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[OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 40 BUSINESS DAYS] Trusted and Financially Rewarding, Staff Managed Commercial Cleaning Service #195

$529,000 + SAV Ref: 1023575

Established for More than 3 Decades (Having Only 2 Owners), this is Well Trusted and Financially Rewarding, Staff Managed Commercial Cleaning Service Business. Posting Multi-Million Dollar Sales and a High 79.2% of All Existing and Long-term Clientele are in Contract (Average 5-15+ Year Retention). Includes a Long-term Operations Manager, Staff Supervisor, and a Large Team of Employed Cleaning Staff – This Owner Does Not Clean! Just Enjoy the Home-Based Freedoms of Time Flexibilities. Boasts Exclusive, Preferred & Contracts with a Large Number of Businesses, Commercial/Corporate and Quasi-Government Clients i.e. High Quality & Great Paying Schools/Childcares, Medical Centres & Offices etc. Sales Increased by 15.71% - approx. since 2018/19!

  • After being established for multiple decades (30+ years), this current owner’s family circumstances have since changed dramatically, providing ample reason for this owner to need to genuinely transfer this business to a new owner or existing strategically positioned industry business.
  • This business is large enough for this owner not to have to clean. Being primarily home office based and enjoys flexible time input and the lifestyle benefit of not needing to meet or visit any clients.
  • All the quotations are left to the managers on team, as the operations manager oversees the large cleaning staff and 20 contracted cleaning teams (2-10 cleaners, per team). The supervisor also manages the niche market subset of staff, who also provides an added barrier to entry for competitors, within this unique and diverse cleaning service provider’s operation.
  • This is a large, multi-million-dollar sales commercial cleaning service (no domestic cleaning), with the vast majority of large, notary and corporate clientele, including smaller business clients being contracted with this business, for its diverse range of cleaning services.
  • One point that needs to be made is that the high-quality clientele, who are growing organically, or rapidly in the case of the childcare clientele, includes the fact that this business gets paid on time, and has a client retention that most owner’s just dream about. It’s business, corporate, and quasi government funded clients have remained loyal to this business for more than the last half decade – even decades!
  • The cashflow is reliable and even predictable, having a very set roster for the large and extremely well trained and experienced managers and staff to follow. This quality clientele are not only great payers, but include many large and notary brands within our business community.
  • The preferred, exclusive, and mainly contracted business clients include commercially managed accommodations, fit out companies, schools, childcares, dental clinics, medical centres, offices, commercial common areas, a large number of body corporate management companies who oversee and manage 20,000+ properties etc.
  • This is certainly one ‘stand-out’ and unique, even high calibre and long-established operation, specialising in business to business commercial cleaning services only within this fast growing and populating region of SE QLD. Sales have grown by 15.71% after COVID-19 began (collective increase in sales over the last 2 years since 2019). Sales volumes and client demand being much higher than the pre-COVID-19 period. All be it the client income mix has since changed.
  • With dual managers in place, one being involved since inception and the other for the last 7 years! The staff and client retention is a highlight and a distinct difference for this provider, offering consistently high cleaning quality, being across many different industries.
  • This business also has a specialist niche cleaning service within its greater offering. This segment having its own designated and well-trained manager and staff. This additional sales generating area provides differentiation from other commercial cleaners and offers any new owner the protection of a high ‘barrier to entry’!
  • This business has been deemed by the government as an essential service business, always being in demand and providing its long-term clients (who have remained ultimately loyal for more than the last half decade or more) with a comprehensive and diverse cleaning service that they are happy to remain contracted to.
  • This business even has the high quality corporate and larger business clients that allows it to command higher prices within the industry. These higher prices mean that it can do less and earn more than others in the industry.
  • It chooses quality over quantity – every time!
  • All be it, a consistent multi-million dollar annual revenue, this is something to be proud of, even without Google AdWords, and actively marketing being done.
  • When you see how high this net income is, the longevity of its clientele, the quality/notary branded businesses among them, combined with its positive paid upfront cashflow you’ll be forgiven for understanding why this business owner has remained, and only transferring for genuine family reasons and why the previous owner remained for 28 years!
  • This is simply a generator of a predictable income and cleaning jobs, per week, for any new owner or existing business, (this would add many millions to the top line, instantly, as with an enviable list of long term quality business clients of whom, nearly 80% (approx.) are contracted to this reliable and mature service provider).
  • Due to the high levels of management and staff on the job skill, expertise and training, no prior industry experience is required of a new owner to profit this big…
  • Enjoy flexible time input and lifestyle freedoms, whilst operating from the convenience and comfort of a home-based location in SE QLD.

All for just $529,000 + $5K (small and fast-moving stock)

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