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$975,000 + SAVUnique and One-of-a-Kind Food Product Producer, Wholesale/Distributor with a Large Outlet #336

This is a Unique and One-of-a-Kind Food Product Producer, Wholesale/Distributor with a Large Outlet. Staff Managed and Responsible for the Supply and Distribution of a Large and Diverse Clientele of Wholesale Business Clients (Across Different Industries). Including Direct to Consumer Supply – All Being Lovers of this Large, High-Quality Ingredient, Great Tasting and Famous Brand of Cakes, Gateaux’s, Slices, Pies & Pastry, and Party/Event Food Products (Chilled, Fresh and Frozen). Cashflow is King Here – Tens of Thousands of Dollars of Income are Generated Upfront Per Week! Millions of Dollars in Total Sales Posted to the Top Line Per Annum... Best for a Mainly Absent Owner/Investor or Existing Food Industry Supply Business. Even More Income for an Owner if Present Day-to-Day (Which this Owner Isn’t)!

Genuine retirement, relocation and exit by this owner, is reflected in the value asked for this business. There is a motivation for the movement of this business, so that it can become overseen by a new owner/investor or company. And all this profit, equipment and a whole lot of substantial value goodwill, having taken many…continue reading

$1,295,000 WIWO[Offer Received Within 2 Months] Brisbane’s Fastest Growing, Temporary Pool Safety Fence and Related Product Hire Business #307

This is One of Brisbane’s Fastest Growing, Temporary Pool Safety Fence and Related Product Hire Business. Having Grown Organically for Decades. Its Sales Increased by a Whopping 63.29% (approx.) Since 2019. This Dramatic Rise Reflects the Greater Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast’s Swelling Population! More Homes Mean More Pools… Especially for Climatising Interstate Residents. This is a Unique, High Net Income and One of a Small Number of Specialist Temporary Pool Fencing Hire & Pool Product Hire Companies of its Kind. Being “The Pick of the Bunch”. Have Fully Staffed or Invest Only Part-Time Hours Per Week. This Low Cost, High Net Profit and Sales Growth Business Responds to a High Rate of Repeat Orders from Loyal Business Clients Primarily. The Constant Pool Fence Hire Demand is Staggering Throughout the Year. Offering a Pre-Booked, Passive and Positive Cashflow Investment – Let this Business Support your Financial Life For a Few More Decades to Come!

Again, it is rare to find a business available for transfer within this lucrative and lifestyle plus industry. This one of the easiest ways to make a high net income return, being easily scaled up, without the owner investing any more time. Future expansion is relatively simple. Due to this being a genuine business transfer,…continue reading

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$2,289,000 WIWOFastest Growing Distributors of Alcoholic Beverages and Associated Products #341

This is One of the Nation’s Fastest Growing Distributors of Alcoholic Beverages and Associated Products. Providing the Market with One of the Largest Ranges (Includes the Many Large Commercial Brands of Liquor). This National and Leading Niche Market Player ‘Cuts a Large Slice’ of the Multi-Billion Dollar Liquor Industry Market Pie. Sales are National, But Mainly from Clients within QLD, NSW & VIC. Includes Double Digit Growth Since its Inception, and has Proven to be a Low-Cost, High Profit, ‘Smart’ Business Model (When Compared to the Few Players it Directly Competes Against). 100% of All Client Orders are Paid for Upfront, Providing a Remarkable Positive Cashflow! Even its Branded Website Receipts Many Millions of Dollars - All Passively! This is a Low-Risk Investment, Offering a High and Growing Return Purchasing Rate, Plus an Ever-Expanding Market Demand. These are Differentiated Products, Generating Multi-Million Dollar Sales Volumes, a Very High Net Income, and Solid Gross Profit Margins. This Investment Can Secure Anyone’s Financial Future...

This business will go to the ‘first in’ meaning the ‘first to email us’, will be ahead of the many, who will respond and request to read of copy of this rare and unique business profile – All being for just $2.289 Million WIWO Inclusive of stock (fast moving) Photos Used are for Indicative Purposes Only

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