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One of Brisbane & the Gold Coast’s Fastest Growing & Most Advantageous ‘Boutique’ Home Care Service Providers #278

$4,950,000 WIWO Ref: 1024012

This is one of Brisbane and the Gold Coast’s fastest growing and most advantageous ‘boutique’ home care service providers. Receiving a constant stream of inbound clients per week, these new clients quite literally can be increased or decreased by owner’s choice! This is a highly profitable operation (multi-million-dollar sales) and is ‘always in demand’. Made financially secure by client’s receiving pre-approved and on-going government funding! This investment offers ample potential for making additional sales and profits, with revenues growing quickly (without high costs – just ‘turning the tap on further’ quite literally!) This is no ordinary home care service organisation, being preferred by major organisations and government registered facilities and is being transferred for the very first time since its inception…

  • This would have to be one of the fastest growing home care service providers, offering a large team in place and a diversity of home care / disability and aged care related services, meeting the needs of a growing number of clients. Government funded and quasi-government funded facilities continue to refer, as does client’s own family and friends. With clients agreeing that the ideal preference is to be supported within their own homes, as they require more and more care and assistance with their daily living, when entering their later years of life.
  • Not only is the next decade destined to see the ‘baby boomers’ provide a literal boom within the home care space, it continues to provide a mass of clientele who are seeking out on-going care, comfort and mobility support. No one wants ill-health or discomfort, so maintaining a home environment conducive of general health and wellbeing, for both body and mind is the focus of government, its funding and policies. This also being fuelled by the personal desires of the clients themselves.
  • This unique home care business sprang from a desire of a medical career professional to create a ‘boutique’ service and operation, one that provided above industry average servicing and customised care for clients within their own homes. This has been successfully achieved for years…perfecting the process and providing this consistently by a large team of care and nursing staff.
  • This industry and business provide for a lucrative, well-funded and highly government supported investment, being well positioned to continue receiving more client volumes, being what the home care, disability care and aged care industry has to offer.
  • With the sheer lack of care facilities for the client numbers being expected within the next decade, the government has agreed that one of the most advantageous strategies to manage this boom ahead, is to best utilise the home environment, so clients can remain cared for within a place they are familiar. A place they already feel comfortable in, so they can receive the care and support they require, conveniently – as the ‘care comes to them’. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a comfortable life, especially as one ages?
  • This owner chose to create a highly systemised business model (to remove the owner from the day-to-day operating), subsequently, this highly systemised modelling attracted a very large and high-quality team of carers and nurses, who have since come to trust this unique ‘step above model’. These staff are staunch supporters and are loyal to this brand and all it stands for. This means that clients are supported with the systems that enable the best matching of client and carer, including providing communication systems that remain highly supportive of client’s happiness and comfort. Clients have remained feeling cared for over the long term.
  • This business is proud to have set a new bar within the home care segment, being within the greater aged care and disability industries. Being like ‘moths to a flame’, it seems for clients finding this option has been what they have been waiting for.
  • This business also has multiple sources of new and on-going client, sales and profit generation. With the number of week client leads literally being set at the number the owner wishes to provide care to. All being at a very lost cost for the value of the lead being receive and converted (high conversion rate from referral). This means that this business is ultimately ‘scalable’ for any new owner or existing industry organisation who is seeking a way to enter and maintain a top market position within the SE QLD home care industry. This will be achieved immediately upon transfer, posting massively growing profits to reward any new owner with!
  • There is nothing quite like owning a business investment that has the government’s full support and approval! Requiring this type of business to ‘share the load’ that keeps rising day by day within the fast-populating region of SE QLD. Industry forecast modelling is predicting a boom in home care needs and services for another decade, minimum.
  • With a secured and even guaranteed (pre-approved funding) cashflow being receipted, on-going, this would have to be one of the greatest benefits of owning this safe and secure home care investment. It is the fact that this business can simply expand at the rate that the new owner desires, which makes this transfer so highly attractive – above all others.
  • With all the required government processes, procedures, systems and operating manuals in place, it now simply requires a new motivated and enthused owner or existing organisation who can see potential when it is standing for it, able to become one of the largest of this niche market. With a history of exponential, but well managed growth, its outstanding reputation has been the direct result. Able to surpass the service levels and customised care of clients/patients, rivalling even the largest operations and well renowned brands within this industry. This is the reason that this operation is such a ‘jewel in this industry’s crown’.
  • With staff being able to service clients in both Brisbane and Gold Coast, there is naturally more generation of new business, given these are both high growth regions within the state of QLD.
  • The main reason for transfer is that at its present stage of growth, it has outgrown its current owner’s skills and experience. Believing wholeheartedly that what’s best for the business is to be transferred to a larger organisation or more experienced business owner. This business deserves to be guided to the sales and profit heights it deserves, and is already heading towards, organically!
  • There are senior operational staff in place, experienced and remain highly supportive of continuing the reputation of this high profit, valuable and fast expanding service provider.
  • The large team of care staff remain dutiful in their care and support of a high number of home-based residents (majority receiving the highest level of government funding, including NDIS, private and government funded). The staff have remained loyal to this brand for many years, due to its personalised service focus and unique business culture, which has been fostered and encouraged within the team on staff and therefore has a natural flow on effect – ‘Happy staff makes for happy client experiences’.
  • Its existing clients, industry members, professionals and facilities, clients immediate and extended family continue to refer and make recommendations to this business. This has continued organically, supporting the status of this being one of the Coast’s ‘most sought after’ home care and aged are/disability care service organisations.
  • Its offices are centrally and conveniently located within the growing local community, being surrounded by a quality client demographic catchment.
  • This home care brand has been proud to maintain a ‘higher than the average industry’ standard of care and patron servicing, being renowned for maintaining its residents over the long term. Proud to help extend resident’s lives by supporting their health, mobility, daily living, happiness, and comfort. This service has in fact defied the industry’s statistics for length of tenure with a company – client’s remaining for many years on average!
  • The culture being maintained is certainly one to be proud of, hence its reputation and reason for always having ample demand for its long list of services (refer to the detailed business profile for its comprehensive ‘one stop’ list of diverse care services).
  • This is a rare, unique and extremely well operated and fully staff supported home care investment, one that ‘gives back a plenty’, to both industry alliances, clientele and the owner of this extremely well trusted and renowned home care brand.
  • Even this business’s internal protocols, (which differ to the mainstream industries), are conducive of providing a superior level of home related care, consistently. Ample has been invested to ensure that this is a time proven system of operating, able to support further expansion over time.
  • The future monetary gains of investing in and owning this enviable establishment simply means that its current servicing and thus profit momentum, can simply be enjoyed and built upon at one’s own leisure.
  • This owner oversees the operation not being required day-to-day to care for or to manage clients etc.
  • Here is a high-quality service and home care operation, being justly defined as ‘boutique’, lifting the bar higher than the norm within its high growth home care industry, and it so proudly does.
  • This investment provides a ‘fast track’ to owning and easily growing a multi-million dollar home care service provider.
  • With extremely reliable, capable, highly effective and well-trained team in place, this client government funded based investment, remains secure by way of an upward trend whereby the demand for home care by Australian seniors continues to grow and is expected to peak within the next 10+ years.
  • The preparation for future growth has already been done by the current owner, all being in place and is ready for scaling! More details about further sales generation will be provided interested parties.
  • With client’s average life expectancy only increasing thanks to the marvel of modern medical science, this type of business is put into the ‘box seat’ to receive even more revenue from those in need of on-going care. Why not choose a brand that can be trusted to provide above average servicing – using their pre-approved allocation of government funding annually, clients feel confident that they have found their ‘right care’ organisation.
  • This business’s bright and profitable future will be for the benefit of a new owner or organisation primed for making that “right investment at the right time”. And, let’s not forget the passive, but yet fast growing population base that is surrounding this operation, expected to continue rising within the idyllic SE QLD region. This alone is expected to continue to naturally increase this business’s overall market share.
  • This is one of the ‘top picks’ for any investor or aged care/disability industry organisation wanting a greater share of a highly profitable segment of the aged / disability care market and industries. If keen to make the right move from here, bolt this one on and enjoy the fruits of all that has gone before, and enter the fast growth ‘slip stream’ that generates high profit yields and a surety of future income! Offering all the home care services which remain ‘always in demand’ is a sure way to remain relative to your clientele, both existing and for all those who are to be added in future.

This is no ordinary home / disability and aged care service organisation.

Once you read the detailed business profile, you’ll understand all the reasons why it has achieved all that it has, to date. Email your request now so you too can marvel at what it has done differently. The work of establishing such a strong business base has been done for the benefit of the new owner and/or organisation that’s smart enough to see a great opportunity when it arrives! All for $4.95 Million WIWO

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