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$289,000 WIWOLow Cost, High Profit, Home Based, Limousine & Private Transfer Service – Ref # 1022170

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This is a Unique, Home Based, Limousine & Private Transfer Service…Being a Low Cost, High Net Profit Investment & Is a One of a Kind Servicing the Far North QLD Region. This Business Includes a Long Term, Commercial Contract, Providing a Constant Flow of New Client Bookings (All Pre-Paid) In Addition to Private Bookings. The Existing, High Repeat Clientele Includes Transferring Flight Crews to their Accommodation, Constant Government Client Transfers etc.… Net Income $209,764.13 (O/Op)

This is a home based, limousine & private transfer business (8 seater vans), able to be based anywhere within the greater Cairns region. It provides its owner (who chooses to drive), with the support of casual staff, an extremely high net profit yield, per annum. There is even enough income being generated for a new…continue reading

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$99,000 WIWOImporter, Wholesaler/Distributor & Online Supplier of Stylish, Comfortable and Quality Shoes – Ref # 1022169

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This is a Direct Importer, National Wholesaler/Distributor & Online Supplier of A Large Range of Stylish, Comfortable and Quality Shoes. Also Includes a Discount Warehouse Outlet, Providing Very High Import to Direct Supply - Profit Margins. Includes Exclusive Style Ranges, As With Trademarked & A High Percentage of Own Brand Shoes Being Distributed/Supplied…

Established for the last 13 years, (only 2 owners), this is a direct importer, (from several key suppliers throughout the world), national wholesaler/distributor and supplier via multiple online portals/web-stores (paid upfront orders receipted passively) and is transacting directly via its discount warehouse outlet achieving even higher profit margins. This business distributes exclusive and own brand…continue reading

$2,290,000 + SAVMarket Leader Within the Refrigerated Transport Industry – Ref # 1022168


This is a Market Leader Within the Refrigerated Transport Repairs/Maintenance, Servicing, and Vehicle/Body & Refrigeration Sales & Distribution Industry – Nationally. Includes an Exclusive, National Product Distribution Agreement With a Well Known, World-Wide Brand & Includes Own Branded Products…With Many Millions in Sales, Per Annum (Mainly Passively Derived). This is a Highly Profitable Investment, Being Perfectly Poised as a “Bolt-On” For an Existing Operation, or For a New Owner/Investor, as Management & Trained Staff are in Place (Includes Long term Employees)…Owner is Not on the Tools!

When you combine a diverse service & product distributor nationwide, and a highly commercially protected repeat visit client and recurring sales base, (which continues consistently throughout the year), you have an extremely powerful market leader within its industry. With decades of operational history with its small through to extremely large fleet clients, this business is…continue reading

Ref: 1022168 | Category: Services Business Profile »
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