This is a genuine lifestyle business.
  • Being financially supported for supporting others! Only requiring part-time hours, as no active seeking out advertisers has ever been done, they have all just arrived inbound and organically. This brand being so well known and supported.
  • Just wait until you find out what this business provides the Australian and offshore market, in the way of product and services, information and being one of the most popular ‘online hubs’ for 70,000+ clients to return to, again and again – for years!

Due to this owner wanting a genuine and relatively quick transfer, this highly systemised online business is only $249K WIWO Open to all genuine offers

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