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Businesses for Sale: Home/Garden

$989,800 + SAVFinancially Rewarding Floor Product Supplier #092

ad relaunch 09Nov2020a

Established for Many Decades (Having Only 2 Owners During this Time), This is One of the Most Financially Rewarding Floor Product Suppliers in Brisbane. With a Manager in Place, this Business’s High Net Profit Continues to be Funded by a Diversity of Clientele, Including On-Going Government Preferred Supplier Agreements. Having a Long-Term Loyalty from a High Percentage of High Repeat Ordering, Gov’t/Commercial & Business Clientele (Enjoys a Diversity of Clientele Who Mainly Pay Upfront). Exclusive Product Supply & Constant Orders Makes For a Breathtakingly High Net Income Yield! Just Wait Until You See the Financial Statements…

After being established for multiple decades, this current owner of nearly two decades is ready to retire. Wonderfully capable and a long-term staff member of 17 years, makes for a wonderful manager of this business. The experience of this manager and he’s expertise will support any new owner entering at this junction, no matter their…continue reading

Business Sales Licence No. 3170776
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