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Staff Managed Multi-Outlet, Independently Owned, Branded Health Food Product Business Package #308

$799,000 + SAV Ref: 1024203

Established For Nearly 2 Decades, this is a Staff Managed Multi-Outlet, Independently Owned, High Turnover and Branded Health Food Product Business Package. All 3 Staffed Businesses are Located within Prime and High Client Traffic Areas of Greater Brisbane. Being the Main and Only Health Product Supply Outlets within their Immediate and Enviable Locations. This is a High Repeat Transaction Business, Simple and Member Based. It Includes Its Own Online Store - Generating its 4th Passive Income Pipeline! 100% of All Money is Received Upfront - Providing a Constant and Consistent “Worry Free” Positive Cashflow, for its Mainly Absent Investor. Immediate Potential to Grow and Actively Market this Group of Outlets and Webstore. Begin Marketing or Advertising Actively, Hasn’t Been Needed Throughout its Long Trading History, Sales Have Ensued Anyway.

  • Established for 19 years by this same owner, this business operates with managers in each location and premise. Leaving this investor owner to choose time and activities per week. All 3 of these independently owned and branded group of health food stores are fully staffed, being led by long term, well trained and enthusiastic managers, and a network of support staff. The existing staff also support and fulfil the online webstore’s client orders in-house, via the outlet/s (low labour and related costs, as is already rostered on).
  • With all money and purchases transacted upfront, and this owner not providing any client with any credit, this is one “always in the money” operation. With its total group of stores producing sales in excess of a $3.5+ million-dollar turnover.
  • Being fully managed operations (spread across the greater Brisbane region), keeps this owner from needing to be present to operate the day-to-day. This type of “safe” investment and its products supplied, will always be required within our greater society. COVID-19 saw to it that a higher rate of “health consciousness” emerged and it seems is here to stay. With most more aware of keeping their immunity up than at any time in the last 100 years of our modern history.
  • This business continues to do well to cash in on being one of the most convenient providers of all things health food products and supplementation…
  • It is so enjoyable to own a large turnover and great profit business, one that is also invested in supporting a community’s longevity, health, and wellbeing. Having access to ample product deals from suppliers and offering more than 10,000+ different health food products, it provides ample net income reward for helping others to help themselves. Remaining healthy, happy, and living longer seems to be front and centre for our ageing population.
  • This is just one of those wonderful “Feel Good” and “Do Good” business types!
  • This business has a place in the hearts of its clients, providing them with the all-important, immediate gratification of walking out with the products they need and want; protein and collagen powders, supplements, health foods and other supportive options. It is a simple business model, displaying the stock in-store and online, and clients want to purchase and pay for them upfront – money making made simple.
  • This investor’s bank balance remains flush with income, receiving a constant flow of inbound funds from multiple “pipelines”. Client and member transactions continued to grow. This group offers not only the key advantage of “bulk buying” prices from its many suppliers, but a diversity of income that keeps the operation “safe as houses” financially.
  • Enjoy not 1 but 4 different streams of passive income. This business’s well-presented outlets and prime locations, also includes a growing webstore. This sales diversity sets it apart from many others in the industry, with its volume-based buying producing highly advantageous gross profit margins, achieved across its vast product range.
  • The trend of people wanting to maintain their health proactively, is just on the rise. And this business is poised to catch their average dollar spend, online or via outlet. The sales volumes of this group of stores and webstore confirms just this.
  • These outlets have since become and remained thousands of clients “go to” business for all things health products. Trusted for its high levels of personalised customer servicing, the staff are proud of their product knowledge and readily impart for the benefit of customers. There are naturopathic sessions and services on offer, plus ample cost savings, “value for money” prices for the large, stocked range. This is all thanks to millions of dollars of sales, the freedom as an independent operation and brand, to do as this owner pleases.
  • This operation offers millions of dollars of economic power by having a group of 3 businesses, plus online store. Making buying bulk and securing supplier product deals, even easier!
  • This would be a profitable “bolt-on” for any new owner or existing industry business. All in all, this business requires the new owner to have no prior knowledge, skill, or background. This owner has no background nor allied health accreditation or related skill, content with the minimal time invested per week, which involves mainly printing reports from a home-based office (new owner can be based anywhere) and enjoying a set meeting with the management and staff. All the business’s total financial data is available at the “touch of a button”, viewed from the comfort and convenience of a home-based office, located anywhere. This business does not require its owner to be local to Brisbane.
  • This brand supplies a growing market segment, with its large range of health food products, healthy groceries, supplements, popular collagen powders, sports proteins etc. always core and in demand. This is one extremely high demand investment.
  • The net profit for the new investor is high. Accountant’s financial statements prove just how high, so request them now with your detailed business profile.
  • This business’s gross profit margins and buying power is higher than what most others enjoy, whilst still remaining independently owned.
  • This brand successfully captures a large percentage of its immediate and local market share, with the surrounding population growing by the week.
  • Fully computerised and systemised.
  • Request your own copy of the detailed business profile, to see just what we mean by being under marketed, yet still highly profitable! This business has a barcode system and full inventory management system, seamless with its online store.
  • You have all the ingredients here, quite literally (eat from your own business and save a fortune on your health products). Here, you make consistent income and resultant profits, which are banked the very same day. Let this fully staffed, multi-passive income operation continue to support you and your family over the long term.
  • This owner has remained the only owner for nearly 20 years, this alone confirms just how enjoyable and financially rewarding it is to be the owner of this $3.5+ million sales operation. This owner’s tenure, frankly, says it all.
  • Stocking always in demand and top selling product brands is just one part of the overall commercial arsenal. Now, you can cash in on the “health consciousness” revolution that is at hand. Take these uniquely positioned, low direct competitor businesses and continue to grow their sales actively. The client database is waiting to be activated for the benefit of the client, new owner, and this business, as no active marketing direct to the customer base has been enacted for nearly two decades! And again, sales still remain high.

This is your invitation to profit from owning your very own staff managed, “feel good” and high net yield investment. Why not enjoy the freedoms that a great business can provide, not just hope for it to arrive. Take full advantage of this under marketed and plump with potential operation, that is different to the rest. Profit from a lack of direct competitors. Genuine retirement requires the investment be made available for only $799K + SAV ($300K approx.) Open to all genuine offers

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