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[Offer Received Within 90 Business Days] One of Brisbane’s Highest Sales and Largest Pet and Produce Businesses in SE/QLD #240

$799,000 + SAV Ref: 1023870

Established for Many Decades, this is One of Brisbane’s Highest Sales and Largest Pet and Produce Businesses in SE/QLD! Supplying One of the Largest Product Ranges within this Growing & Fast Populating Region of Brisbane. Literally Millions of Dollars of Sales are Being Generated Organically, all Thanks to Being the Main and Trusted Provider to Thousands of Regular and Repeat Purchasing Pet Owners. Plus, to Higher Average Dollar Sale Government Funded Departments/Charities and Pet Related Industry Business Clients.

  • After so many decades of establishment and organically driven trading, this business can boast so few competitors able to vie for the millions of dollars of spend by this local and surrounding community of pet and property owners.
  • Clients include those within high density residential areas, rural/acreages, hobby farms, farms, agistments, horse trainers, horse riding schools, kennels/catteries, pet charities and the like.
  • One thing that makes this business a formidable market player within this ‘always in demand’, pet produce industry, is that its market share has remained unrivalled in all its many decades of dominance! Its clients even drive an additional 15-20 minutes, and going passed their local produce or pet store to purchase from this large and mighty premise instead, as its prices are more competitive, offering more value for money, and its holding thousands of products for clients to choose from – Including breaking bulk packages down for client’s convenience, into smaller re-packaged bags of feed and other pet products, which makes this business an even higher gross profit margin and net income return.
  • Let’s talk about this high net income return…it is high and has always remained high, due to buying in bulk (by the pallet) and its sales continually being posted in the millions of dollars, per annum!
  • Able to boast a culture of providing personalised servicing by its team of staff, its clientele can ask for nearly any product to be sourced. The supply chain is highly supportive of this business, able to produce what clients need, when they need it. Including this independently owned brand receiving preferential support and an on-going supply of fast-moving products from local Brisbane farms and related suppliers.
  • This business also has a very large horse owner client following, which also keeps the average dollar sale amount, per client high.
  • Few clients have been awarded a credit account, limited only to high quality and higher volume-based clients. These usually being great payers such as those organisations funded by the government, even the government departments themselves, including pet related businesses and charities etc. There are so many more businesses and higher volume clients which could be targeted and added to the fold if a new owner was so inclined and motivated to grow this already highly profitable operation.
  • Thousands of clients resort to this trusted and independent brand for all their pet product needs, offering over 3,500+ products for anyone who walks-in to this large outlet or books a product delivery.
  • With approximately 90% of all income being receipted upfront, from these high repeat purchasing clients who support this business to be as strong and financially secure as it is. This is just one cashflow positive endeavour…This owner never having any financial concerns!
  • Any new owner can be owned and financially funded by this business, no matter their background, skill, or prior industry experience (current owner does not have a background in this industry and has made a complete success of it).
  • Having so few competitors within this fast-growing local region, means that this business can maintain its high net income status. It being difficult for other businesses not making this level of annual sales to compete against this player’s collective offering. This business offers any new owner/investor a high and solid performance net income without requiring active marketing and advertising. 
  • Clients just need to return for their pet product consumables regularly. This is the strength of owning this type of ‘always in demand’ and high repeat purchasing pet product supply business! There is always money rolling in…
  • This business is unique, having so many defining elements which make it unique when compared to all others (detailed in the business profile, so request your own copy now).
  • This business is a fully computerised business, with its operating procedures systemised. Always remaining independently owned (not a license/franchise or no buying group affiliations).
  • This investment is being transferred at an extremely “value for money” amount relative to its high net income. The high yield and financial security provided by this investment is astounding. This business supplies an organically growing local region – sales are reflective of this local region’s population growth.
  • COVID-19 has also increased pet ownership numbers within the greater community, as with clients seeking more self-sufficiency, creation of their own vegetable gardens and purchasing laying hens, even in standard or even high-density residential housing areas.
  • There are ample more sales and client growth potential sitting latent within this operation, being ready for a new owner/investor to convert opportunity into even more sales and profit dollars.

Profit by owning this ‘feel good’ pet product supply business, where you are helping others to love their pets and keep them happy and healthy. Request a detailed business profile now as many others will also be emailing asking for more details about this one. Health issues are now forcing this transfer. All for $799K+ SAV ($150K – Fast Moving Stock)  Open to all genuine offers

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