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Unique and Highly Profitable Niche Service & Product Pool Business #327

$1,490,000 WIWO Ref: 1024196

This Unique and Highly Profitable Niche Service & Product Pool Business Operates as One of the Market Leaders within the Growing Pool Industry within the Greater SE QLD Region. This Business Offers Any New Owner, No Matter their Background with a Pool Investment Few Others Own! Yes, Being this Unique. Leaving a Major Sector of the Market and its Organic Client Demand and Sales Growth to this Business. Ample Net Income Returns, One that Will Impress, By Being a Veritable Lead Generating Company! All Without Actively Pursuing New Client Business – Organically Arriving. Now, this Investment Model Should Not be Missed, Especially When it Returns these High Financial and Lifestyle Rewards!

  • Why would there be so few competitors within such a highly lucrative and profitable segment of the multi-billion dollar pool industry, within the South East corner? Well, the detailed profile answers this question thoroughly, and the answers are obvious. Call this business a “maverick”, as it chooses to provide a diversity of clients with pool products and services all packaged up for their clientele, but remains a veritable lead generating company, a marketing company as it were. But, not requiring the active pursuance of new client leads, go figure…
  • This is just a superb lead generating “machine” of a business (offering the client market, which continues to grow dynamically, both pool services and products).
  • Being able to bank high average dollar sales, per client, across the Southeast means that banking and making money is made simpler for this business than for most others. When you command this high gross and net income profit margin, it means that something so very right is happening internally. What this niche pool industry business has created and continues to duplicate, month after month is something you need to read about to believe.
  • The new owner can be based and continue to expand anywhere throughout the greater Brisbane or Gold Coast regions, including expansion possibilities that exists further south to northern NSW and even northwards into the Sunshine Coast region. With the client jobs being completed throughout the greater Brisbane region and Gold Coast, mainly. The entire southeast is waiting for this business to continue expanding, but family reasons have halted these plans for this owner, which has instigated this need to transfer this idyllic business investment (this being the same owner since inception, yes, it is this good!).
  • With the network of suppliers, service providers including repeat clients returning and referring the majority of the new client jobs organically and received on an inbound basis, even the website continues to rank organically, having its campaign stopped years ago, as it generated too many leads at once. The high client conversion rate is made easy, due to the warmth and referred basis of its client’s enquiries, being mainly referred and sourced online.
  • When compared to the pool industry’s benchmarks, this business certainly “came out on top”.
  • The current owner is prepared to remain for a medium and negotiated term of employment to support the new owner or existing pool industry or trade-based owner. Even though any new owner, no matter their background, or existing pool related or related trade-based background can assume this market share, for oneself, or “bolt” it onto their organisation.
  • By having such a “high barrier to entry”, within this niche and highly lucrative segment, there is much to explain in the in-depth and detailed business profile. It is little wonder that there are so few competitors competing with this endeavour, as it owns the lion’s share, providing ample more growth possibilities before it now, but this owner is not in a position to grow this enterprise at the rate that this business and its clientele want to – arriving organically and due to so many transactions having occurred over many years, to date.
  • You can’t argue with a happy customer, their experience leads the way for more talk and more referrals of a brand they have come to trust!
  • Time for a new owner, “sad but true” for the current owner, as is hard to let go of what most other business owner’s never get to experience within the greater pool industry.

This high net income return and flexible lifestyle supportive operation is being transferred for only $1.49 Million WIWO – all inclusive.

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