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[OFFER RECEIVED WITHIN 4.5 MONTHS] Balustrades, Screens, Automatic Gates and Fencing Fabrication and Powder Coating Business #178

$179,000 + SAV Ref: 1023758

This is a Greater Brisbane & Gold Coast Automatic Gate/Fencing Product Supply & Light Fabrication Business. Sales Have Grown Exponentially Since 2019, Being Primed for Further Sales Growth with A 30+ Year Trading History. Staff Managed and an Extensively Trained Team Follow Extensive Documented Systems Which Will Also Guide Any New Owner or Existing Market Player to Even Greater Profits. Having Many Diverse and Key Areas of Supply, To Both Commercial and Residential Clientele. Net Income $255,013.39 (Jul-Mar; 9mths 21/22), $216,281.51 p.a. (20/21)

  • Established for many decades, this national automatic gate, fencing and associated product supply and light fabrication business is executing its highly detailed and documented plan for further sales and gross profit margin growth. Having already hit milestones over the last 3 financial years improving these two areas dramatically, including many other areas of the business, such as the fast-growing commercial sector and more than a million dollars in work in progress already confirmed at present.
  • This investment is poised for the benefit of a new owner or any existing industry business who is looking to achieve “economies of scale”. For the last 3 consecutive financial years (even during COVID-19), this business’s sales volumes have continued to grow, including a massive increase in gross profit margins. This business includes multiple brands and a long list of business and domain names which are ready to be transferred.
  • This multi-million-dollar, national product sales investment offers a diverse supply chain, an extensive standard and customised product range (higher profits), including a large clientele that includes high profit margin residential jobs, combined with a fast growing, higher average dollar sale, repeat order commercial/corporate and business client inflow of job requests and purchase orders.
  • The repeat ordering commercial sector clientele have stature and have been proven over many years as great payers. Many of whom are currently escalating their repeat product ordering, due to their on-going satisfaction with the consistent quality of both product and end-to-end servicing.
  • Many more frequently returning and re-ordering commercial are also being referred and flocking to this supplier.
  • This business is a proud supplier to many medium to high end, boutique and high volume based business-to-business clients, those who rely upon this provider to provide them with their automatic gates, fencing and associated products (100% of installation in outsourced by this business).
  • With there being ample capacity for immediate sales, profit, and margin growth. The current work in progress amount of more than a million dollars being only a small percentage of this business’s overall annual turnover. This work in progress will be for the benefit of a new owner, as there are simply many more jobs from where these jobs came from, and many more ready to be converted in the near future. This is all thanks to a booming housing market and a fast rising population within SE QLD.
  • There are many new projects that could be tendered for, although, the majority of this business’s commercial work is being generated from the long list of high repeat ordering business clients, who all require gates, fences, balustrades, hoods, screens, and fabrication of their custom products, regularly, day to day, so they can complete their client jobs and make their money.
  • Having a good cress section of clientele means that residential product orders can complement to the commercial volumes, providing a diversity of income, and protecting any new owner’s commercial interests, by reducing financial risk and exposure for a new owner.
  • There is no one client representing a high percentage of annual sales.
  • This business has a product range which can be couriered anywhere in Australia, which it has done for many years.
  • This is certainly an extremely well planned and executed staff managed business (highly skilled and experienced manager and extended team being transferred). This is quite simply a business and brand that any new owner could be proud to build upon. Its commercial strengths are obvious, having extensive and well documented systems, policies, and procedures at its base.
  • Its website has been recently re-designed and is now ready to be launched, including being an e-commerce site for clients to transact online from anywhere in the nation.
  • Its web-based presence is about to hit ‘high gear’, being accustomed to national clients ordering products and having a vast history of supplying the end user market. But, this business offers both a growing 60%+ of sales from commercial and trade product supply, including customised fabrication and an all-encompassing, standardised product range.
  • These many product categories can be tailored to any home owner or commercial/business client.
  • Cashflow is king here, being so well managed within this organisation, as this trusted brand and growing market player commands sizeable deposits upfront and payment before despatch, for the vast majority of its orders. Few clients have been awarded a credit account.
  • Marketing activity and initiatives are well planned and scheduled, including a social media calendar being queued for on-going release.
  • This is one business that continues to improve its internal efficiencies i.e. able to grow profit margins and sales with less staff! This being no small feat for a business to achieve…but, this one has!
  • All the hard work has been done for the new owner, or strategically positioned industry business, as this endeavour is ready to be taken to its next level of sales and profit growth.
  • A new owner is free to be swept along by the current rate of client and sales growth, as SE QLD’s planned infrastructure, plus the requirement that a vast number of new homes be built to cater to a growing population, simply results in a greater demand for the supply of a high number of automatic gates (high gross profit margin), fencing, balustrade, and screens to be supplied to both end users direct and commercial businesses.
  • This “ship can be guided into many more proverbial ports,” to drive sales up even further. Why not continue to expand this business’s growing market share, as it certainly keeps assuming more and more, each and every year.

This would be one of the most comprehensively assessed, planned, and orchestrated business operating systems that you’ve seen in decades! This also includes the transfer of a very high 2nd hand replacement plant and equipment value (the value of equipment being nearly double the investment amount alone). Open Genuine offers due to family reasons $179K + SAV ($120K approx.)  Open to all genuine offers


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