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[OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 21 BUSINESS DAYS] Home Based Online Only, Importer, Distributor and Supplier of Alcohol Industry Products #167

$75,000 + SAV Ref: 1023589

This is a Home Based (Base Anywhere in Australia) Online Only, E-Commerce Based, Importer, Distributor and Direct to Consumer Supplier of Alcohol Industry Products. This is a Top Ranked & Highly Reviewed Market Player within this Lucrative Niche Market. Offers High Quality & Value for Money Products - Profiting from the Multi-Billion Dollar Alcohol Industry. All the Work Has been Done - Generates a Massive 30 Cents from Every Dollar of Sales, as Net Income. Receive a High Gross Profit Margin of 79.55%! This Business Includes an E-Commerce Website, Highly Profitable Amazon US Webstore, Utilises Australia’s Popular eBay to Diversify & Increase Income and Also Includes a Trademarked Brand…

  • Established since inception by this current owner, this is a niche market segment, direct importer, national and international distributor, and multi-webstore-based direct online provider of a range of extremely well presented, sophisticated packaged alcohol industry products.
  • Provides and markets its products online via Amazon US a highly profitable platform, which reaches millions of people who are purchasing products online like never before in history. A massive 64% Female and 68% Male approx. within the USA drink alcohol!
  • Amazon’s multi-billion-dollar revenue increase by nearly 30% in 20/21 (To $468.78 Billion U.S. Dollars!) This business’s sales grew by more than 100%! All thanks to having hundreds of client reviews, a high ranking and rating on Amazon US…This performance was also supported by a change in consumer behaviour, COVID-19 forcing consumers to remain at home, whereby they have since made buying online a habit, as with drinking more alcohol.
  • This business has become one of the most popular providers of this product range, within this niche alcohol market segment. It also being one of the highest performance online stores for Amazon US, due to how well the products are packaged, presented, and priced. Having fewer competitors than other online players.
  • This owner struck proverbial ‘online gold’ when this product range was sourced originally (years ago). Being supplied by one of the largest alcohol product suppliers to both the European and US Markets. This supplier also having ample more products for the new owner to expand with.
  • This would have to be one of the most profitable and passive online businesses one could find available today. Providing a wonderful net income return and utilises both Amazon US to fulfill all its online client orders and there being an additional US based, 3PL Logistics and Warehousing company to support this operation. A stock holding is also maintained with this Australian owner’s home garage, so that orders can be fulfilled for the eBay webstore and the new shopify e-commerce, own brand website.
  • This business only currently requires its owner to invest 1-2 hours per day, 5 days only, due to the greater volume of online order fulfillment being 100% outsourced! Australia will continue adding even more money to the new owner’s coffers, as Australian statistics relating to increased rates of drinking from home and purchasing online, are increasing dramatically!
  • All in all, the profit is here to be used as a stepping-stone to even greater volumes and product supply across the world. Offering a popular and in demand product range for own use and as gifts, into one of the largest consumer markets on earth, plus Australia. With the potential for further exportation into many more countries also being on the cards.
  • eBay sales in Australia continue to gain more and more traction for this business, and it has certainly ‘hit the high note’ within Amazon US and eBay. This business has a diversity of online passive income streams, which it can use to its greatest advantage when making more money online.
  • This business has a unique operational structure, which requires so few hours and related operational expenses. This online business and trademarked brand have a commercial prowess, supplying an in demand product range.
  • This business is ready to be taken to a new level of embarrassing levels of profit conversion, having such a vast market reach!
  • This business not only gains you access to the online world of making money passively via online platforms, but it requires so few hours per day to earn this stellar return on investment.
  • Be open to receiving the lifestyle advantages, spoils, and financial rewards of owning this online business, which is locked into the fast growing online purchasing rates being experienced. Tap into a greater client market both offshore and onshore in Australia which are both ‘ripe for the picking’.
  • With so few competitors online, even if this sounds coy or strange it’s true…due to these products being within a niche market segment of the liquor industry.
  • One needs to pay homage to this current owner for creating such a unique platform and highly profitable business base, able to simply catapult a new owner, no matter their skill, background or online experience, towards making money from the mega sized alcohol product industry.
  • This is no ordinary online endeavour, as this operation has got it right, including having so many reviews and own branded product range that Amazon US likes to support and ranks higher than generic branded products.
  • When you see these products, you’ll want to buy them too!
  • Currently, so few items are needed to be touched by this owner, being based from home in Brisbane, QLD. When you have the USA’s largest online platform generating you this high annual net income, (which rivals a full-time paid position in Australia), why not jump on board and enjoy a wonderful passive income lifestyle, having been generated by this current owner’s years of time, money, product research and effort.
  • Includes a registered trademark and is highly ranked and reviewed and rated!
  • There isn’t much more any online business could offer you, so just you wait until you can see what products this business markets with our country and internationally! All for just a miniscule amount, as this owner’s personal situation has forced him to make the decision to transfer this business prematurely.

All for just $75K + SAV $12K (low stock holding, due to a profoundly low buy price, which generates this high profit and net income yield!)

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