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$298,000 + SAVOne of the Best Located Byron Bay Licensed Cafes #135

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This is One of the Best Located Byron Bay Licensed Cafes Any Investor Could Ever Hope to Own! Includes a Manager and Optional Hour Input from the Current Owner (Not Being a Chef or Cook). So, Make Byron Bay Home. Enjoy the Consistent, Paid Upfront Income and Growing Sales & Profits! With a Well-Trained Manager & Team in Place, this Cafe is Frequented & Adored by Thousands. With this High Rate of Patron Foot Traffic…Sales and the Net Income Yields Have Increased (Even Without the Local Events). A Great Way to Rest Back into this Idyllic Area and Lovable Lifestyle – So Come and Be Well Funded!

This is one of those exceptionally well-located & licensed café businesses, which not only has a manager and staff in place, it also provides its owner with the ‘option to invest time or not’. This owner not having a hospitality, cooking nor chef background. All be it, the money continues to flow into the till. …continue reading

$1.195 million + SAV Staff Managed Discount Product Outlet Investment, High Net Incomed Year on Year #147

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Established for More than 3 Decades by this Same Owner, this is a Large, Staff Managed Discount Product Outlet Investment. Having Remained a Consistent “Cash Cow” for this Owner for 30+ Years (Being So Profitable, You’ll Want to Remain Funded by it for Many Decades, Too!) There is Exclusive Product Supply, and a Prime Location, Having so Few Competitors. This Unique Business Even Supplies Councils/Schools & Businesses with Products Cheaper than their Own Wholesalers. With a High Net Income Posted Year on Year – Sales Growth of 17.34% 20/21, is Just the Beginning of All its Advantages. This Business’s High Sales Volumes, Receipted Upfront & Consistently being Just One Part of its Success Story!

Being established for more than 30+ years, this business’s sales are 17.34% higher in 20/21! During tougher economic times sales boom, and any trading time historically has continued to post high net incomes and a consistent sales volume. This business posts millions of dollars of sales annually. Stock is extremely fast moving, due to having…continue reading

$1,390,000 WIWOFully Staffed Managed, General Medical Practise Investment Package #142

ad relaunch 19Jul2021a

This is a Multi-Decade Established (By the Current Owner), Fully Staffed Managed, General Medical Practise Investment Package. These High Grossing and Profitable GP Clinics Offer Any New Investor (Not Required to be a GP) with Clients Booked Two Weeks in Advance…This Being So Well Operated that its Owner Can be Absent! This Being a Rare & Unique Transfer, First Time Transfer and Not Easily Comparable to Typical Medical Practices in SE/QLD. Enjoying Such a High Rate of New Patients, Being Passively Generated. Thanks to this Region’s Fast Population Growth, and This Independently Owned Brand’s Well-Known Stature within the Local Community. Includes the Transfer of a Massive Client Record Database…

Established for many decades, this would have to be one of the most well-known of its kind, located and highly profitable, operating within this idyllic region of Australia. Doctors are long term within this medical business, due to how consistently popular it is with a large volume of patients, it being so highly systemised and…continue reading

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