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[OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 44 BUSINESS DAYS] Established, Staff Managed Natural Therapies & Wellness Clinic #221

$269,000 + SAV Ref: 1023826

This is One of Brisbane’s Longest Established, Staff Managed Natural Therapies & Wellness Clinics (Zoned by Council as a Medical Centre – with Plan to Add Medical Doctor/s). This is Highly Systemised Model, Offering a Multitude of Passive Income Streams. Having Been Under Full Staff Management for Many Years! This is a Non-Practitioner Investor. Includes a Large 8 Room Clinic, a Diversity of Treatments and Sales Increased by 12.47% in 21/22 YTD! Includes Multiple Locations & a Long List of Practitioners on Team…Generating a 90%+ Client Re-Booking and Return Loyalty Rate.

  • This is one of greater Brisbane’s longest established and large 8 room natural therapies clinics (includes multi-clinic locations). This absent investor, not being a practitioner and having a clinic manager and multiple reception staff on team, including a very long list of natural health modality practitioners, simply enjoys the on-going and diverse passive income steams which sends money into the bank account, reliably – even predictably.
  • This investor is mainly based from the comfort and convenience of a home office, investing only hours of choice, supporting the promotional and marketing activities mainly (email/online campaigns and social media posting). Of course the financial management tasks which involves accessing the bank account (trusted to no one), which take so little time per month. These ‘working on this business’ tasks leave ample free time and the benefit of living a flexible lifestyle during the balance of the week!
  • With a decades long trading history, it is little wonder that the client database is brimming with clients who have continued to remain loyal for years, even decades! There being 12,169 (approx.) on the client database. The re-booking and return client rate is astounding, being at a massive 90+%.
  • This means that the large array of different modalities offered, and the many practitioners being supported by this highly effective, fully systemised, and managed clinic, are of the highest quality. Clients simply come back, again and again due to the effective treatment and support that this high-capacity clinic provides. The benefits also include ample surround parking and convenient locations for clients living within the greater SE QLD region.
  • Covid-19 has provided the natural therapies industry with a well-deserved boost in overall sales and client demand, due to clients becoming far more motivated to remain healthy and to maintain a strong immunity.
  • There is one thing that can be said confidently about this business and that is, it has harnessed (mainly outsourced to trusted professionals) the use of modern technology, website, online promotion, Google, and email / social media campaigning, to touch as many lives as possible, and to attract a high number of new clients and encourage existing client referrals.
  • This clinic’s well-known brand is renowned and synonymous with providing clients of all ages with natural therapies and treatments that achieve results. It benefits includes an extremely well ranked website. This is also a business within the fast-growing health industry. This investor knows that this clinic has also been approved and zoned as a medical clinic, therefore, is currently exploring the adding of a GP or clinicians such as psychologists (who are also in high demand) etc.
  • This staff managed investment operates like ‘clock-work’, being that systemised and operated day-to-day, by management and reception staff, including a long list of practitioners who support the patients with a diversity of treatments (owner is not a therapist).
  • Implementing more business development and marketing activities could further drive the sales upwards, due to this industry being in so much demand within the greater community.
  • Now, any new owner, or existing industry business, could become owner of this rewarding and ‘arm’s length’, feel & do good industry. Enjoy the time freedoms and lifestyle flexibilities that only a staff managed business can offer you!
  • For a practitioner owner, the income yield would be more than exciting, just thrilling, to say the least…
  • This business and its greater team, across multiple locations offers every man, woman, and child a way to manage and maintain their health. Nothing better than owning such as a long standing, well known and trusted brand. This is a profitable and proven business model, a staffed investment, for any new investor or existing industry business to come and enjoy the fruits of.
  • There are extensive and fully documented procedures in play, daily (not open 7 days). With its growing client transactional income not being seasonal.

This business investment just keeps growing, so come and continue allowing this large capacity investment to pump up its volume of passive income returns. All being for just $269,000 + SAV ($25-30K)

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