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[UNDER OFFER] Wholesalers/Distributors & Direct Suppliers of an Extensive Range of School & Related Products #223

$599,000 + SAV Ref: 1023812

This is One of Far North QLD’s Largest Wholesalers/Distributors & Direct Suppliers of an Extensive Range of School & Related Products. This Investment is a Multi-Decade Established School Supply Specialist Posting Organic and Inbound Sales, in the Millions. Having Multiple Managers as With Govt Registered Supply Contracts and a Large List of Repeat Purchasing, Schools/Childcares, Government Funded Organisations and Business Clients. Includes a Decades Long Ordering History by Primary, Secondary, Special Needs and Kindergartens/Childcares Etc. The Demand for This Business’s Product Range is Constant, Which Makes It One of The Best and Most Financially Secure Operations Within This Lucrative School Supply Industry!

  • Established for many decades, this extensive school and related product range meets a constant and growing market and school / education client demand. This long-term trading brand is not only extremely well known, but relied upon and returned to by hundreds, if not thousands of mainly school and business to business clientele, including parents of students attending primary, secondary, childcare/kindergarten, special, indigenous schools etc. This being one of QLD’s largest, school product supply specialists.
  • This is a contracted supplier, being internally registered and pre-approved for schools to purchase from. There being many contracts that will transfer with this business, to a new Buyer (from any background or industry) or for an existing industry business looking to instantly add millions to their top line results, plus add a very robust net income and a very long list of happy and return order business clients, schools and government funded organisations etc.
  • This is a wholesaler/distributor and direct supplier (direct supply mainly to thousands upon thousands of parents of school children) for all things school products and related supply. This organisation is also responsible for the exportation of products offshore, which a new owner could expand upon immediately.
  • This has grown to be a brand which heralds mainly inbound and organic client product orders (requiring little active pursuance of new sales or clients – it coming to this business instead). Includes 100% paid upfront, online (via its website/webstore) and over the counter purchases by its clients, regularly. Even the long list of schools from every sector of the school and education market, within this business’s large geographic catchment area pay between 14-30 days from invoice (on average).
  • Money worries is the farthest from this owner’s mind, as is the nature of this highly sought-after market, with school and government funded businesses such as this one proving to be one of the most financially secure over the long term, when compared to most other types of businesses.
  • This business has not been available for transfer to a new owner or related industry organisation for decades! So, we can only encourage you and “lead you to proverbial water”, but don’t miss out on this opportunity to become financially secure for decades to come. This is also a an extremely enjoyable enterprise for any owner or company to be part of…
  • There will always be an on-going demand for school supplies and related products, being required by the tens of thousands of students who attend all levels of schooling and educational facilities within our state.
  • There is ample option for any new owner to further expand the product distribution reach into other regions of Australia, including marketing the online webstore actively (has never been marketed actively, to date).
  • This is simply one of the largest and longest established of its kind, supplying thousands of school and education-based clients, businesses, government funded organisations throughout its vast trading history. Now, ready for a new owner to profit from, the financial security being offered here is inspiring.
  • This is one of QLD’s market leaders and specialist school product wholesalers/distributors and direct suppliers, offering the convenience of supplying and fulfilling the orders for a very long list of loyal (many have remained for decades) and schools, special schools, kindergartens, and childcares etc. return year after year and throughout the year to be supplied reliably.
  • The service provided by this team of managers and support team in place is second to none, making it extremely difficult for competitors to make play for the large percentage of market share that this business has continued to retain for many decades.
  • Products include the supply of textbooks, general supplies, book packs for students, stationery, school/faculty office supplies, IT products, online learning aids and other education-based essentials. This is one financially secure investment, not only being run day to day by its many managers and extended team, who are all highly trained and expert within the business, but the market and overall inbound based client demand remains high – without requiring active marketing and advertising!
  • As little as $3K approx. was spent advertising/marketing this business per annum, and yet many millions arrive like clockwork, new clients being referred regularly or seeking out alternatives to their current supplier. Without active encouragement this business enjoys a near predictable sales volume, year after year.
  • There are many sales channels providing a diversity of income to this large wholesaler and supplier.
  • This business’s reputation is so well established that this acts as an undercurrent to its overall success. Receiving requests by schools to join this fold. There are so few competitors who rival this investment, this being one of the largest and longest established of its kind, remaining relatively unrivalled for its many years of trading, to date.
  • This business is now poised for a new investor/owner or existing industry business to assume and benefit from having hundreds of return ordering schools and government funded clientele. This business and its premise even offering option to flourish if a new owner wanted to activate growth strategies and this current owner’s ideas.
  • This single owner is retiring remaining financially comfortable for years and lapping up the flexible time input and lifestyle that owning this business offers.
  • With the commercial security of supply contracts in place with the government and these being perpetually renewed, all in all, this investment is waiting new enthusiasm, energy, and vigour. There being a plethora of ways in which to grow this investment for decades to come.
  • Its largest school represents just a little over 12.6% approx. of total sales annually.
  • With such a diversity of products on offer, this is a veritable “one stop school product wholesaler/supplier” including having a diversity of clients contributing to its high annual turnover.
  • Tap into the fast-growing population base, and the opportunities for growth that exist everywhere, including expanding nationally (especially online supply) as with securing even more schools offshore (already supplying many offshore schools). 

Genuinely retiring from this business and industry, so all this is for just $599K + SAV ($190-200K – fast moving stock)  Open to all genuine offers

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