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[OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 11 BUSINESS DAYS] Popular & Large Pet Grooming Salon and Day Spa #231

$449,000 + SAV Ref: 1023762

This is One of Greater Brisbane’s Most Popular & Large Pet Grooming Salons and Day Spas…Providing Any New Non-Pet Grooming Owner a High Net Income Return! Well Positioned to Attract its Quality Socio-Economic Clientele’s High Dollar ‘Spend,’ as, Thousands of Regular Clients Spend Large Amounts of Money on their ‘Fur Babies.’ This is a Preferred and Highly Patronised Pet Salon/Day Spa! Includes Salon Manager and is Fully Staffed with a High Number of Well-Trained Groomers. This Positive ‘Paid Upfront Cashflow’ Business Offers Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars of Annual Sales (Sales Growth Year on Year for the Last 3+ Years!)

  • This is one of Brisbane’s largest and longest established pet grooming salons and day spas. It offers its high quality and surrounding socio-economic clientele (who are numbered in the many thousands), with a consistently high-quality groom experience for their beloved pet, no matter their breed or size.
  • This pet grooming salon and day spa has always been proud of offering its ‘fan base’ of clients, and these many loyal pet-loving enthusiasts with a ‘cut above the rest’ servicing levels, including VIP care. It has remained renowned for its consistently high-quality grooms over its many decades of operating, which allows this owner to not invest in actively marketing or advertising, saving much money, thanks to this organic sales growth, which has continued to simply occur naturally!
  • Given its large and ample number of long term and well-trained grooming staff on team, as with a business manager who oversees this business on behalf of its owner/investor, allows for ample capacity for further sales and client growth for any new owner. This is in addition to the already high and growing volumes of clients who pass through these doors annually.
  • This prime and conveniently located salon and day spa is not only a large client catchment area’s preferred choice for ‘all things’ pet grooming but is also just one of the most highly patronised pet service businesses found within the greater Brisbane area today.
  • This staff-managed business’s sales and client numbers have simply continued to grow organically, for a minimum of the last three financial years, offering any new owner an extremely large and loyal client database in which to begin to market directly (hasn’t been done for many, many years – owner hasn’t needed to…).
  • This clientele and their regular visits over many years simply forms part of the ‘plump for the picking’ value being transferred to the new owner, no matter the new owner/investor’s background or previous pet industry experience. Anyone without pet or associated grooming industry skills could invest and own this financially secure operation.
  • This is an industry business that will always be required, no matter the state of the overall economy. A required and perpetually required pet service needed and always being sought after within the greater community. It just helps that this salon and day spa is central to one of the fastest growing and wealthier areas of SE QLD.
  • Owning this unique, stable, and growing endeavour provides ample time freedoms and choices for any new owner/investor. As the team and manager operate the business for its owner now, day to day, a new owner could remain home based and build from afar, from the convenience and comfort of a home office, (even occasionally visit the salon and staff to say ‘hi’) or step in and assume the manager’s role, pick up even more earnings per week, or even take on a role actively behind the scenes and become a trained pet groomer.
  • The options are there to suit any new owner or investor’s desires and net income expectations. All in all, regardless of what time input and role is chosen, the net income return remains viable financially.
  • An online webstore can be actively promoted and supported by Google and online based campaigning, supplying even more pet products to client across the country, with sales of products within this business also being on the increase. Where there is a growing population base, there are more pets to support and service.
  • Why not invest and hedge against commercial risk. Australians being one of the largest owners of pets per capita in the world – spending billions a year, nationally on our animals. COVID-19 only increased the number of companions now being loved and cared for by their owners, including grooming salons and day spas such as this vastly popular and profitable investment!

Jump onto emailing us now and request the financial statements to see the profitability for yourself. This is certainly one to behold – and staff managed too! Open to genuine offers $449K + SAV ($5-10K – Fast moving stock)

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